LD Goal/Progress Journal (GPJ)

The first week I joined LD4all, I started getting back into LDing. For the first week, I not only kept a DJ but also a journal of sorts. In this journal I wrote down my progress and also what goals I had. The second night back into LDing, I had two LDs. A few nights later, I had four LDs, one LD each night out of four nights. I no longer kept the journal soon after, and I haven’t had near the luck since then that I had with both my DJ and this journal going. Granted, I often slack on my DJ. However, starting tonight, I will get both my DJ and my journal going again.

Every day, I will write an entry detailing my progress over the night, whether I have an LD or not. I might describe the LD somewhat, but it’s of course already written down in my DJ. Then, after my progress is described and if my previous goal is reached or I feel the need to abandon it, I will set a new goal or revise the old one. As an example, I will put up my entry for today. I kinda summarized what I already said in here in my entry more as reference for myself. That won’t be in the rest, of course. I’ll post the progress (and possibly successes) and such as an example tomorrow.

I’ve left LDing alone for several months now. I figure it’s time to get back in during summer. I remember how many I had the first week I came back and kept a journal like this (the only week I did). This journal will require an entry every day, LD or not. The journal will contain goals and progress. Goals are very important for my lucidity to be more stable and meaningful. For tonight, my goal will be to meet Zelua. It doesn’t matter where I meet her. I want to ask her a few questions, such as what she thinks of her criminal days. I’ll ask for a demonstration of her light powers and other powers. Zelua is such a used and familiar character to me that I believe it will be interesting to see how my subconscious really interprets her.

(Zelua is a character of mine I made up several years ago, by the way. :tongue:)

Anyone is welcome to comment and try it out and post what you think! WinLaikPya has been so kind to agree to help me try it out. :content: I’d love to hear any and all feedback. Set yourself any goals you like, use any techniques you’d like, and post them if you so feel. Thanks! :content:

Okay! I’ll give it a shot! inhales

I want to get back into LD’ing, so I’ve decided to take this topic and follow its advice. For tonight, and however long it takes , my goal is to meet a dragon, more specifacly a character I have made. It should not take too long considering I “converse” with this character on a regular basis. :whistle: Writing this goal will help me achieve it faster, and tomorrow I will write my progress down and restate my goal.

yeah i’m giving it a shot too- provided i can understand the incoherent mess that is my handwriting, it’ll be interesting to eventually see what works for me, what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, night one wasn’t too successful- can’t even remember any dreams :grrr: -but on the other hand i didn’t expect to (it was my catch-up-on-sleep-night)

Last night no success for me either. My recall wasn’t so good, and I forgot most of the dreams I did remember since I kept dozing. However, I remembered some of what I dreamed while dozing. Also, in a fragment I remembered later, I wondered why contacts were missing out of my box, so that’s at least a good start. Tonight I aim to set a stronger MILD intention with the same LD goal I had last night. I might remember more as the day goes on. We’ll see. I may also aim for some LD time during the car rides to and from the beach today.

Here’s something similar to what I might write. I wrote this first instead of hand writing first cause I’m kind of in a rush and won’t be back till prolly later tonight. I’ll write something similar in the journal itself. Glad to see some interest! Hope to hear more updates. :content:

No success whatsoever. :crying:
My goal for tonight is the same as last night, to meet a dragon. I’d settle for getting lucid… pleads to universe
JK, I’m not that desperate.
Tonight I will attempt to WILD, however, I will not get my hopes up. I have never successfully used the WILD method.

Okay, I’ll join in too.

My goals are very specific since I’m trying out CALD and I appreciate excessive depth to my character(s) and dreamworld. I plan to get lucid, stay lucid, meet my character, and then commence our one-year plan to plot a coup against the Paterran government (long story). I especially want this to all happen via MILD, and furthermore via a dream in which I don’t use a lucid dream technique.
I also want to focus on LL and psyching myself up to get lucid.

pretty cool, i guess ill join in too, trying to increase focus among other things, and i feel this could help.

im going to try to use CALD to see an old friend of mine and question him to see just how “real” he is in my dream, just an experiment ive been wanting to try for a while.
after that, im just gonna wing it.

Still no succsess, had a cool dream a few nights ago though :smile:, You can find that in my dream journal.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I wrote about my goal of improving my DR. I noticed a significant increase :smile: Dunno if that’s because of the goal journal, I’m gonna try again to see if it’s really making a difference :grin:

I really admire you for making up your own character (or imaginary friend :smile:). I’ve never been able to do such a thing, but one day I hope I will too :wink:.

