Just cant wild. plz help!

hello everyone. this is my first post.
im “in” to the subject of lucid dreaming for 2 months now, im running a DD regularly, and i have a decent dream recall. the thing is, that I JUST CANT WILD! damn it i tryed everything, focus on breathing, heartbeat, music, “the inner buzz”, focus on the feeling of my body, focus on a repeatitve feeling like rubbing my fingers together to stay conscious, what not, acctually?? and i just keep losing myself and falling asleep… i only managed to got to sleep paralysis once, but lost it cause i was afraid of it. but now, when i know that i wont fear the paralyze i just cant get to it. i just start drifting away with my thoughts and like “daydreaming” when your thoughts start to seem very very real just on the edge of falling asleep, and i just keep losing it and fall asleep! any advices? methods?

thank everybody!

Maybe you should stick with a single thing to concentrate, and just use that one. The best one to use would probally be the one when you reached SP.

i agree with sureal, find a technique that suits you and stick with it for a while, but i think it’s also important to note that WILD is not the only way to get a lucid dream, maybe you should try something else… MILD maybe. good luck and welcome to the forum :yinyang:

i got the best results so far from counting technics, so i guess ill stick with them. MILD seems too complicated 4 now, maybe ill try it later, but i try to master WILD at the moment. thank you.

If you’re having trouble getting SP, then try this: before you go to bed, tell yourself, “I will wake up after each dream I have ends.” Then, when you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t move a muscle or open your eyes. When I do this I find that I immediately fall into SP, while I’ve never had SP if I move around after WBTB. My issue right now is relaxing during the SP.
P.S.- don’t use an alarm clock, just wake naturally and don’t move!

thanks for that last post, cos I always wake up after dreams, but always just turn over and go back to leep…I’ll try not moving,cos I can always feel my eyes are closed just as I’m waking up but not actually there yet. Sometimes, when I’ve had a really good dream and I don’t want it to end, I’ve kept my eyes closed, and gone back to sleep exactly in the position I was before, cos usually when I do this I go back to the previous dream. This should besimilar to finding SP shouldn’t it? Anyway, I’ll try this tonight!

Trust me…MILD is way more basic than WILD. The only reason that the BIG WILD topic has a buttload more posts than MILD is because its so much more complex and theres too many complicated approaches. I have had 85% of my LD’s from MILD.

If you still want to try WILD anyway, I would say try in the early morning after lots of sleep and either use the "don't move" method or sleep in a position that keeps you slightly more aware so you don't lose conciousness immediatly.


I agree with everyone above. If counting works best then stick with that for a while. I apologize in advance if this sounds a bit confusing but, you might be spending too much time worrying about the symptoms of WILD (i.e. vibrations, SP)that you are keeping yourself awake. Try to just focus on your induction technique and nothing else, just let things happen. I know it is a lot but, look through the hole big WILD thread there is a lot of good advice there.

Another thing I want to mention. Don’t completely discount the DILD techniques they are not complicated at all and are very powerful. I incorporate MILD into my WILD technique and found it to be a great backup to WILD. Yes you can do both WILD and MILD at the same time.

What time of the day/night do you attempt to WILD?? It is very important that you have minimum 3-5hours sleep before attempting to WILD.
You dont have rem sleep in early stages of sleep, so it is usually best to do it in early morning.

It is not impossible to do before sleep, just much harder.
Out of all my WILD’s, only one of them was induced before sleep.
I aim to master this some day in future aswell. :smile:

I fully agree with Trancewave that mild is way more basic then wild for having lds…unless your a natural at wilds that is!
But if that was the case this post wouldnt be here.

What i miss with many ppl that practise wild is a focus point at your body where you focus awareness and breathing at!
That is extremely important.
The other way of doing it is from a basic relaxation and focussing at a simple basic vissual coming from a mental image.
then u got the flame tech…that also needs a focus point.
Or u can do the fast selfhypnosis suggestion…“iam dreaming” over and over till u fall a sleep and then dream and have a ld right away.
But this also asks for dicipline…fast repeating it in your mind and never stopping till u are out.

Then tomas is also right…at what time u practise Wild!

Last thing…Wild is suppose to be a hobby, a thing for fun from interest, not a matter of life and death…its not like…oh I cant wild.
So now i wont have lds.
Thats certainly not the case!

Two corrections: WILD is far easier when you’ve slept before it, particularly for beginners at the technique. You can do it when you go to sleep too.

You only have short REM stages towards the beginning of sleep. Longer ones come later.

