LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

Oleg, I like how your first instinct is to go with the Disney version of the story. :tongue:

I had an ND, posted here, in which I rode a snowboard in a race (Task 1 new type of ride + race).

Here’s an NLD with some ride points.

A Bull, Videogames, and More Batman ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part II

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 2

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: ~ none ~

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!

somewhere i noticed
the name of this task
and my sc did the rest.
i had full sleep tonight, at last
sleep with no recall
for one more
to get ld for lc
i went…

got a fun nd
where i:
robbed a bank,
robbed the bank robbers,
told robbers to rob some more.
became a neighbour next door
who got it all on tape,
and who also got the money.
and I invited the bank robbers to come fairly share the money.
the dream was that funny

but i see it seems
the task is not how my sc have seen
my luck not that lucky in this lc have been

now i hope i found some different type of motivation
something i can use
to induce
ld’s and to get
better recall and better dream generation

Just some reminders that addresses some of the posts here.

  • Remember to include the LD length
  • Please be clear whether or not you feel you’ve completed your personal task and post a new personal task once you’ve finished it.
  • Each type of ride only counts once, the type of ride being the actual thing you ride, not how you ride it.
  • Riding is the only repeatable task so far, not giving or taking

@Scipio: Congrats on completing your personal goal. What will your next personal goal be? I was about to only give you points for riding a motorcycle once since it was still a motorcycle both times regardless of flying or not, but then realized in my post that “different ride” could be interpreted as riding something differently.
That’s not really what I meant, but I suppose I should have been clearer. :tongue: I’ll make an exception this once.
Also… do you wanna claim ride points for that PM’d dream too? :razz:

@Thorn: The giving task is something physical in the sense that it could be some kind of contact or a physical object, otherwise too many expressions would apply.

@Mew: I also gave you points for riding a bus, which you missed. :razz:

@Oleg: Pokemon battles are usually between two Pokemon, not the ground. :razz: In your DJ you said “LD that was much longer”, so long LD? (I put points for long LD in the scores)

@demented: Like stated on irc, you need to battle with Pokemon or have a specific incubation. The intention was definitely there though and it was a good effort. :smile: Also, when you had the robbers share the money, did they share with anyone aside from yourself?

  1. Mew151: 190
  2. Thorn: 620
  3. ZRVera: 90
  4. ian1: 0
  5. Scipio Xaos: 520
  6. HeadInTheClouds: 595
  7. James_UK2008: 455
  8. muccy: 0
  9. Rhewin: 920
  10. BrandonBoss: 570
  11. Yev: 60
  12. mr_Block: 0
  13. demented: 260
  14. Oleg: 200
  15. Loah: 230

If you feel there’s an error somewhere, let me know.
Rhewin and Thorn sure are raking in those ride points. :razz:

Task will go up in just a bit. Sorry for the delay.

Task 5: Joining

If you can’t beat 'em (in a race or ride them or give them a beating or… iunno), join them!

  1. Join a contest/competition that is not a race and involves more than 2 people. +30 pts

  2. Join in holy (or unholy :devil:) matrimony. Get married! Civil unions are fine too. :razz: +30 pts

  3. Join with a DC. Either combine with them (take on some of their characteristics) or become them (take their form entirely) by some kind of physical contact, not merely shifting perspectives. +50 pts (repeatable +20 pts for each additional DC you join) | This will not count for task 4 taking points (taking a DC’s form).

Bonus task: Actually READ the terms & conditions! (this week only)
You must read it all. Post what you remember from it here, even if it’s gibberish. I don’t expect you to memorise it all, but post whatever you remember. +50 pts

Group incubation

Fairly straightforward. Just do one of the tasks with one of the members in your group. +15 for attempt, +30 for completion.

Another different ride as well as taking a large stack of cash.

DEILD Attempt 2: ATV Contest ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part II, Task 4 Part 1 EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 2

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat. | Rode an ATV.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: Took a sack of money. EARLY

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!

I heard someone doesn’t like a certain text color? Is this one better? :tongue:

i see where u were going, wyv,
to GIVE with money sharing deed
but it was more of a discussion
an argue… without resolution :sad:


Well that was fast…
Unfortunately it was all an ND, but me and someone else ended up “adopting” (actually there was a reason we had to consider someone our child, and had to get married in the process. I don’t quite remember the reason why, but it wasn’t out of choice.)

Another ride. I was inside a game, and had to ride a giant blue frog across a type of platformer game within a certain amount of time. I had become a smaller golden version of it to ride on it’s back. (i know, doesn’t count for competition points, and i’m not sure how much that qualifies for p.3)

WIth some discussion with Wyvern, I’m rejoining the LC :smile: [/color]


Thanks Scipio, you’re useless :tongue:

I had a medium-length LD, posted here, in which I give something to ian1 for Task 3 points. As far as I know, I did not earn the “give” points already because I did not use physical things; if I had earned them, then this is at least good for the lucid points. I also rode a raft in the ND portion of the dream before becoming lucid, netting points for a new ride and for comboing the “give” task.

EDIT: I was told I already earned the basic give and early/combo points, but the lucid points are new.