I’d like to know more about this Zelua. It seems a quite interesting person… still I wouldn’t like to meet her face to face :content:

“I want to ask her a few questions, such as what she thinks of her criminal days.”

Was she a criminal ? Can you tell us (or tell me) her story ? (if she has one) I’m really intersted :smile:.

Have a good day !

Ambsi, seems the same thing happened to you that happened to me. :colgate: Except I’d written about my LDs instead of my DR. But it still helped. I’m guessing the goal journal works a lot like a DJ… it tells your subconscious you’re really serious about all this stuff! :woo:

Don Anonymus, at one point I’d started a story on WEbook about her, but I’ve abandoned it and I believe I took the story off. Zelua’s my absolute favorite character, and I often use her as another persona for myself. It depends on what context she’s in, but she’s a few hundred years old… usually at least a hundred, and she’s got some (famous) criminal history. However, I’ve used her so many places it’s hard to keep her in one context when I’m writing, so I want to see how my SC interprets her raw character. (Actually, ZRVera is her first two initials and her last name. :tongue:)

And for everyone who’s trying this with me, thanks! :content: It’s nice to see you all commenting and your progresses. I nearly reached my goal the other night, and I think I’ll start integrating my goal journal with my DJ here on the forums. However, I let myself get distracted in the LD and thus didn’t meet her. However, I’m confident that I’ll find her soon. I still have to write my entry for today and I’ll soon be getting more dreams and goal entries up soon. And I’ll edit (or post) to provide a link to my DJ. Thanks all! :alien: Oh! The alien smiley reminded me of part of a dream! :write:

Just an update. I’m trashing my current goal (not enough motivation) but if you want to keep up with my GPJ (the Goal and Progress Journal, of course!), it’s integrated into my DJ. :tempted: No reason for the smiley, I just like it and hadn’t gotten to use it yet. :biggrin: Anyway, just letting you all know. However, please still comment on how things are going! :content:

:angry: Still no success, I’m trying Infinity, so hopefully that will help me. Still the same goal.

I’m just starting this so my goal for today will be to become aware I am dreaming and to succesfully be able to recall my dream. :bored:

You’re like the Paprika of LD4ALL :wink:

Well I wouldn’t know, Movie. :tongue:

shameless bump Okay, I lied. I don’t like double posting, but I don’t think the topic will be seen as new if I edit, and there’s new new people around since I posted on this topic last, and I think some would be interested. :content:

Anyhow, if you’re too lazy to go back and read my first post… Actually no, go back and read the first post, please. :lol: I don’t really want to retype it all right now, and I want to go to sleep.

Anyway, when I’m talking to other LDers and trying to help, I’ll often say setting goals and keeping to them will help with focus and motivation. I still keep to that, and this is why. I’m about to edit the first post to change the topic title to “LD Goal/Progress Journal” because GPJ is more fun to say than PGJ. :wink:

Anyhow, as I said in my first post, I contend that not only having goals and such help you with your LDs, but writing them down also helps a lot. I wrote in my GPJ yesterday, and felt confident that I’d have an LD (I also figured it was a bit overdue for one since I’m also keeping a DJ again). Lo and behold… LD! I also remembered most of my top goals. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the first part of the LD. I do, however, remember the end of it.

Well anywho, I’ll post today’s entry before I go sleep.

So there ya go. Food for thought, and now there’s a post newly posted in without making a new one, and so it’s visible to newer members without me spamming a link. :content:

holy crap, 4 night in a row?!! now i’m seriously jealous Vera :smile:

Wait, it WAS four nights in a row? I was doubting while writing my post whether it was three or four, but thought it was four, but figured three was more likely, and was too lazy to check, so I just took it out. :rofl:

Wow, nice run-on I typed there… But yes, that surprised even me. I’m nearly convinced that a lot of the reason for that may be because of the GPJ I kept those first two weeks. I was going for five nights in a row, but alas, I wasn’t allowed to get to my favorite number. :tongue:

i’ve kept a goal journal all this time, but… after my first LD, i had a goal for 3 days, and i mean a strong goal. but then it didn’t work and somehow the goal just went to the background… now i sort of have them written, but… don’t think about them much :meh: maybe i should get back into it somehow…