LD4All Quest 129: Aug-Sept: Pause Time!

LD4all Quest 129: Aug-Sept
Author: moogle

On LD4all :ld4all: we have featured Wing Quests to enable members to explore LD’s in a fun way. If the lucid dreamer is successful, LD4all wings can be earned.

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Pause Time!

The ability to pause time has appeared in many books, TV series and films.

  • The Magic Boomerang - Australian series 1965-1966
    “The ancient legend of the Dreamtime People tells of a magic boomerang. When this famed boomerang flies in the sky, all time will stand still. Whoever has this boomerang has a great power.”
  • Twilight Zone - A Kind of Pocket Watch
SPOILER - Click to view

" The watch. It breaks, leaving time permanently frozen. With no way to repair it, McNulty runs around in a panic, begging the frozen people to talk or move."

  • Click - 2006 film
    “A universal remote control manipulates time.”

Also check out Time Stands Still
Now it is time for ld4all members to experience the power to pause time in a lucid dream. :yay:

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Step 1: Become Lucid :lucid:
  • Step 2: PAUSE TIME! Will you use a command? a gadget? magic?
  • Step 3: What will you do while time is stopped? Will you be a hero? or cause a little mischief? Do it … anything is possible when lucid. :spinning:
  • OPTIONAL: Manipulate time further. Either make it go backwards or speed up.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - wings will be granted if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest.
The wings are a reward for yourself.

Wings will be granted after you have posted your success in this topic

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Read stories or watch films/programmes that deal with manipulating time.
  • Daydream about the quest during bus travel etc.
  • Think about the quest before going to sleep.
  • Be confident. YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Have fun :smile:

:yay: Remember that the main goal of the quests is to have fun

… or even pause time to get out of a tricky situation. :peek:

Hi -

New member and enjoy the idea of a quest! Gave it a shot and here is what happened:

Standing in front of a large cave/tunnel and become and large boulders that look like asteroids are coming at me one after the other. I become lucid and remember the quest. The only problem is I’m being belted by boulders. I start to knock them out of the way and they move easily. Then, I say, “stop time” and nothing happens. I say it again with a little more conviction, but nothing changes. So, I decide to change tactics and begin looking for a ‘device’ that will do it for me. On the ground I find two pieces of broken metal. I pick them up and put them together. They snap in place, but I realize I’m still missing another component. So, I look around some more and find this circuit board of sorts. I put it together and the whole device kind of molds together perfectly into a laser gun. I start laughing and point it back towards the boulders that are flying at me. I ‘shoot it’ but no laser or anything comes out, but everything becomes perfectly still. I look around and realize it worked! I ‘stopped time’ in my dream. I then decide to explore the cave since I’m not being attacked now. I walk for a little bit and see an opening to my right. I look over and Chewbacca is on a payphone. He is clearly not stopped in time. He looks at me funny and I shoot him with my time stopper. It makes a burning mark on his fur. He looks at me angry and confused and then I wake up.
So, I made time stop (at least fora a little bit) and Chewbacca was not happy that I shot him with my time stopper gun.

Congrats vividdreamer on succeeding in the quest. On a sidenote I think you are the first member to earn wings before their first rank star. :peek:

Thanks! I’m new here, but really enjoy the different topics and thought this was a fun quest. Not sure how the stars work, but I guess I will work on that next! Thanks again!

Well you could always look through the older quests LINK … you may like to do a few more just for fun and the challenge. :spinning:

Congratulations on succeeding! Luckily you woke up before Chewbacca got hold of you… Never, never mess with a Wookie! :tongue:

ha! Thanks! I agree - that Wookie was not happy when I zapped him! I thought it was going to turn ugly. But, this is exactly why I love dreaming - there is always something to surprise you.

An interesting attempt… Funnily enough, I had to “unfreeze” time before being able to try and freeze it. Only to find out that setting time free it’s much easier than stopping it! :content:

I managed this quest last night- It was only a brief LD (My 3rd since joining the forum!) So far I have only managed to attain Lucidity in short bursts but in this dream I was sat on the end of a bed with my mother and sister either side of me. We were talking about haircuts when for whatever reason it clicked that I was dreaming. Funnily enough the first thing that sprang to mind was to try the quest. I stood up, throw my hands out to either side and say “Stop.” firmly. The air ripples and my mother and sister freeze mid conversation.

I walk around the room briefly entertaining what I should do next, when I notice my sister starts to move very slowly, and I know the time freeze is wearing off. I repeat the same action and she freezes once again. I wake up before I can manage to think of what to do next, but I’m happy none the less, another LD to add to the collection! :happy:

Hey! I did the quest by accident this morning! :happy:

Congrats DreamMystic :yay: and Cornelia Xaos :thumbs:

Official ld4all wings and invisible (for Cornelia) wings coming up. :spinning:

Invisible wings? Did you steal them from Thorn? He always has problems with them… :tongue:

:ebil: no comment :lol:

Just under 3 weeks to go until next quest. :content:

:peek: Well time has caught up with us and although Pause Time can still be done for fun … it is no longer possible to earn wings for being successful.

The new Quest - Rainbow Connection is now available for 2 months. :grouphug: