Journalist looking for lucid dreamers from Belgium/Holland

Hi all! I’m a journalist for the Belgian weekly magazine ‘Humo’; we are currently working on an in-depth piece about lucid dreaming. That’s why I’m looking for Belgian or Dutch people who want to tell me about their experiences with lucid dreaming. Why do you do it? How? Do you get better at it quickly? Have you learned or improved certain skills overnight?

DM me or e-mail me;

Sweet dreams!

Hello my grandmother just started LD, all the time. She cannot wait to go to bed. She has a nde and iodine deficiency. Anyhow she said she’s out flying in a black bed. Going to different places. A different town. Around the hospital building and so on. I find it quite fascinating that it happens like this. I had a few just happening to me.

Anyway she might make a good story :blush:

Thanks! Can you send me an e-mail with your contact information, so I can reach out to you?