I agree with those who stated attempting WILD in the morning, when you have longer REM cycles. As someone who is great at WILD but sucks at almost all other methods, I would advise focusing on your hypnogogic imagery. If you can just refrain from thinking and not really concentrate but just experience the HI, it’s very easy to jump right in and manipulate it. I’ve also found that when I’m in that state where I am very sleepy but still not fully asleep, imagining running helps me to become lucid. I understand your need for mastering WILD. So far it is the only really fulfilling kind of LD I can have and is usually incredibly clear. Good luck with your efforts!

I did not mean to say it was impossible, just suggesting it is way harder to do before sleep. :smile:

When I was little I used to sit and press my fingers onto my eyelids and when I’d see the bright orange and green shapes flying from a dot in the centre of my vision and then whooshing opast my eyes, I’d kind of pretend I was flying through space and dodge them all until I’d get to a point where it looked like I was going through a hole and through to space where I could see all these tiny pinpricks of white that looked like stars…I’ve been told that this is exactly what HI is-just by doing this as you’re going to sleep…laying in a position where you can press your fingers on your eyes while relaxing…can you do WILD then, or does it only work when it comes naturally?
(Oh and btw…yes I know that is a really sad hobby for a child!)

yes, i only attempt WILD after 3-5 hours of sleep.

thanks for all your replys and advice, i think i will abandon WILD 4 now, any good MILD advice? im sick of the basic technics in websites it’s never really works. any1 can give me a MILD method that is actually working for him?

…or her. Oh, you’re from Israel! OK then :smile:

It’s very simple, you just say to yourself “I will recognise when I’m in a dream” over and over in your head. There really isn’t much advice I can give to you.

As everyone knows by now, MILD has only worked once for me, but it worked…not going to talk about Irvine (I’m NOT…)

I repeatd “The next time I dream, I will know that I’m dreaming”

that’s weird, i think i can get WILD kind of easily. i did last night where i could feel everything moving forward like 2 days ago and even feeling my eyelids/eyes or something flip back and forth. my heart started to pound really quickly though and i got a lil scared so i opened my eyes. the thing is, i don’t really wanna have an OOBE, just an LD, but i can only astral project for now. and the whole SP old hag syndrome isn’t something i’m so fond of either.

as for how to WILD. for me, i just close my eyes and look at all the little lights that you see in the pitch black. somewhere along the line, those little lights will start to look like they’re being sucked away and new ones start forming and doing the same, until a bunch does so very rapidly. i guess this is where the “zooming through a tunnel” thing happens. also, i have a lot of trouble sleeping. usually most ppl can sleep within 5-10 minutes after hittin the sheets but for me, its about 2-4 hours. lately during the last few months, i haven’t been able to sleep until about 3-4 am in the morning so that might be what triggers it. could be fatigue, but i dunno.

When I do WILD, it’s almost always just after waking from a dream. I try to do it as quickly as possible, and it works best when I’ve just begun to wake up and I feel “half-asleep.” I don’t think I’ve ever done WILD successfully after moving around and becoming truly fully awake.


I always hate to see someone completely give up on a technique. WILD takes time and patients and practice but, so does MILD. You can work on both at the same time.


  1. keep a dream journal and record as many dreams as you can per night.
  2. Study your dream journal for dream signs and get to know your dream state.
  3. Do frequent reality checks throughout the day. When you know you are not dreaming tell yourself that the next time you are dreaming you will realize you are dreaming.
  4. At bed time and/or after waking in the middle of the night tell yourself that the next time you are dreaming you will realize you are dreaming. Repeat that phrase over and over with out thinking about anything else. Preferably till you fall asleep but, you only have to do it till your intention is “set”.
  5. You may find that you start to question your reality during a dream, or recognize a dream sign. When I have DILD I often will just suddenly realize I am dreaming.

Just a quick outline to give you a basic idea.

The main thing that is important to do is to critically question your reality while awake and to strongly intend to realize you are dreaming while dreaming. Again you have to practice diligently and don’t give up. Almost everyone will get it in time. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any help.

No one technique is going to produce instant results you have to have patients. I believe you said you have been practicing for 2 months which is not really a long time at all.

It seems to me that you are keeping yourself to much awake with WILD. You have to let yourself go deeper and let go of most of your consciousness. If you can post exactly what you do for WILD maybe I or someone else can tell you where you are going wrong and right. I also recommend learning about meditation or self hypnosis. It is a big help with WILD