'LD via OBE' technique

Yesterday i read these AP techniques and decided to try some.
astralsociety.net/index.php? … _Collected
astralsociety.net/index.php? … _Collected
This morning i reached the trance state but instead of concentrating on entering a lucid dream i focused on my body and pictured that my arms slowly moved out of my body, and slowly the rest came loose to resulting in a short OBE. Now i believe that most OBE’s are some kind of lucid FA. If this is true you may start building a LD from this state, which could be usefull for people who have trouble with WILD.

That’s very interesting. OBEs do seem to be easier than WILDs, and they sure are a gateway between worlds. This is what I know from experience anyways.

Whether one calls them the Astrals, dreamworlds, or mental realms is only a matter of personal beliefs on the subject, but it is very much possible.

I will share with you my very own method, something not mentioned in any good books on the subject. My trick is entering a trance state, and if you fail at separation but do get projection symptoms, just go back to sleep. The mind will tend to stay awake a little more (lost in thoughts/dreams), just enough to set up the projection reflex at the right frame of mind. This will not work for everyone but if you do get some sensations or success after 4-5 tries, let me know.

Personal Methods:
WBTB after 3.5-5 Hours of Sleep (WBTB at most every other day, longer to avoid circadian rhythm disturbances)
Duration of WBTB long enough for mind awake/body becoming tired, average 20-50 minutes.
Position on back (I rarely fall asleep on back).
Curtains down, darker the better.
Progressive relaxation: tense muscles, relax (optional for WBTB)
Muscle tension monitoring, especially face, neck, shoulders, abdomen area. Relax when tense.
Deep Slow breathing 10 times (optional for WBTB)
clear thoughts, avoid getting lost in thoughts, pay attention to breathing.

Results after 0.5-2 hours:
Best to worst
Condition 1: Aware of (deep trance) unusual heavyness/lightness/Vibrations occur/spread to full body, increase frequency/allow them to, sit up forcefully as SP holds physical body in place/lose contact with body and float up
Condition 2: Lost in thoughts/light dreams briefly, vibrations/sounds in head/ears startle slightly awake, barely conscious of what is happening, they increase to full body, increase frequency/allow them to, astral limbs sensations/extreme lightness/heavynesns/astral sight, float up/fight SP to leave physical body behind
Condition 3: light/full/deep trance (good for trance experience). If slight vibrations occur early, keep trying. If they occur strongly and pass, move to left/right side (usual sleep position) and clear thoughts/allow sleep (depending on conditions). Condition 2 may then occur, else LDs or regular dreams.
Condition 4: Too tired, light and usually dreamless sleep occurs, or lost in thoughts >2 hours. Attempt to recover night’s sleep, possible chance of LD, else unable to fall back asleep due to circadian rhythm.

my methods:
WBTB after 7-8 Hours of Sleep, being too tired is funest.
I also try to avoid rhythm disturbances (verry sensitive to that).
Duration of WBTB short enough for mind/body to stay in semi trance state,
average 20-50 seconds + chaining.
Position on side.
Curtains down, darker the better, also try to block all noises.
No progressive relaxation needed in this situation, and no itching occures.
Don’t avoid getting lost in thoughts anymore, cause I just notice the hypnagogics and become focused again when they occure (in about 50% of attempts).
I find this is a very fast LD induction method cause the body is already relaxed, falling back to sleep occures faster but one can work on that.
In trying to invoke OBE with it I like the swaying technique (like being in the sea waves) and rolling over.