LDing buddy

I have found that the hardest part of lucid dreaming for me is staying committed to it for a long enough period of time to see good results. I’ve always tried to get friends of mine to try LDing at the same time as me, but they were never into it much either. So I’d like to find someone on here who can be my “LDing buddy”, who can encourage me to keep up with LDing and who I can do the same with in return. This would greatly help me get into it, and I’d appreciate anyone who’s willing to try it.

I’d be happy to help. I need the motivation too lol
Or it might be even more motivating to make a group of LD buddies to converse with. An LD buddy ARMY! … too far out of context? ok…
But hey, everyone on here is your LD buddy :cool:

No, it isn’t really out of context. The more people the better. I’m just not sure how to make the group. Maybe we could just post updates in this thread.

SIMPLE ANSWER: We’re all your buddy, man! Everyone on LD4All. Ask us anything you want! Tell us anything you want! We’re here for you, buddy!

In other news, I’d love to help. You could start a thread for putting up posts about your adventures (or links to DJs would be better) and it would last. We could also use the IRC client built into the site (take a peak in the upper left!) or you could use your own and you can chat with the LDers currently in the channel. (OMG! A real person! :woo: ) You can ask questions about your dreams, about dreams in general, about how to have lucid dreams, about what you did today, about what you did yesterday, about what you did three years ago, about what you’ll do tomorrow, about what you’ll do next in your dreams, about what you wish would happen, about what’s going to happen, about your goals as a lucid dreamer, about tomorrow’s goals…

You get the picture. :wink: Whatever you decide, let us know, alright?

Right now I’m just trying to stay committed to writing in a dream journal every night. I already know a lot of stuff about LDing; I just need to stay committed enough to writing in my dream journal to start to really develop my skills. I’ve only ever really written in my dream journal about four consecutive days; I usually just stop trying after that.
I just wrote in my DJ this morning, and I hope to continue that. I think in here I’ll just post about my progress with LDing and my commitment to it. I have a nice organized DJ on my computer, and I don’t really care to put it on LD4all, but I’ll definitely talk about my progress here.
So, my progress: I had a 260 word dream journal entry today, which ended up being two paragraphs. I felt, though, that there was a lot more to my dream than what I remembered, and I hope to improve my recall soon.

I’d love to be your LD buddy! :colgate:

Yay another LD buddy! Welcome to the club EmceeLew
Okapis Rule, I have the same problem. It’s hard to get motivated to write in the DJ if I have to get up and go somewhere. I do remember my dreams but I usually don’t bother to write them unless it was a particularly interesting dream, or a LD. For the past 2 weeks I’d say i’ve only written about 6 entries.
In other news, RCing is starting to become a habit now.

I think I’m in the same boat as you and maybe some others here, I know a decent amount about dreaming and lucidity and I’ve been on this site on and off for years, but keep finding it hard to stay real comitted to my dream journal and the entries, I always tend to trail off and forget about it. Dreaming groups that people form here could be helpful to members, especially for newcomers to help ease them in, and I’m in favor.

i’d like to join :tongue: my ld rate is really low (around 3/month) right now im working on my own techniques and i’d like to keep the updates somewhere :happy: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I just regained my motivation for LD like between 1-2 weeks ago. Working on my Dream Recall, which is pretty decent. For a week now I’ve got 1 dream per night with good details, except one where I couldn’t sleep at all.
This night I remembered a short dream where I only remembered two details and then I took some Choline Bitartrate and went to sleep again and when I woke up I could remember lots of detail from a long sweet dream where I was in L.A (Don’t even know what L.A looks like, but I told myself in the dream I was in L.A, so yeah lol).

When I write in my DJ I mostly use keywords, it’s easy for me to remember a lot of details when I look at just one sentence of a dream, I just need that little reminder. Keywords also makes it a lot easier to write down a dream when I wake up in the middle of the night and I really just want to sleep.

Clickie -> Lucid Buddy :tongue:

That was a pairing up topic where one buddy could let the other down. A small group is a much better and practical option :thumbs:

The last post there is March of 2011; I’m not going to be a necromancer.
Anyway, last night I remembered some tidbits from three different dreams, but I didn’t remember enough of any of them to be able to record them. It’s probably because I went to sleep too late last night; I’ll try to go to sleep at more decent times in the future.
How did you guys do last night?

Sounds really great, i could be a LD buddy, since all my friends are like that too and also claim that they don’t dream. :shy:


On dream recall, I do strongly recommend working on it! One thing that you can try (and for me it was a lot more fun and motivating than it sounds) is challenging yourself to write more and more. Try to beat your own record! I got up to 6 or 7 pages in my DJ once (typing, writing on paper bores me too quickly :tongue:). It’s important to write every tiny little thing down. You saw a house in your dream? Don’t just write “I see a house”, instead try “I see a big white house with a weird looking roof. There are 4 windows, one is broken. There’s orange smoke coming out of the chimney and I hear people laughing inside”. Try to write as much as possible without lying. I used to write many “I think” or “I’m not sure”, nothing wrong with that. Just writing down vague impressions of memories help too. I got to a point that I would get bored in the afternoon and look through the DJ post I’d made in the morning, adding new things I’d remember (or sometimes just more detailed descriptions). If anyone is interested, take a look at the few pages of my last DJ and you’ll see. I swear I never had so much fun with my DJ as in those pages!

As for LD buddy, I think it’s a great idea. I wish I had friends interested too!

:wave: can anyone try this?

after WBTB try laying down and try to sleep, just sleep as you normally do, keep yourself a bit awake counting silently in your mind, then at somepoint your mind will drift away into a daydream, when you realize you are daydreaming without control, pretend that is a real dream and act and try to feel it as if it was lucid, its important to let your mind do the work and build the dream and objects, if you pop out of the daydream once you realize you are day dreaming, just relax your mind, and let the picture of your daydream come alone, do reality checks and try to explore that tough in 3 dimentions, interact with the scene, touch things etc, try to not wake up your mind while doing it, it’s normal to lose consciousness just try to get back on what you were doing, and keep doing it as you fall asleep, the day dreams will get everytime more vivid, it’s easy fall asleep without consciousness at this point.
i have had a lot of vivid dreams doing it, and 3 lucid dreams, i just really don’t know if it really works for everyone, can anyone try it? i might write a tutorial later :write: , meanwhile i really need to know if it works for anyone else, im still working and improving the technique. :woot:

the idea of this is making a faster way to wild, based on a normal dream process via daydreaming, putting sleep paralysis away, hope it works for somebody :grin:

That sounds great; I’ll definitely try it. I’ll tell you my results if and when I get them.

I should be in bed right now but i’m caught up on trying to learn how to play “time” by Hans Zimmer on the piano :smile: regardless, I know we all try to motivate each other to improve dream recall, keep at RC, and write in our DJ to increase our chances of having a LD. I particularly need to find my own specific RC to work best for me. I have had about 4 LD in my life but haven’t had one in a year… as you can tell not only do I really want one but I am frustrated, too. no good! Should we just keep talking on this Lding Buddy topic to each other? or should we all contact each other in some other specific way!

Last night I had a good dream. Got some good recall on it. DJ link in description. (Same for all future posts.) And as to staying motivated and keeping up with the DJing, my longest streak was about a month and a half. I picked this new streak up on the 12th of this month and I intend to take this streak into a permanent action.

I keep telling myself, this is it! This is the time I succeed!

Also while we’re all buddies here, I had an awesome fantastic idea for a super cool Java program for Lucid dreaming. It’s still an idea I’m mulling over and it’ll be a while before I ever implement it, but… the main theme is Lucid Group. Basically, it would be an app where LDers could link there computers together and share their journals. I know, I know there’s a DJ section on the site (I use it :tongue:), but the app would also include a chat program for onliners (IRC I know…) and any other features I could come up with. Basically, it would be to streamline grouping with members. Making it easier. You could be entering a new entry and friend a sends you a message. You know? It’s still an idea, but if I ever start making it into real software I’ll be sure to put up a thread.

Well enough mulling the idea on the forums, have a good night all! I’m off to WILD.

Hey everyone. Had a crazy dream last night where I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear and I ended up running late for something. A shame I didn’t do my typical RC of checking my clothes >.> I guess being stressed or rushed is very distracting :eh:
I’m thinking I might start a DJ on here. I get the feeling it might help since I don’t always write in my DJ next to my bed, yet I come on here almost every day >.<
Just a quick question, have any of you had results with VILD?

You know, I have had exactly one success with VILD and it was before I knew about LDing and had a real interest in it.

I was on the bus to school one morning and I was working on this idea for some game I wanted to make. I kept playing the idea for a cutscene in my head over and over, and then I woke up at school realizing I had just dreamt my game cinematic! In retrospect, it was awesome!!!

And now to the progress update:

Not much recall last night, but I did record a dream. Also not much luck with the WILD attempts, but I’ll never quit! Optimism is key!