LD4all Quest 118: Jan-Feb : Portal Quest

LD4all Quest 118: Jan-Feb: Portal Quest
Author: moogle
Suggested by: hexadoodle and Moonlight Dreamer

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LD’s in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, LD4all wings can be earned.

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Portal Quest
At the beginning of a New Year, there are elements of uncertainty but also knowledge of all the possibilities. So, what better quest than venturing through a portal and discovering where it takes us in a LD.
Portals have been used by film, TV, books and games to enable transit to far locations. alternate realities and the past or future. They are even handy for quick escapes. Cartoons have even used them as portable holes. Moonlight Dreamer mentioned a cartoon show where the main characters jump through ‘worlds’ (They were trapped inside a comic book) by tearing a hole in the air.

In Diablo, portals were created by a magic spell or one use scrolls, while Portal (the puzzle-platform video game) used a portal gun. There are many different portals and ways of creating them or you may just discover one in your dream.

So, whether you wish to use an existing portal or anomaly, create one or use a small artifact eg the magic beans or Mad Hatter hat out of Once Upon a Time - you are sure to have an interesting LD.

Siiw draws circles in the air and jumps through them. Image provided by Siiw.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Become Lucid
  • Find or create a portal.
  • Travel through it.
  • Optional - travel to a location like ‘the wood between the worlds’ which will give you multiple choices of portals.
  • Optional - travel through a series of portals.
  • Note: You must personally experience a portal, use of a hyperdrive on a ship etc wouldn’t count.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - wings will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
:angel_fly: The wings are a reward for yourself. :angel_fly:

Wings will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Use TV, books and gaming to give your mind visual information about portal use.
  • Think about portal travel while incubating a dream
  • Visualize what the portal will look like and where you would like to travel
  • Have fun :yay:

I hope you enjoy this quest and binge on various media that involve portal use. Remember to have fun with it. :spinning:

Happy New Year!

[center]The ld4all Wing Quest for January has arrived :boogie:

Good luck everyone :thumbs:[/center]

success! i went to bed firmly intending to complete this quest and im a bit surprised i did.

not an especially exciting dream but its my first LD in a very long time so ill take what i can get :hyper:

happy new year and thanks for the LD inspiration!

Portal Quest
staring at wildly changing sunset colors in the sky. as it gets dark something speeds across the sky that looks like a spaceship. aliens? or…

:lucid: [LD]i remember my goal to complete the ld4all portal quest. i step inside into a room with a few doors. i pick a blank wall and turn around intending a portal to be on the wall when i turn back. it is low to the ground and i crawl through.

on the other side is a bright orange room with a peaked roof. theres an old woman in there, a teacher from when i was a kid. i start to say her name but my voice feels heavy and like im trying to talk in waking life so i give up on talking and start dancing with her. at some point lucidity fades.[/LD][/spoiler]

Happy New Year to you too Obliverum :grin:

Congrats and :wizard: your Quest Wings appear :spinning:

i am so proud of my wings! :fly: thank you moogle :content:

After months of trying these challenges, I have finally succeeded! :woo:
I had one failer this month and one success.
The FAILED LD teleporting dream

SPOILER - Click to view

ND - long
I was dating this girl for the sole purpose of becoming friends with her dad. Her dad was a wizard and had some crazy magical toys in his castle. One day, and this dream felt like it lasted for days, her dad showed me around the castle! He had these complex-looking machines all over his castle. We walked up to one of the machines. It looked like a gold-plated mechanical typewriter, but instead of the keys having letters and numbers on them they had uncut gems on them. I picked a sapphire up to look at it and found that there was a small world inside! Inside the sapphire, there was a meadow and as I turned the sapphire in my hand the view of the world would change as well. The wizard told me I could explore as many of these gems as I wanted. He also taught me the spell that would teleport me into a gem of my choosing. I decided to explore multiple gems. I saw a meadow, old dark forest, and floating mountains. Which I got caught up in fighting a dragon in those mountains until my dream ended.

Go To Mars!
LD - short
I was fighting in a jet. My aircraft got hit so I jumped out of it as it exploded. As I’m falling to the earth I look at the fireball that almost took my life and pull the cord to activate my parachute. Wait… I don’t have a parachute! The earth is getting closer and closer. I realize these are my last moments of life and start to reflect on all the things I’ve done so far but something doesn’t seem right to me. There’s no air resistance! I do the nose RC and yep I’m dreaming! As I’m about to hit the earth I draw a portal in front of me, not thinking about where I want to go. I fall through the portal and there, in the distance, is mars! The beautiful red planet! As I’m looking at this planet that’s full of detail, I hear loud music playing and realize it’s my alarm clock. But the music fits quite well so I stayed as long as I could in my dream. The music was RuneScape’s old theme music. You can youtube it and have a listen if anyone wants to. :tongue:

edit: Actually I did this with a dreaming supplement, I want to get my wings clean so I don’t count this as a success.

Are you sure? We can put the wings on hold for now. The portal quest will last until the end of February.

But they are two interesting dreams. :spinning:

Near Success

I found myself running from some sort of apocalypse? The details of exactly why I was running are fuzzy, but I know I was running for some reason like that. It was a world that was a cross between Roman architecture with pillars that reached up into the sky, a little bit like that world between worlds from The Magicians, and a little like Nier Automata.

I found a square fountain/pond and jumped in it. At this point, I became semi-lucid. I say semi-lucid because technically, I wasn’t fully cognizant it was a dream, but I knew I could manipulate it because it was a dream. Might sound odd to anyone who hasn’t experienced anything similar.

Anyways, wanting to get away from the death and whatever else raining down (honestly, I was actually concentrated on just getting away from the running people, they were annoying me, didn’t give much of a care about the danger), I dove in the pond with the knowledge that I’d end up on the other side. The world flipped upside down and suddenly my dive became me rising out of the water into a very Nier-Automata/Roman architecture mirror worlds. Literally a mirror world, because it had a mirror :tongue: The world itself was distinctly different, or at least the land I ended up in, but the style of it was the pretty much the same as the one I came from (though decidedly more roman, and everyone had togas).

All these Portal dreams are so inspiring.

Lucid dream in which I do the portal quest. (With added Dr Who goodness).

Every dream is better with added Dr Who goodness :tardis:
Congrats Susan_Y, wings are on their way :spinning:

The new quest is now available. Quest 119 Canvas to Cosmos
You can still do the portal quest and post results here but you can no longer earn wings.

Congrats again to Obliverum and Susan_Y.
And honourable mentions to HeadInTheClouds and LucidWilliam.

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: