{LAB} Lucidity physics

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Lucidity Physics

Interesting ideas. Might be a little hard to measure these things but then again who knows what we will discover. Maybe the dreamworld will have some consistency.

-Electricity- In a dream a friend of mine changed a lightbulb without turning off the power. There where a lot of blue sparks but he wasn’t harmed.

-Gravity- Seems to be a little different from dream to dream. Sometimes I can jump just as IRL and sometimes I can jump much higher.

-Light- I know that in my dreams atleast mirrors seem to behave as IRL.

-Emotion- Unless you can control your emotions they definately affect your dream alot.

As for gravity, try saying “increase gravity” while measuring to see it the instrument changes and if you can feel the gravity changing. Will probably work with the others too. Hm," increase emotions" might be interesting.

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You’re trying to find out what rules dreams are built on?

But… there are no rules in dreams. And it differs from person to person. Personally, I believe it is impossible to establish any physical laws of any kind. Sorry, that’s just my humble opinion.

My opinions:

Electricity in dreams generally works like magic, even if you know a lot about electricity. I’m not sure about electrocution, but if it did happen, it would probably be based on you expectation of when you would get electrocuted. Except in nightmares.

Gravity in dreams varies. Moon and Mars would be based on your knowledge/memory of these planets/moons gravities.

Distance is usually constant in dreams, and I would expect the accuracy to decrease with the length. There’s been a Lab topic about this before.

How will we ever be able to tell how our brain manages to render light? Obviously it is based upon the real world. Mirrors act normal for me.

I would expect that sound travels normally, because that’s what we experience in RL.

Obviously this will depend on the dreamer’s knowledge of chemistry. Chemical reactions are not intuitive and neither is molecule and atom structure.

I think you meant biology! This also depends on the dreamer’s knowledge of the human body - most people (I think) are not able to place most organs as being in front or behind others.

Are you so sure? I’ve heard people say it changes when you measure it by stepping you feet infront of each other.

Prehaps we can find a link between emotion and the other factors.

I personally believe it may be possible to test the degree of LD’s in measured amounts. As of yet we do not have an LD battery but we do have electromotive signals which are measurable.

The bio-electrical chemistry in the brain can be enhanced via fasting, meditation and drugs. The problem is determining what unit of measurement is adaptable to Lucid dreaming.

Sounds like you remember the Lab thread: “Mapping the DreamScape” Technodreamer :wink:

if the dream world was constant, wouldnt that mean that it was a real world. I mean correct me if i am wrong here but as far as we know we dream inside our heads, ( i was posting about other realities b 4 but that is not relevent to this area or what i am trying 2 get at)

If there is consistantsy that mean there are rules to the dream world, and with rules come well restrictions, things have 2 work this way and not that way. But with lucid dreaming we can break the rules, of our waking world anyway. if we found rules that applied to the dream world, would we be able to break them in a lucid dream?

Yes, let me consider higher rules for a moment. what effects do no object thigns have on lds?

This makes more sense in my revised experiment, that can be found here.

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Thanks. Please keep you minds open. Don’t give up on my exeperiment yet.