LD suggestions

moved from lucid adventures (which is described as This forum is focused on what to do while lucid. Topics range from how to prolong a LD to tips on how to teleport.) to the general lucidness forum so the idea can be discussed :moogle:

I don’t think that someone can really give you an idea for LDing b/c you might think something will be way more fun then something else. Everyone has differnet opinions on what is fun or exciting.

Suggestions are good. They can give you ideas of something to do that you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself.

Ya, you are right moogle.

but if you really want to do something that is going to be a amazing experience, I think a suggestion would help, but I think that you yourself will have to think of what you truely like to do.

That’s why suggestions are so good. You can take them or leave them. Pick them apart and put together something special for yourself. Ideas are good. Remember what the dormouse said: -“Feed your head!”

Yep, I agree. I told my friend to give me some suggestions of a good LD, and he totally likes different stuff from me so it helped a little.

Everyone here is not suggesting anything, just saying how good suggestions are!

I can’t find someone asking for suggestions either. I don’t think that’s what the topic started meant. If you want a suggestion you can look around in Lucid Adventures. The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD and the BIG Quest Topic (links to all the LD4all Quests) are some useful topics to find suggestions. Or you can just look around in the other topics there.

I agree with what’s said. Suggestions can be great, because it gives you ideas. For new LDers it may be a way to get more motivated on what they want to achieve and see what the possiblities are in a lucid dream (they’re unlimited) and for more experienced LDers it may give new ideas to do.