LD sex part II

This is a continued discussion, part 1 can be found here :cool:

Whenever I have or attempt sex in a LD, I never get past the thought of “Omg, this is a dream, I can have sex without consequence, lets do it” I get as far as finding someone (Usually the woman is very weird, like once I found someone who was bald…) then I wake up or into a false awakening.

However in ND’s, I once had a dream about looking at porn or something, on this PC. Then the woman i was looking at appeard next to me, I didn’t have much control but i had dream sex then. Was good :razz:, since i havn’t got anything to compare it to since i’m a virgin.

I find that it’s insanely hard for males to finish the job in LD sex. It seems like females have no problem… So not fair! I can only remember climaxing once in a LD. But that’s not to say all the rest (LOTS) were bad experiences. :razz:

Amateur LDers will wake up quick at first. Just keep trying. :meh: Although trying to hard will make it end faster. Go sloooooow.

P.S. LD sex is so much better than real in my opinion. Go ahead and flame that comment all you want! Won’t make a difference to me. Muhahahha. :hehe:

P.P.S. Full moon! Good luck all… Full moons are awesome for lucidity/dream recall. Analyze your journal on all the past full moons/new moons. See for youself. :ok:

Certain organs of mine seem to work even with sleep paralysis, which makes LD sex a little awkward.

it can get real…very real
one time I thought I came in IRL while I was having fun during lucidity
I could tell no difference between the feeling of ‘‘coming’’ in IRL/ Lucidity

For me, it did feel like IRL, maybe better, but I woke up when having an orgasm. :meh:
I was afraid I’d really come when I woke up.

This is a very interesting topic. I have also experienced LD sex. It’s amazing how many times you run into a female Dream Character that really get’s you hot and bothered. :hyper:
Things always start out great and I really get into it, but I always wake up before I am finished. It is very frustrating! :cry:

Right now I try to avoid LD sex as much as possible. Once I get better and more stable with my LDs, then I might want to become the next dream version of Ron Jeremy!

I’ve had quite a lot of LD sex lately. I think the most important thing is not getting too excited when you’re about to have sex in a LD. It can be compared with the first time(s) of having a LD. A lot of times people wake up when they have one of their first LD’s, because of the excitement of having one.
If you are in the situation of knowing you’ll have LD sex, try to stay calm. That might be difficult at first, especially if you have a beautiful naked person in front of you. Begin slowely and build up the excitement during the LD sex.

LD sex is a lot of fun imo. The first times I had some trouble keeping it dry in real life, but I don’t have that anymore.

Btw, how do woman think of having sex in a LD? I didn’t see that many opinions of woman yet… (or am I blind!?) :razz:

I’ve had a lot of NDs with sex. One of them I liked, and the other one was scary :eek:

I’ve only tried to have sex in an LD once…But I wasn’t able to find anyone to do it with…so next time when I decide to have sex in an LD, I will try my best to make a girl appear (maybe behind a door or something).

And I have a question…
Is LD sex better, or not as good as sex in real life? Or is it the same? What about…erm, masurbation?

I had some LD sex and it feel greater than anything IRL. though my LD sex is still boring as i most of the time come directly at insertion.
Once i had this LD orgasm that felt so real that i thought, no, know that it happened IRL, wired shit i tell ya

well around puberty when i was stilla virgin and i would have a LD…back before is tarted to study up on it and thought i was the only one…thats all i would do is try to have sex…after that i didnt really have any LD that i can remember until about a year ago when they started again and i did my research and eventually found up here…i love sex in a LD and i dont really see/feel a difference between them and IRL…maybe just easier to get in a dream lol…but last night in my LD it was kinda weird…i wasnt in complete control i guess cuz when i thought about finding a girl to have sex with she kept changing to different celebs…like at first it was the olsen twins(F’n awesome) but she was in a car and the driver he called her Ms.Tisdale and then she was alexis bedel…i dont know how to spell most of these names so try to bare with me…so she was finally alexis and we were talkin and she was kinda scared…and she called me evil, i ran my hand up her leg(she was wearin a skirt) and i noticed it was hairy and i got turned off…then i had a FA and woke up for real…kinda boring but next time ill make sure to keep the twins:D:D:D

My dreams seem to have built-in parental controls. When ever ANY suggestive / erotic content starts to creep in, the dream always steers away from it. For example, in one dream, I & a girl of the same age were all alone, and she asked “come on, when are we gonna do it?”, but all I wanted to do was look up words in the dictionary (more specifically, the word “dolphin”).

Anyone else had this type of scenario? :sad:

Do you have a lot of parental controls IRL? If so, then I’d suggest subjecting yourself to a bit more mature content and the content of your dreams will change too.
Movies, pictures, graphic novels. That should do the trick.

That’s the weird part!!! My parents are extremely easy on what I watch. I see tons of violence, swearing, sex scenes, drug references, everything! – I have absolutely NO parental controls IRL (hell, I saw Scary Movie 1 when I was in fourth grade). So I am completely desensitized; it can’t be a prude thing. Weird huh? Perhaps when I learn to LD I’ll ask my dream directly why this happens. :shrug:

Whoops… never mind. I just had a dream a few days ago where Tom Cruise had sex with/raped a 7 year old girl. I could even hear her moaning/humming/screaming(?) Does that count? :confused:

Note to readers: I am NOT a sicko/pervert by any means & I don’t know what brought on this dream.

Happy now, Wyvern?

actually with my expirimintation, having more parental controls leads to MORE erotic and sex related dreams. seems to be that due to the lack of it IRL, you make up for it at night.

kinda the reason some ppl have wet dreams, because they dont spank during the day.

Ah. I guess that makes sense too.
Well, I’ve heard from a certain someone that if you drink a lot of water before going to bed, you’ll get more sex dreams too.

If you ummm…Err…“Relieve” yourself right before you go to sleep you can get more sex dreams too…

It really depends the way you look at it. If you don’t “relieve” yourself often, you will get sex dreams because your body desires it. However, relieving yourself before going to bed might get the idea of sex fresh in your head.

Just figure out what works for you. :smile:

lol, LD sex would be nice but i gotta train :smile:

In my first LD I thought “I’ll have sex after I’ve tried flying”. The flying sensation was amazing, but unfortunately I woke up before I managed to have sex. In my second LD, I got lucid while walking towards a girl I know, and thought “Wow …”. This time I got stuck in slow motion right before my dream started to fade, and I woke up. My third LD was kind of similar - I got lucid while riding a rollercoaster, saw the same girl, and woke up immidiately.

Last week, I had my fourth LD, and I finally had sex! I got lucid somewhere, jumped up to a roof, found the girl I like and …yeah. In this LD, I also remembered to rub my hands and spin, something which probably prolonged the dream.

It was amazing! My opinion is that it probably feels as real as you think it will. :smile: