Last words ever said

I’m going to let this topic get moved to wherever mods think it should be moved, moved to lounge :moogle: I don’t think this question deserves to be classified in a specific topic. I think everyone should reply to this, its something anyone can answer, and I believe it takes a certain person to encapsulate something so deep into a few words.

This is the question

If you were the last living person to be alive, what would be the last few words you would say. Think, don’t just put something that has to do with this time period. Will it be one word, or a sentence? Which language will it be in? Take you time and please don’t post anything unless you believe it would be the last thing ever said.

I have thought about this for a long time, and I truly believe in my answer.

If i said the last words that were ever said, they would be:

                                                Thank You

No… It’s not fair!
There was time now! :ebil:

“At last!”

(since it would mean I wouldn’t be alone anymore … i would be with others again in the afterlife)

i’m curious as to why one would want something selfish such as no fair to be the last thing ever said

Mine would be in English (of course):

About friggin time!

The words in my signature are Latin, and roughly translate to “And he threw his soul into the unknown”. They’d not only be powerful words, but they’d be spoken in what is considered a wise and timeless language. On a more realistic note, it’d probably be something along the lines of "Oh well, we had a good run. Good luck with the Earth, roaches".

That’s kind of how I feel about death too, moogle. :content:

At last! I wouldn’t be me anymore…I would one with all the others in the threads of pure consciousness.
A bit different, but at the same time not at all.

As for my “last words”, there is but one word which could so masterfully capture the beauty…
If i said the last words that were ever said, they would be:

Odd fact; despite the sterotype idea of roaches inhabiting the planet, if humans were gone there would not be heated homes they could get into during the winter, and roaches would retreat to the tropics. :smile:

Why say anything?

Aye, I’d probably just let out an exaggerated sigh of ambivalence… Or revel in a good, long laugh.

I do agree with you Angstyboy!Why ruin the perfect silence that exists??

I agree, i would deafen the world with the sound of a smile. Nothing more

I think last words said in my case will be in Italian…

Is there anybody out there?

Then when I discover I’m the ast one why should I speak?

Ohhhh… Shiny…

You guys have a good point. Words are just arbitrary symbols made by man to describe the vibrations all around him. What good are words if no one is around to hear them? You need not do anything but vibrate. :happy:

but like the post says, IF YOU DID, say words

My last words, I would carve into stone…or whatever I can, because what’s the point of having awesome last words if no living thing will ever hear them. The longer they last the better, also cause you never know if/when another literate species will inhabit our planet (Be it aliens or just evolved terestrial animals)
They would be in english of course.

“The logic that I follow tells me I must now go. To the other world, I am Xander and I am coming!”

And in what I write done I’d probably add “Anyone who finds this, treat this planet Earth kindly, she’s been through a lot.”

My version of so long and thanks for all the fish.

Mine would probably be, in 3 different languages (English, Japanese, and Spanish, if I could make it), would be

[size=150]“Once opon a time…” [/size]
It sounds so cool and mysterious, if some alien happened to hear it.

I would say… “These are my last words”

“Was that all?”

ooo, I got better ones then before:

What a Ripoff! I demand my money back! :grin: