LD4all Quest 57: August : Inception!

I saw Inception Sunday evening (from 18.30 to 21.00), really felt like I was in a dream when walking home. I knew I had to check the lucid quest again which I had briefly read the day before. I posted in the Dutch forum about wanting to create infinite stairs as well as some other goals. I went to bed with my thoughts still on inception. I woke up around 2 and fell asleep again thinking about having a lucid dream about inception.

I don’t think there are really any spoilers in my dream, but just in case :wink:

Sunday 8 - Monday 9 August 2010

Lucid Dream

I am not entirely sure, but I think this was before I was thinking this before I was dreaming. There is also a chance I thought t while dreaming already. I am walking rounds on the infinite ‘esher’ stairs. I think this could be a good to use for WILD too; rather than using stairs that go up, I can use infinite stairs. So before falling asleep I keep walking in rounds, which is also where (my memory of) my dream starts.

I am walking on the infinite ‘Escher’ stairs I have created, just like they are in Inception. It’s nice to just walk rounds on them because of the idea that they are infinite while I am only walking upstairs but still in rounds. I get tired of it though and similar to the movie my stairs start to ‘lift’ because I want it. I walk/fly off them onto normal ground again.

I realize I want to try and get into another dream and see how that feels. Particularly how the effect of my body movements in one dream would affect me in the next dream. Rather than using the machine as they do in inception, I am thinking about entering my next dream. While doing so I sink through the ground, literally, and get into a lower level of the building I am in. Every time I do so, I get lower in the building.

[com]I don’t remember much after this. I woke up around 5/6 I think and after this still fell asleep until I had to wake up at 8 again to go to Uni.

I am satisfied that I had a lucid dream again (good feeling!), that my mind created the Escher stairs (but I want to make a more difficult maze in one of my following dreams), and thought it was interesting how I was sinking through the floor. I also thought about the similarity with an elevator and how Cobb is using the elevator to move between different memories. Too bad I don’t remember exactly what I saw.

Definitely have to explore some more of inception![/com] [/spoiler]

I don’t know if this counts seeing as I wasn’t thinking about the quest at the time but here is a summary of my lucid dream from last night. I don’t really think it has any spoilers, but just in case. [spoiler] I am lucid and because of something that happened earlier in this dream I want to try something. Earlier in the dream (which i was semi-lucid throughout) I had an overwhelmingly strong attraction for a DC. My goal is to make a DC fall hopelessly in love with me. After I gain full lucidity I go on a walk looking for a DC to test my new idea on. I find a group of three young girls and I tell them that they should go inside because the bell just rang. (A bell had just sounded signaling that the children should go inside from recess) Two of them walk off but the third stays, this is what i was planning and she is now the chosen one for my test. The thing is she is too young. I ask her to come and she starts to follow me to the street corner, I slow down and she quickly overtakes me, guessing where I was headed. As she leans against the bus stop I begin to focus on aging her and planting a desire in her mind. The two DCs (that had been the main characters earlier in the dream and which I had “absorbed” while becoming lucid), give me advice in my head saying not to force it just gently will her to age and for the thought to be planted. So I do so, slowly waving my outstretched hand in front of me momentarily blocking her from view. It doesn’t work the first time, nor the second, but the third time’s the charm and there she is all grown up and pretty like. I step nearer and it seems like it worked, only she is talking about prom and other stuff, all being very superficial. (no offence to any prom lovers out there that is just how she came across) I am slightly disappointed, but satisfied with the results, the dream ends shortly after that. So what do you think?[/spoiler]

I managed to fall asleep in my LD :happy:


Although it wasnt LD, I had a dream within a dream tonight.
Check my DJ if you want :smile:

I fell asleep in an LD last night :happy:

I’ll edit in a journal entry later, but basically my vision had blacked out so I decided to just go with it and fall asleep. I laid down, closed my eyes and woke up in an FA :sad: . The FA didn’t seem to be any more vivid than most normal dreams and had no real significance.

Edit: clicky

got so close last night. i woke up with my eyes closed so i decided to try and WILD since i dont think my body woke up. sure enough i went into SP and found myself upstairs. i walked downstairs and my brother asked me to get him and ice cube. i told him that this was a dream but he didnt believe me. i went downstairs and found that his room was crawling with spiders. he followed me downstairs and i scared them away with an axe. i walked out of the room and then remembered the quest. i yelled out ‘what is my dream totem!’ but got no reply and then suddenly woke up.

I had 2 LDs last night i think, one I can barely remember. I think in it i remembered the quest and fell asleep in the dream, everything went black, and I lost consciousness as if I had really fallen asleep, nothing else happened. Then I woke up around the right time so I tried WILD, I didn’t have any HI that I noticed, I was pertty tired so I just decided to do an RC and i was still awake apparently, so I just lay there thinking, I tried to think of a metaphor for lucid dreaming, and I cam up with I’t like someone knocking on the door of your consciousness, trying to get you to answer it. After that it was like my mind was opened, and then I felt really weird. I did an RC and this time I was dreaming, I couldn’t even feel my hand on my nose. It was weird, like they were numb. I remembered the quest, and I was about to get up to try to shift gravity, but I woke up as soon as I tried, funnily, my real life body was looking at the same spot my dream body was when I came to. I think what may have happened is I was dosing off and mistook the onset of sleep paralysis for a dream and “dreamt” that i did an RC, so when I tried to get up I broke the sleep paralysis and woke up fully.

I will try again. I will complete this quest! :grrr: haha :tongue:

:grin: I did it! :grin:

[spoiler]… I drift back into a dream where I am with some verbally hostile man, and a woman (my stepmom?) He says something, which she questions right back, changing his words to something about wanting Lunch? He agrees, slightly less abrasive, and requests the Cilantro Special. :eh: [ND]While they’re talking, I’m hopping from one foot to the other, in a slower moon-gravity-ish manner, as though very dimly aware of the dream, but without that Lucid spark. I take my queue on being able to leave as he requests his meal, and walk out of the unknown room, and into my parent’s kitchen. There are a few plates already made up with open-faced tuna sandwiches, so all I need is the Cilantro. I look around, but don’t see any.

I think to attempt to dream-manifest the Cilantro, then “Wait! What am I doing? The Quest! Rabbit Totem!” I pat my pocket, and feel it resting at the bottom. I reach in, but my hand gets stuck! Not accepting failure, I stretch my fingers, fish the little figurine up, and drop it onto the waiting palm of my other hand.[/ND]

It’s Green![color=blue] I bring it closer to the lamp to make sure it’s not a trick of the light, and it stays green :smile: It also morphs into a more lounging position, paws stretched lazily over the side of my palm :cool: It’s still pretty dim in the room, with only this one little lamp, so I move over towards the lightswitch as I gaze at the details of the new texture of this morphed form’s side. Aware of the difficulty, I flip the lightswitch, smiling when it actually works :content:

I feel the tug back to WPR, and quickly reach out to feel the texture of the wallpaper. Looking back at the Totem, I change my strategy to feeling it’s texture instead :grin: (another neat little use for it besides an RC!) The ‘kick’ is still pretty strong, and I try to smoosh my nose against the wall, but my nose is numb, and my vision crosses rather uncomfortably. I step back, returning sight to normal,[/color] but still aWaken…[/spoiler]

I think I’ll try the totem RC, it might help me get more LD’s. My totem is actually a coin I’ve had for awhile that was basically illegible and kind of broken, so I ended up sanding the sides down to nothing. It is now a flat, shiny circle with a copper coloured edge. If I get a lucid dream, I’ll try some of the other things as well.

Awesome movie by the way, I saw it in Ottawa around the time it came out. I can’t really remember now, but I think it was in 3D.

Finally saw Inception, but unfortunatly not in a Dream :meh:.

So my original goal failed now and i think even if i might not have an LD this month i need a new goal so i have something i can do if i LD :smile:

My new goal is getting the ground to bend like the girl did when she was introduced to the dreamworld :smile:


SPOILER - Click to view

I became lucid in my bedroom downstairs and continued up the stairs while yelling ‘increase lucidity!’ the whole way. The dream became extremely vivid, almost lifelike, and i walked out my front door. It was a nice sunny day and for some reason there was a black cat sitting at my front door. I said hi to it and many more black cats randomly appeared, maybe 5 or 6 more. I thought maybe this was my dream totem but then decided against it. I then thought i would create my dream totem and pull it out of my pocket. This first thing that came to mind to create was a small red wooden cactus so i imagined it and pulled it out. It was about the size of my hand and was originally green but i turned it red. So i guess this is my dream totem:) Anyways, the dream continued and i tried convincing my friend this was a dream but he didn’t care. I woke up immediately after into a FA and did a RC and was in a dream yet again. I dont remember what happened in this LD though.

Saw the movie today and got some ideas for my Quest :tongue:

SPOILER - Click to view

Ive got myself a totem that Ill use as an RC and Ill see if it works in a dream :cool_raz: next thing is to “incept” a friend of mine :plotting:

I got an LD which involved Inception :cool_laugh: here it is

SPOILER - Click to view

I managed to use my totem in the dream :grin: I managed to establish an SD, however I failed to incept my friend

This quest is a good idea,try it tonight! Congratulation to those who have completed.

