LD4all Quest 89: February: Home

LD4all Quest 89: February: Home!
Author: Rhewin; Suggested by: Ian1

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Have you ever seen your own home in a dream? How about in a lucid dream? This month, try to find your RL home in a lucid dream. House, apartment, whatever. Just try to find the place you call home.

Now, being a lucid dream, there’s a lot more to it than just home. Buildings have a way of being changed in dreams, so try to find the difference. Never notice that door in the corner of the hallway? I think it’s about time to see where it leads.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Become lucid
  • Find your home
  • Explore around to find any differences
  • See where the new additions might lead
  • Optional: Make changes to the house yourself.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • As you do your lucid dream incubation, picture your home.
  • Imagine yourself exploring your home.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding your home, try opening a door or turning a corner and expect it to be there.

Good luck, and happy lucids! :tardis:

So that could be my old family home. I think I have a chance of completing another LD4all quest. :smile:

I attempted the task but wouldn’t mind trying again to see what else would happen. This time I think it would be more interesting to explore the home I live in now. It’s something I have done a number of times in NDs.The dream in in my DJ.

Challenge accepted :happy:

I am really having an hard time to become a lucid dreamer. Maybe this nice idea of dream quests may work as a boost to have some. Congratulations for such a wonderful website/forum filled with really nice ideas :smile:

What sort of things are required to complete this quest? 1 lucid dream, 2 … ?

  1. Be lucid
  2. Dream of home
  3. Consider that you have completed the task.
  4. Post that you have managed to do it in this topic before time runs out.

Posting the dream either here or in dream journal forum. :smile:

So I think I completed this quest, but maybe I’m wrong. I woke up in my bedroom, and eventually made my way to my bathroom while lucid the other night. Nothing was different though, save for a possible difference in wall texture. Thus, if something has to be different, then I didn’t complete it, but if you just had to explore your home while lucid, then I did.

There don’t have to be changes, the main point is to explore the house. If you feel satisfied with how the LD went then you’re fine :content:

Yep, then I guess I completed the Quest this month :partying_face: .

I think I’ll be giving this a go. I often dream of my houses, (is it sad I think of my previous house more of a home than the one I have been living in nearly 15 years?) and that usually triggers my lucidity.

I had two different LDs this week that took place at home. The usual lucid changes were present, such as larger rooms, but my front and back yard had a notable change as well; they lacked the ridiculous amount of snow that fell here in waking life. I also checked inside my shed to see it filled with things I don’t own, and my address was different than it is in waking life.

As expected, I completed the Quest while the LC was not running, so it’s now time to not have another lucid dream at home until the next Quest is live. :tongue:

I will create a dream journal with the full dream shortly, but to summarise: the dream started off in my bed room as a false awakening, as is usually the case, the lamp failed to work triggering lucidity.

Once my initial annoyance abated, I remembered about this quest, after surveying the scene I made my way to the door, on walking through it I find myself in a completely different house. My old house. After some minor exploring, I started to lose lucidity, but I certainly feel I completed this one. :smile:

DJ added

Well, last night I was at home, and was looking around. There was a fireplace-like area on the wall in our front room. It’s something that our grandparents actually have…
So… naturally. I climbed in…
It led up, then into the wall, and through some crawling, I came across a brick wall that swung open, into another crawl-space. When I reached the exit, I climbed out, and there appeared to be a large room that was like a church chapel, where a ceremony was taking place.
I joined in, and sat down on one of the benches, and the person at the front, came to me, saying that they had never seen me before. They seemed a bit opposing to my presence, so I said that I was invited by a friend. His response was that he had asked around, and no one had seemed to have seen me before.
I said something about a loyalty, though I don’t remember the exact words. It was more of a guise on my end, and he calmed down and accepted my presence, returning to the front of the chapel.

I got up, and left the chapel room, to find that it was connected to the stairway door in my grandparents house. I usually don’t find anomalies like this. So this was rather unique. Usually real life places in my dreams are significantly identical. I think this was rather interesting :content: I’d like to say I completed the quest.

Sounds good. I’m in a dry spell so Ill see if I can manage to incubate a lucid dream :cool: First attempt tonight!

I have almost succeeded this one, actually feeling bad because I was really close.

I managed to incubate an FA but I lost lucidity close enough. Still interesting, my house got different 3 times, changing layout and finally becoming an apartment, that was crazy.

Good luck to all others.

Had a normal dream, a false awakening at my house, but I was not lucid :smile: I also went to a sandwich shop that claimed it was in San Francisco, but it wasn’t. so disappointing …

I’m trying to use a reality check to incubate my lucid dream, but it might not work fast enough.

Just before I wake up, I know I’m dreaming but everything is black so I try think of a white sandy beach but, eventually, I just roll and I’m lucid in my bedroom. The first thing I notice is my little brothers bed is no longer a bunk bed just normal, I telepathically move it into the corner of my room. I look out the window and my estate is normal apart from the fact that there is crystal blue water and white sand half way up the estate ! I leave my bedroom and go into my parents room . There’s no bed here and there’s maths equations all over the walls. I go to the mirror and it shatters in front of me leaving behind glass words but I don’t stay to read them . I jump downstairs and go out the front door and the dream goes on a bit longer but that was the main part in my house. I also notice all the door handles were on the oposite sides :look:

I completed the Quest last night. I ran into my old house, and once I was in I found myself in my newest apartment. The rest seemed normal except for a hot tub XD.

The Quest will be updated shortly guys, post any last minute dreams now!

I had a lucid dream during February in which I was in my house, and found a room which doesn’t exist IRL: