Lack of important details

Hello everyone, I am new here and very excited to see such a big community :smile:
I have had several repeating/lucid dreams when I was little, and a few recently now that I have tried to remember my dreams, and using the technique where I wake myself up and go back to sleep at a certain time. Also, for long periods of my life I have had absolutely no dream recall. None. Maybe I would remember 3 dreams in a year. This year is different. I really am trying to remember, and I think I will start a dream diary.

I think that if I can learn to remember dreams better I can experience more lucid dreams.
I am probably having them, but not remembering? It hasn’t really taken much effort, I just say I will have a lucid dream, and some time that next few weeks that I was really trying I had one. I haven’t tried overly-hard, I am trying to work the Placebo Effect as much as I can. I have only tried twice, but both times they eventually succeded. Kind of.

My most controlled LD was very, very bland. Blank even. It was all white, with nothing. I was standing, and behind me there was a white dividing wall. I tried my hardest and concentrated on conjuring up a person to talk to. I told myself silently, there will be a person behind me when I turn around. There was only the white wall. The next try, I walked around the white wall divider and the person was there!

The only problem was she had no face. I mean, there wasn’t a blank patch of skin there, I actually could not look at or imagine a face. It strained me to try. She was silent. I think this might be because I was trying so hard to consciously create something. As I walked up to this person, trying with all my might to think of what a good face looks like at that moment (for I had forgotten), I lost lucidity and then shortly woke up. I hadn’t read up on any ways to keep lucidity, but now I know I should start by trying to rub my hands together and see if that works.

Also, I didn’t talk the entire time. I didn’t feel that I could, so I just thought things.

Cool! Encouraging! Strange. Can anyone help?

My other lucid dream was 2 nights ago. I took control of my dream, and then my alarm went off and I woke up, and forgot everything except for the fact that I knew I had been dreaming and had control over it. Grr! :happy:
I guess I should try harder on weekends!

Thanks again, I will stop by tomorrow if you guys and gals can help, and if I’m lucky a short story of a new lucid dream [\wishful thinking]. I can wait though, I have my whole life ahead of me to sort this out, so no rush :wink:

That’s normal, read down why.

Yep, most of people ignores dreams after waking up. That’s why some people says that they dont have them - they are just not recalling them. But everyone have same amount of dreams.

So, i think this is just problem with contoling dreams. I guess that detailless dream happened once, so nothing to be worry about.

Well, you dont have to say it silently. This is a dream. After a try, you could try turn back, and say something like “This IS a dream and it happens OLNY in my head, i can control it”. Anyways, walking around worked too.

A word about faceless girl:

You could try something like turning back, saying somthing in “She DOES have a face” style. Rubbing hands, like you wroted, would help to stay in dream.

“More lucidicy” is a useful command - use it in low-lucid dreams, then give command like "I will recall that dream when i will wake up " or something like it - that should help to recall LDs.

Hm, i think i helped as much i could :tongue: Good luck with your dream diary.

contradiction! (sorry)

someone I was talking to said that if they tried to summon IRL memories you wake up. Have a good image of the person you want before you go to bed perhaps?

I just watched a documentary yesterday about how our whole world is in the brain. its part 3 of the series brain story. And aparently a large part of the brain specialices in recognising faces. There wasa man who could not recognise them at all. He could see it was a face, with details and and all. but not the totality. So I’m thinking, Maybe in that dream, the connection to that part of the brain was, sleeping, so to speak. That could explain the difficulty in imagining a face. I know I’m just influenced by watching the documentary but, maybe there is something to it?

Welcome to LD4all mezz :wave:

I think you should, because if you start a dream diary you are probably able to remember even more.

Since you say that saying that you will have a LD works for you, you could replace this by saying you will remember your dreams.

Maybe you could try to get details in your dreams by other ways. Maybe it works to spin around and think there will be a new dreamscape. It might be easier if you do something than that you actually create something out of nothing at all. Also even the smallest details might help you to get a better sight. Concentrate on it and try to make your sight larger, i.e. more than just white. You are always there, so if you can’t find anything you can start with yourself and try to go further to the background. You could also try to ‘draw’ your environment with your finger. I know Siiw makes circles in the air, maybe you can base your environment on some sort of movement.

If all of that doesn’t work, you can also try to look into the white; IMO it would be quite interesting to walk around in a complete white environment.

Maybe the blank face was meant to be symbolic, like it could represent something and therefore she didn’t have any face…

Why would you talk all the entire time actually? It is not that there was really a conversation going on right?

Do you mean that gut who could recognise faces but could not put the feelings assosiated with that person?

“I don’t get it, this Woman looks exactly like my mother, but I know it is not her. I don’t feel the love I do for my real mother”
(it was his real mother)

To DeadDuck: That’s really a lot of techniques! I will do my best to keep them in mind for next time :smile:

To def: Thanks for that. Truthfully, I didn’t even realize… silly :happy:
That makes sense about summoning real things. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be before I went to sleep.

krakatoa: That’s interesting that it is such a specific function in the brain. Hopefully I won’t have trouble again. I should write a short essay or something interesting so that I can have a specific place to go to with things I want to do.

This may sound silly, but the white room may have to do with my visualization of what an LD might be. I really found a lot of parallels between lucid dreams and the first matrix movie! “just believe the ground is rubber… believe you can jump… fly…” spawn things, etc. I liked the first movie a lot, but not really the others for anyone mentally chastising me right now :happy:

Sandra: Thank you! I really am beginning to think that I got a little bit ahead of myself. I can’t accomplish very much if I forget the whole thing in a few days! Your suggestions make sense in a dream-logic kind of way. Luckily we are talking about dreams, so that’s a good thing haha.

On the last quote, I worded that badly. I meant that I didn’t talk at all, only used my thoughts.
I made it sound like I was supposed to be talking constantly and I didn’t in that quote.

Thanks, you guys are great.
Unfortunately, no dreams to speak of last night, only 5 hours of sleep :razz:

After much training you may realise that 5 hours is enough for a dream, you must have forgotten it, but don’t worry since you are on the right way.

I do really think the writer of matrix had something to do with dreams and LDing.