Completed the Quest a second time :lol: :tongue:

Ok, last chance. I will try again tonight!

I checked my totem in my LD, it worked differently but thats okay I guess. :content:

[spoiler]-I fly out of my window and wondered what I wanted to do, I remembered about my totem I wanted to check. I see my totem floating above me about a meter away, I float up and grab it and flip it over, it’s the same smiley face but the smiley face’s one eye was growing smaller with every flip. (Ahh good enough I guess) I wake up [/spoiler] Originally my smiley face coin was suppose to change faces with every flip.
I’m not very satisfied with the results,I think I’ll try it again :tongue: .

Oh… now I am not really sure if I was lucid, so again… I can not really make this one count for my wings. But I thought I should still post this anyway:

WS and I went to see the movie Inception last night. I had this vague recall of my dream as Pebble (our infant daughter) woke me up in the middle of the night… I am waking up on the third level up to the second level. I know it’s important to time the ‘kick’ and wake up into the next level and this takes a lot of my concentration. I manage to do so all the way through to waking up in the real world… which I then promptly forgot the content of the dreams on the other levels as I was more concerned with waking up on all the other levels at the same time!?![/spoiler]

well done everyone who succeeded! I’ll give out wings later today and will also post the new Quest then :content:

Can i still enter mine? :grin:

[spoiler]A well known book character enters the cargo room. He is also a stowaway. I remember the LD4all post from 10 years ago, and a quest i want to do, and walk up to the DC to enter “his dream”. It takes courage even if i am lucid, because he is an elf that is taller than me and makes a very powerful impression.

The dream jumps in a way, and i am the elf. I have come as far as i could go…i have an idea that all my energy is used up, and sneaking away on this ship is a last, desperate chance to either die or see my family again. I am still with him as a “voice” inside the mind. I “whisper” to him about how he can just as well expose himself to whoever he run away from in the first place, because there is nothing left to do anyway. The DC is so exhausted that he listens surprisingly easy.

I am the DC again and feel completely numb while i walk towards a door. It opens into an empty room. I sink down on the floor, and sit covering my face while somebody appears from behind. It seems to take ages waiting, but i know that it is only seconds. The unseen DC touches the book character, he starts crying and they hug. I wonder if they are close family. None of them notice me, and i like that.[/spoiler]

the above one completed the “enter a DC’s dream” challenge

[spoiler]-FiXato, i, and a couple of DCs are trapped in some kind of industrial building. There is loud noise from outside, and i have a feeling that it comes from battle. The air smells bad, like smoke and rotting garbage. The building’s floor and ceiling look like they are made from Carcassonne tiles.

After it finally gets quiet, i notice that it starts to rain. The rain feels like an incredible relief. It smells sweetly, and makes me sure that everything is ok and the crisis is over. We run outside in the rain and i dance happily, looking up at the sky and singing. At the same time, i slowly realise that it is a “made up story” we are in. I tell FiXato. He smiles, but is very curious about the rain. I try to convince him completely of how the rain is 100% positive. We agree to enter a lucid dream together, so i can show him, in “Inception” style.

We come out in green grass, on a hill close to high mountains. I remember now that this is really a dream, and smile at the “false lucidity” in the previous dream. It is very funny to me that i entered a “more real” LD when i pretended to enter a “more fictional” dream.

We start walking towards the mountains. The sun is high, and will soon disappear behind the mountain tops. I remember walking here in several earlier dreams, and tell FiXato that there should be a rangers’ cabin before we cross the tree limit, and an astronomical observatory where the path start to climb the mountain side with steep bends.

A stag jumps across the road ahead of us, out of the forest. We stop to see if deer are following, and hold each other while standing still. It feels like we have all the time in the world. This scene is so vivid, and so relaxing…we stand like this for a long time before something wakes me up.[/spoiler] Again i tried to go “a level down” but instead went “up”

and finally this, which was a normal dream about a stuck idea

[spoiler]-We are still on vacation, somewhere. I know that my mother has had cancer for three years, and that she is hiding the fact from the rest of the family. I can’t remember how i found out this, and i can’t find any evidence of it in the “medicine closet” or any other place in the house. Nobody else seem to know, apart from my mother, and my father. I remember a comment my father made in real life, and it all makes perfect sense to me.

This false memory or idea was very persistent after i woke up[/spoiler]