Lack of Control and Senses.

Well I had my first LD(you can read it on the bottom). Anyone know how I can get better control and senses?

So, I find my self in a dark room. It wasn’t my room. I randomly go " Am I dreaming? Yes I am! I’m Dreaming, I’m Dreaming!!" I calm down and rub my hands to gain lucidity. I try to fly. It takes me a GREAT deal of effort just to get to the ceiling. After I get there (it took me a while), I TRY to go through the ceiling. I just bump but don’t go through. :mirror: There is a window so I break that instead. I get outside, and I see two of my Asian friends , Alex and Tony. They start making jokes that I know are directed to me, even though they don’t say it to me directly (Did that make sense?) Anyway I yell “SHUT THE F*** UP! THIS IS MY DREAM!” (Note: I usally don’t curse IRL. I just let loose!)I hit my friend in the face three times. I then try to fly away over this pile of old borken cars. I try to fly by using the swim method. I get over a bit but, then sink down. My friend Tony, starts coming after me while yelling “You are nothing without me!”. He catches up to me and I push his neck into some broken glass. I let go since I get scared that I will kill him (Note: By now I lost all lucidity. It wasn’t that highly of a LD. But atleast it was one!) Anyone he grabs a peice of glass and starts try to slice my neck. I wake up soon after.

Hi, congrats on the LD. I had the same types of problems when I was first starting out. For a few helpful tips, feel free to check out this helpful post.

That was really helpful. I am sure to try it in my next LD if I remember when I am having a LD