LD occult? / can you bring back something to IRL? (Question)

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I’ve read that occoltists are into studing lucid dreams. Why? Does it have anything to do with occult, because I dont want to be involved in that kind of stuff. another thing, it is possible in any way to get something in a dream and wake up and have it in real life? (i know its a stupid question, and yet, is it?)

  1. LD’ing is a perfectly natural phenomenom. It has also been scientifically demonstrated, unlike everything occult.

  2. No, you cannot bring dream objects into the real world. Kind of a shame really - countless times have I wanted to take a photograph of something cool in an LD, so that I could look at it in the RW.

  3. You’re paranoid about the occult :wink:.

I think one of the reasons occultists (and other people, don’t forget all the other people :razz:) are into studying lucid dreams is because it’s a good way to explore what’s going on in your mind (as are normal dreams). It’s a way to get to know yourself better, and for some people a way to take control of some things, for example facing their fears, or gaining confidence for something, etc.

Lucid dreaming in itself has absolutely nothing to do with the occult, and being into lucid dreams does in no way mean you’re automatically into the occult.

/me agrees with Sureal’s 3rd point. :tongue:

No, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what you’d wanna bring back), you can’t bring anything back. I’d love to take souveniers from some of my dreams :content:, but on the other hand, maybe it’s better this way… if you could take positive things with you, maybe you could take negative things with you as well… and I know I wouldn’t like my room being filled with monsters from my dreams. :wink:

Its funny you bring this question up. I just wrote a story based on this very idea for my creative writing class the other day. We had to pick a quote, so I picked this one:

“What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dreams, you went to heaven and plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?”

Its a quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It really makes you think if its possible. It would be cool to bring stuff back, but as Olesia mentions, if you could bring anything back, you could bring back negative things as well. If you wanna check out my story, its in the Garden of Creation titled Heavenly Flower.

Thanks for all the help guys.
It answered all of my question fully.

Well, I have a question along the same lines.
Why is the site’s category “Occult”?

Sadly my school blocks occult sites.

Really? Your school sucks! What if you wanna do some research on the occult? For a school project.
Oh and… My opinion of your school is solely on this one matter ofcourse.

Lucid dreaming is more New age.

I bet the Wiccans in your school hate that :razz:.

Your school blocks ld4all saying its occult ? :rofl:

What the heck, ld4all has some kind of occuklt tag ? :confused:

And what is new age? :peek:

If only it was possible…


there is a “tale” of two women who may still live today, who could “somnambule” at will, awake, and have materialized a book which they kept.

now the interesting part would be to read that book, would’nt you agree

…They could materialize everything they wanted but did in fact not start taking over the world, building palaces or whatever they thought would make the world better?

Undoubtedly a rather interesting tale, but the chance that one person, let alone 2 would have this power and not abuse it is in my opinion… Well, nihil.

You know… I think I like Inquisitor Bob :smile:. Reminds me of me :razz:.

If I had that power, I’d use it for… well, not world domination, but for something that would be rather (read: very) evident today. I don’t know - make the world a better place, I guess.

Can you take mental things back with you? Say, you slowed your perception of time in a dream. Can you bring that slowed perception back with you?

A narcicistic pessimist?

I spose not believing humans can live in peace with eachother, unicorns and flowers qualifies as that these days.

EDIT: Mindule, please read at least one post before asking dumb questions.

I am very much involved in the “Occult” and I think the only reason so many people like me are interested in lucid dreaming is either they are practitioners of astral travel or they usually have the very open mind that may lead them to lucid dreaming. I was lead to lucid dreaming from references to lucid dreaming in occult literature. :smile:

Well, I’m not quite sure. What exactly do you mean by “slowed perception”?

“Bringing something mental back” though, does make a good point. If you learn a good lesson or conquer a fear, you’ll definitely bring that knowledge/state of mind/etc back. :content:

He wants to slow time…

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s the only coherent meaning I could get from his post.

As a matter of fact, I read this entire topic. And it seems to be about bringing physical objects back into the real world, which is of course silly. Now, assuming that dreams occur at least partially in your own mind, is it ridiculous to say that you can’t affect your own mind while in a dream, and have that same effect be apparent when you are awake? Is that so far-fetched?

And, no, I said nothing about slowing time. That’s impossible. Our perception of time, however, can be slowed, as is apparent by numerous ‘near death’ experiences where people have reported that everything passes incredibly slowly in front of their eyes.

Please think about what you’re going to type before you insult me.