LD4all Quest 15: Resonant Moon - Let it Grow

It sounds really interesting… When I’ll have LD’s often I might do it.
btw. It could be very interesting to try and share a dream with all of the forum members… I think you should post a quest like that, Q.

I disagree. Not all the forum members believe in shared dreams and not all forum members know the other forum members that well. It would be impossible to those who are relatively new to the forum.

More on topic I want to say congratulations to everyone who’s completed the quest and good look to those who are still attempting! :smile:

vv. Aviran: There are 2 Quests like that (still open),
LD4all Quest #7: Spectral Moon: Join the Party
LD4all Quest #14: the Spirit of Giving

I had an attempt last night, it’s in my DJ: [community.ld4all.com/t/qs-quest-vii/22238/67)

I found a seed but when i decided where to plant it i woke up :cry:

I became lucid last night and pulled a seed out of my pocket. I put it in a whole and covered it with a huge wad of gum, but nothing grew. :neutral:

I’ll have to try again tonight.

Just read this today hehe.
Does it have to be a seed? Because I did
grew stuff (well, morphed stuff) into apples in my last LD. :smile:

Probably doesn’t count right? I knew it… hehe

Hi fellow dreamers,

i’m giving this one a shot Q! It’s related a lot to my Tree of Life topic which is looking like it’s going to be a combo DJ/WJ. Thanks for the idea ujji!

my goal is to plant a tree seed and watch it grow over a few hundred or thousand years. in RL i’ve got the opposite of a green thumb, every plant i’ve ever had ate it! i also want to be practically immortal so this’ll kill two birds with one stone.

-off to see the wizard