Kinesis Abilities

I’m new so i was wondering are any of you into kinesis abilities such ones like: electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and so on? If you need help on any there’s a friend of mine (who should be joining soon who knows all about them.

Hi all! Yeah go ahead and PM me if you want some help with psi.

I have always been interested in telekinesis…I have never done any in depth reading into it though :shy:

Yeah someday i hope to spread the knowledge of psi powers to people around the world. And get a million dollars from james randi.

Telekinetic powers would make me a very happy person.

Stupid, primitive human brain!

Telekinesis (the ability to move objects with thought alone)
Hydrokinesis (the ability to manipulate water)
Cryokinesis (the ability to manipulate temperature)
Pyrokinesis (the ability to manipulate fire)
Electrokinesis (the ability to manipulated electrical fields)
Geokinesis (the ability to manipulate earth)
Photokinesis (the ability to manipulate light)
Magnokinesis (the ability to manipulate magnetic fields)
Gyrokinesis (the ability to manipulate gravitational fields)
Aerokinesis (the ability to manipulate air)

These are all the kinesis abilites i’ve heard of.

Just to let you know, if I met you IRL and you really did have those abilities, I would kill you out of pure jealousy.

Photokinesis (the ability to manipulate light)
Magnokinesis (the ability to manipulate magnetic fields)
Gyrokinesis (the ability to manipulate gravitational fields)

Yeah…these three. But it only occours with the willing, the consenting. But I don’t really manipulate them. Its more like…the realization that they manipulate me but are only there because I am here.

ive always wondered about stuff like that… if someone could actually move stuff telekinetically, why can they do it and not us? Is it just sumthing ur born with? Or can you learn how, cause it would kick arse to be able to move stuff around just by thinking about it. (hehe im so lazy i would probably pick up a fork and shove food on it in my mouth with my mind instead of with my hand if it was easier :razz:)

Empathykinesis (the power to shape and form your own personality and influence moods of yourself) joke :wink:


why would u need a fork? lol

Yes anyone can learn them. We just forgot how to use them.

So, your saying we were able to do this when we were younger :-\ but then we forgot :-S

Anyways, is there any proof that telekinesis has been done.

Well something like that. And yes, there has.

its a good thing most people arent concerned with stuff like this—they prolly think its fiddle faddle. some people shouldn’t have powers like these. i had a thought that any person who would use the power to win the million or blatantly show off will never be able to possess the power. so far my thought holds true. as for myself, having understood many things about the world i have no need for a million dollars.

I don’t think any human deserves the power of any kind of kinesis.

if we each get one of this abilities we can form our own lucid team of crime fighters :tongue: lol

I sorta want to learn like the telepathy, because everybody in my school is getting into this mind reading stuff, and i need to counter it because… well i cant tell anyone… i just need to counter the mind reading stuff so noone reads my mind and learns the true…

Why would you say that?

As for telekinesis/ whatever its called in this instance, I tried this experiment with a friend, using cards. Basically, you take a normal deck of cards, shuffle them, then draw one, look at it and say the name of the card in your head, over and over. The other person is supposed to say the name and suit of the first card they think of. This can yield some very weird results, such as the other person guesses the wrong card, you draw another one and it is the card they guessed just before. I almost got the card EXACT 1 time, I think it was the Queen of Spades and I guessed the Queen of Clubs. Anyway, just try this experiment with a friend, preferably a close one / someone you feel thinks like you.

I simply don’t like the human race.

As for the cards thing, I’ve tried something that that with my brother before, except I would guess which card I was going to pick up. I’ve guessed right on a few occasions. Maybe 3 right out of 10 tries. Not something I do regularly though, and this was many years ago. Nothing special.