LD Concepts

Here are some planned-out (fully-fledged) ideas for LD’s (please don’t merge this with another thread if you have to, I want this link to have its own place :tongue:). Basically, they are goals for things to do in a lucid dream, but with a few added details on how the dream might go. Feel free to reply/respond to this thread and even add your own ideas. Anything new would be a welcome expression :smile:.

#1: I just came up with this one right now.
It’s a cloudy day outside. You are completely lucid. You have a feeling it’s going to rain but you want to moderate the weather, so you say to yourself: “It doesn’t feel like it’s going to rain very soon.” You then stabilize, take in all of the scenery and look at the thinning clouds. It’s getting brighter. You start to fly. It’s very exhilarating, but you don’t wake up from it, because you expect to stay in the dream longer, to see something neat happen.

#2: I came up with this idea last night.
You’re outside, daytime, in your back yard/back alley. You are completely lucid from a WILD you just did that ended you up in here. You want to fly, but quickly you feel the dream is slipping away. It’s broad daylight. You think to yourself: “I don’t wanna wake up! Lemme stay in!” You close your eyes, stabilize and begin to take in everything from the scene. You open your eyes again; all senses are revitalized, sharp and ready. You look up, and the midday sky is sprinkled with all sorts of stars. Beautiful shades of red, blue, yellow and purple fill the sky. You look to your right - a dream character greets you by saying “Well, you wanted to stay in”.
He points to the sun, in the middle of the colored mass of stars.
"Well, let’s go," he says enthousiastically.

I read number two and wanted to tell you that if you feel your dream slipping away, closing your eyes and then opening them is one of the worst things you can do. It will either end in a false awakening or waking up.

??? I’m not getting this :confused:

It’s in a similar vein to this topic, I believe :smile:

I think it’s a truly great idea to give these idea’s but it’s something that people do more in the LD challenges that are in this forum. Maybe you could try these out yourself and perfect your idea’s, then you could post them here. Or maybe attempt the challenge and if you win you could set them as your own challenges to people.

Apart from that several idea’s like this are already floating around here, maybe you can put your idea’s in those, for instance the link given above.