The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD, part VI

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1- fly
2- be in a videogame/cartoon
3-go through a normal day only naked
4-same as above only instead of naked have control of EVERYTHING
5- construct the PERFECT day :colgate:

…oh yeah! sex duhh!!

Huh…no one has said anything about being a ninja yet. :grin: It sort of combines the ideas of running really fast and flying/jumping really high. Plus the idea of storming some other village or city would be cool.

EDIT: Also, doing magic tricks with “actual” magic.

hmmm. i’ve never thought of that ninja idea. sounds well fun. glad you brought it up!

Best thing to do in an LD?
Same as in life, sex.

One thing i wanna do in an LD is just go through a normal day but do stupid things that i wouldn’t do in real life, like randomly make out with random girls

-Fight, you know, like in martial art :cool:
-Meet my subconscious and ask it questions ^^,
I noticed that a lot of people want to have sex in a LD. :eh:
Could someone explain me why?

Meet my DG and ask it a few questions… and do this for the next couple of nights as I want to remember what it answers :content:

-Be the prime minister of my country,and make it glorious
-Get on Argo with the argonauts
-Battle in the trojan war alongside Achilleas
-Accompany Heracles in his labours
-Be the Godfather
-Talk and be teached by Bruce Lee
-Talk with Socrates
-Talk with my ancestors
-Have a plane accident,falling in a lonely island in the middle of nowhere,with only me and my favourite celebrity who happens to be on this plane,survivors…
-Play in the world cup final,and score 3 goals with bicycle kicks
-Be the coach of my favourite national team
-Live the life of a super powerful rich guy,driving Lamborghini
-Give an amazing violin concert
-See myself as baby
-Be a new Lord of the Rings character,accompany Aragorn
-Have a party with famous singers signing for me
-Be James Bond

First I want to HAVE an LD then do these things:

1.) Turn into a dragon and other animals and walk through New York City with music in the background lol
2.)Manipulate my human body in New York City (add arms, extra eyes, extra head WITH extra eyes)
3.) Fly :fly:
4.) Create a portal to my friends’ dreams and invite them to share dream :razz:
5.) Create a whole city made of building blocks ( no people living there) and destroy it
6.) Call Jesus on a phone and invite him to a picnic (worth a shot)
7.) Step into my TV while playing LoZ: Twilight Princess and help Link do stuff lol
8.) Create my dream planet called Ethiopia (Not the place in Africa)
9.) Become a werewolf and half-dragon
10.) Jump off a plane and free-fall (as a dragon of course)

I think it’s because many people have fantasies about certain sexual situations which are very… difficult to arrange in real life. However, the prevailing hope might be that one could act out these fantasies in a lucid dream, without hurting oneself or others.

As to the topic at hand, if I were to have a lucid dream, I would take flight as a spirit or an angel or something and take in all the wonderful sights and sounds. I would want to become lucid so that I can conciously appreciate the beauty of my dream.


  1. Fly. (5 LDs and I’ve forgotten to try it in EVERY ONE. >_<)
  2. Just… play around with DCs. Ask them questions and such.
  3. Fly on a dragon with infinite swords. And throw the swords at stuff.

I haven’t had an LD in a while, but I love flying. Reinacting 300 would probably be fun >:)

In a LD I like…

1)Crossing things to change the landscape around me. I can cross walls, mirrors for example.
2)Talking with people and creatures in dream is funny ^^
3)To transform myself in an animal or a creature. (i transformed myself in bird and another time in a mermaid. It was cool ^^)
4)Playing Quidditch ! (it’s still better than reading the book or watching the movie :grin: )
5)Searching for a spirit guide (more often, It’s them which find you)
6)Change my clothes only by imagining it. I like the morphing effect in dreams ! * *

They are for sure many other interesting things to do in LDs but I like the things I can do ^^

Why not be Link’s role?

Because almost everything is more fun with a friend

Transform! and fly.

Playing a game of Go with Honinbou Shusaku should keep you busy for quite a while. Right now I’m aiming to make this happen with WBTB.

Stand on a cliff and conduct water as one would an orchestra.

  1. Enact the Final Battle with Zeromus in Final Fantasy IV, but do it in a very dramatic way using the powers at my disposal (Ninja, Dragoon, Black Mage/Summoner, White Age, and Me as the Paladin).

  2. Construct a dining room. In the room is a small bowl which I can summon food from.

  3. Eat a bowl of hot and sour soup in aforementioned room.

  4. Have dinner with Hannibal Lecter.

Nice first goals in my opinion.

  1. Transform, often into a bird so I can fly! I fail at landings, though.
  2. Conjuring things.
  3. Flying. Of course.
  4. Talking to interesting DCs.