I’m not sure if I already claimed points, but I was driving a car last night and being chased by some mysterious bad guys in a ND. It was a crazy dream and I ended up crashing my car into a whole bunch of other cars on purpose.

Also, I had a short LD, lost lucidity, then regained it later in the dream and this part was a medium LD. Together, they were a long LD. Thus, to sum up, a short LD chained to a medium LD that totaled a long LD.

I joined a strange competition in the second dream posted here. While I don’t mention specific people in my DJ entry, I assure you that more than two people were involved as the task part requires.

I’ve edited the 3rd subtask so that it does not also count for task 4 taking points. Just felt I needed to clarify that.

:lol: Perhaps it’s your subconscious administering karmic punishment for wanting to vote me out of WG so long ago? :tongue:

One medium LD with nothing task related.

Recall felt like failing.

And that’s not good.

I had two short LDs last night, which both accomplished tasks.

The First LD. I have a couple questions about this one. First, does a fight count as a competition, because if so I met the requirements in this dream? Also, does the honeymoon count as a ride? :tongue:

[spoiler]I was in an office building, and four people started going around and killing everyone. I kept switching perspective to the people being killed, ending in the final person hiding in a bathroom and being stabbed to death. Right as the knife was about to strike the body I was in (I knew that it wasn’t me being killed, but I somehow was seeing things from the person’s perspective at the same time) I realized that I was some kind of superpowered person who could do what I was doing. I found myself in my body in some alley and started to hunt down the four who had killed all of the people. I found the first one and started beating him up, eventually finding the second one as well as beating both up at the same time. I even apparently had telekinetic powers as I was throwing them around with just the flick of my wrist and watching them repeatedly crash into the walls. I somehow found myself in a supermarket kind of place, and the other two killers showed up. They started to fight me, trying to save the two friends of theirs that I was beating up. The guy and girl that were fighting me moved back and forth, in sync with each other, also flicking their wrists in a certain way. This would cause a burst of telekinetic energy to come at me from one side or another, depending on which way they flicked their wrists. I started to do the same to them as well. The bursts of energy weren’t very strong, and were just enough to knock us off our feet and into the air, moving us slightly to the right or left depending on the direction of the energy burst.

Eventually, I saw a pink beachball sitting on a shelf and decided to grab it, going behind an aisle so that they couldn’t see me. I was going to throw the ball at them to catch them off guard. I came back around the corner, and the two guys I was beating up were near me, while the other two were across the way, where they had been the whole time.They laughed at me coming around the corner with a beachball. I looked down and saw the beachball, and noticed it was now blue. That caused me to realize that this was a lot like a dream. I then said to the DCs, “you guys aren’t really evil at all. You’re just characters.” They stopped being evil and all of them were really nice all of a sudden. Now that I realized I was dreaming, I went up to the girl who I had been fighting previously and started to kiss her. She looked a lot like the person who plays April on the Parks & Recreation TV show, although not exactly alike. I also noticed two women behind her that were making our with each other randomly (I think it comes from a previous incubation I had earlier in the LC to rake up a lot of points in a single dream, but that I never actually did). Then I remembered the task, so I decided we minus well get married, so that’s what we did. It was just us saying vows to each other, but I think that counts. We enjoyed the honeymoon for a few seconds before the dream ended :sad: .[/spoiler]

The Second LD

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in my bedroom, and I decided to stand on my carpet and ride it like a magic carpet. It flew me up into the air and I balanced on it, then moved slightly forward with it before dismounting. I then tried to complete another task by combining some of a DC’s characteristics with mine. I touched a woman who was sitting in a corner for some reason (odd because I never have DCs in my bedroom at the beginning of a LD) and tried to change my hair to hers. It didn’t work, so I decided on growing longer nails. When I let go of her, my nails grew, then I realized she had painted nails so mine became blue. When I looked back at her, I realized she had neither of these things, so I willed them upon her and she had the same nails. I don’t know if this counts or not for the task, as I was touching her at some point, but not all the way through.

The second of these two dreams has both a mine cart ride (Task 1) and me inadvertently taking something from a DC (Task 4 points and combo points). The lucid part (medium-length LD) doesn’t complete tasks, but I wish I could earn Task 4 lucid points for taking an entire DC instead of taking something from the DC. :tongue:

Double post for two short LDs this morning, posted here.


Ok… I have question about 3. When I read it, i imagine “melding” with a Dc, through touch or something, and taking on their form. But does that have to be it? I"m not sure if this counts or not, but I had a short LD that I took on my DG’s form (does that count as a DC?). Phoenix. It was around some underwater temple, in a type of squre pool. Instead of flying, I was flying (i guess you could say swimming, but it was actually flying) through under the water, exploring it.

There was also a smidgen of an LD later that I had something to do with D17… I don’t recall any of the details really other than I had asked about it, and I guess lost my Lucidity. The resulting affect of the conversation yielded me some kind of power to summon a massive pillar of green/yellow energy down from the sky that vaporized whatever targets it hit. I used it to eliminate some strange creatures that were climbing out of a lake.

This is the second time I’ve had an ld fragment that I’ve lost due to asking about D17. :bored: No completion yet.[/color]