LD4all hosting fundraiser - target reached! thank you! :D

Hi everybody,

We are safe and sound on the new server now :woot: I had to add another control panel package, since the free one that was included was an horror to work with. This has raised the costs however. I’ve paid it from my own money now, but if you would like to contribute it is very welcome :smile:

That’s why the hosting fundraiser is open again.

I have paid a full year in advance now for the new server. LD4all now runs on a dedicated pentium 4 2.4 Ghz. server :boogie:

the total server costs for a year: $ 672.49
amount already raised: $ 506.20
amount still to go: $ 166.29 (not anymore, see below in this post for the actual amount)

:peek: I know somebody will donate that 29 cents :grin:

So, once again I call upon your generousity! Every gift is welcome! :woot:

ways to donate:
Paypal: please go here to donate :smile:
While every gift is greatly appreciated, i need to point out that paypal takes a fee of 35 eurocents (about $ 0.40) plus 3.4 % of the donated amount. So if you donate $1 it takes almost half of it. I have always covered for those fees myself but it is good to keep in mind. That’s why I prefer it if you could send it directly to my bank account if possible, because then nothing is taken off.
please mention your forum username so I know who it is from :smile:

Direct money transfer (international):
If you’re from the EU and your currency is the Euro, you can also transfer money (without paying a fee) directly to my bank account. You will need the following information:[list]IBAN: NL71PSTB0005954454 (International Bank Account Number)
BIC : PSTBNL 21 (Bank Identifyer Code)
to: P.J.M. Krul
adress: Amsterdam
please include ‘LD4all donation’ and your forum username
Direct money transfer for the dutch:
If you are from Holland, you can transfer it directly to my girorekening: 5954454 tnv p.j.m. krul te Amsterdam :smile:
please include ‘LD4all donatie’ and your forum username [/list:u]

:boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

The target has been reached! :boogie: Actually even 12 dollars over now :happy: :happy:

I appreciate it very much! Thank you for your support!

Generous givers:dreamtrainer :happy:
Siiw :flower:
TweaK :happy:
BlackAngel :angel_fly:
Asclepius :yay:
nh8556 :content:
Ellian :boogie:
ChielV :woot:
Serbitar :twirl:
psychonaut :cool_laugh:
Petter :hurray:
Lucid_Mike :yay:
Kompa :woot:
Wanderer Nico :hurray:
RZ :hyper:
Contage :twirl:
vi :happy: :happy:
izandal :boogie:
cynster :spinning:
Macrophage :happy:
X :yay:
omegagames :cool_laugh:
S.K. :content:
Mikk :yay:
Peachey :boogie:
AprilxUkoto :happy:
Infinitycascade :woot:
Basilus West :yay:
Alextanium :boogie:
Spiritech :hurray:
Wadadli :happy:

For those who have donated: if you like, you can add this image in your sig to show you supported LD4all:

with this code:

[url=https://community.ld4all.com/t/ld4all-hosting-fundraiser-target-reached-thank-you-d/22330] [img]https://www.ld4all.com/images/forum/sponsoricon2006.gif[/img][/url]
(remove the space when you put it in your profile - i put it like this to prevent widening of the page)

I should have known the creator of this website is Dutch, because of the Dutch version :content:

Anyway, I’m pretty much broke :bored:

If I had some money on me I’d donate it without doubt!

You will get the usual donation once i get my wages at 1.july :tongue:

:wave: soraguy. Do not feel obligated to donate. I know everybody helps out already in different ways, those who are able to, can help out now moneywise :happy:

yay, thanks siiw! :cool:

I have added a new sig icon now for 2006, those who have donated can choose to put it in their sigs, to show they have supported :content:

Damnit! Once again I feel completely powerless… Just have to apologize. It’s my fierce will vs. my skills… :crying:

I can’t see a donation link in your sig?

Neither can I. Ill donate a buck via paypal when its up but thats allI got :sad:

it’s not in my sig, but you can put one in yours now if you’d like :wink:

or do you mean you can’t see the image :confused:

The link and image to the sig icon is in the first post :smile:

No, I meant this

and i must have been too sleepy to see a link in your sig last night :tongue:

oops! ahem changes Thanks :happy:

I’m SO against donating unless I get something in return…
But I love ld4all, so err… Ahem.

Check your paypal inbox thingy.

I know it isnt much… but every bit helps, right? :happy:

Cid is right, not being able to donate yourself sucks. :sad:

Well, I’ll try to talk to me mom, I don’t really think she’ll donate anything, but it’s worth a shot, I suppose. Anyways, the fundraiser is now in my sig too. :smile: I hope I can at least help bring more people to this topic.

It is that I live in the Netherlands :wink:
I did something on the post yesterday (yeah I still write it instead of doing it trough the internet :roll: )

For people who put in their signature. You could put instead. It looks the same, the only difference is is that the second one is a link. So people might click on it (it still takes some people a while to realise some things are links though, but it might help :content:)

[url=https://community.ld4all.com/t/ld4all-hosting-fundraiser-target-reached-thank-you-d/22330/1] [img]https://www.ld4all.com/images/forum/sponsoricon2006.gif[/img][/url]

thank you TweaK! :happy:

thank you Sandra!

:peek: and you are a mindreader, i thought of making the donation image clickable as well, and you have already posted the code to do so :happy: I’ll edit that in as well :smile:

(i edited your post to include a space because the page was widened when it was all in one sentence)

Good idea to add a link in your sig bruno :smile:


Yay. LD4all must live. You read the message I attached to the donation? :razz:

yay i’ll be donating soon once I get my job, which is pretty soon hopefully :content:

None in my family are supposed to know about ld4all :sad:

And I dont have paypal :meh:

Can I as 16 transfer money from my bank account ?

Not being able to donate last year was a drag, so hopefully this year I can make a donation :yes:

I have plenty of money, but I want to make sure it’s for a good purpose before I donate.

I just have this strong hunch that subliminal messaging and or magic(k) is at work here. I usually don’t feel so generous… Something’s fishy.

Come on, Darxide, it’s for the Greater Good. :yes: