the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 70

[title]This is Part 70 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic.[/title]

The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.

Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

(please remember to not carry on long chatspeak conversations in here, we have a wonderful private message system, chatroom and playground for that :thumbs: ) :moogle: [/mod]

:wave: hello Randomdreamer, A_Dream_That_Never_Was and AstralLucid, welcome to LD4all

oops :shy: by moving your other post into here I created a double post Randomdreamer :help: There is a small group that formed a small buddy group, just post in the topic and join in LDing buddy

If you really just want a one on one just pm someone who you have interacted with on a few topics. :smile: or visit our chat and get to know a few members in there.

And pasQuale will be happy that you got here through the youtube videos :yay:

A_Dream_That_Never_Was, I’m sure you will really enjoy your time here. There are lots of interesting topics that you can post in. :user:

:welcome: AstralLucid … not quite the right place but I just moved you across to here :wink: The monthly lucid quest may be the place to start. It will give you a goal to do in your next LD :grin: you can find it in the lucid adventures forum. :content:

Yeah, I am familiar with these tasks… however, the Olympics do not motivate me that much. So I will dream about winning something to get the task done and then, mess up the Olympics or something, LOL.

:rofl: sounds like a plan :grin:

Hey everyone I am Kate, I am 17 and have been dreaming for a while. I have had about 20 lucid dreams which were mainly MILDs and I hope to have more success with DEILDs. I have spoken to a few of you in chat but I hope to get involved in the forum :smile:

Welcome welcome Katey :happy:

:music: welcome

hey every one,new here,but not new to lucid dreaming,hope to have some good time around here

Hello everyone, and I am DrCalciumToad! I have known what lucid dreaming is for a while, but used to be scared of it when I was young because “Having multiple fingers” or “Scary images in the mirror” or “Being stuck in the dream world.” scared me greatly. But gladly, I found interest in lucid dreaming again and now I actually look forward to getting one, contrary to being scared of one and doing everything I could to avoid one.

I started doing lucid dreaming technique stuff just 3 days ago. (I also found out about this website 3 days ago.) I did things like dream journals, reality checks, I tried doing WILD once and succeeded but only experienced SP in which I woke up (because people around me were noisy [And no, nothing strange happened. I just felt… weird. Something like “I’m in SP!! Cool! Let me go back to sleep.” I could’ve gone into a lucid dream, but I forgot at that moment. :neutral: ]).

SPOILER - Click to view

However, just today, I was close to actually getting into a lucid dream. In my dream, I kept falling down (playfully, non-seriously, or just-for-fun.) and then I suddenly realized that I wasn’t feeling any pain. Despite knowing this, I just felt that something was not right in my dream, but I never reached the conclusion: “I’m in a dream!!!” :sad: But I’m still glad I was at least some more steps closer to lucid dreaming!

Sorry for the long post that was supposed to be an introduction (And introductions are usually short and to-the-point :content: ). I look forward to having a great time on the forums and the chat as well! I already spent hours just reading about lucid dreaming each day here!


P.S: I’m not really a doctor. XD
P.P.S: And I apologize in advance if I “scared you” :wink: with my adjectives and adverbs D: . I like to describe things with detail, lol.

Welcome darkness oneironaut and DrCalciumToad :happy:

*Faith sends y’all lucid luck :happy:

Hello! I am new here and have been researching lucid dreaming for a while. Unfortunately all of my attempts have been unsucessful :sad: But I have joined this forum to gain more inspiration and help :smile:

Hey guys ! Im a 16 year old girl, name’s Sanna. Im from Sweden so my english may not be very good, but hopefully u’ll understand me x)) I have been having these dreams where I ve been aware that Im dreaming, but I can’t really control anything in them but my self, which is why Im scared of having such dreams. I feel terrified n since I barely can tell the difference between the dreams and reality I feel like I might aswell get stuck in this creepy dream-world. Also, I dont know anything about lucid dreaming or techniques to do it, so maybe that’s why I was so afraid when I first started experiencing this. Before I go in to that stage of dreaming my head always feels very heavy and my mind often start spinning, but at the same time I can think very clearly. But the … ehm… line between being awake and what I think is lucid dreaming is so very small I barely notice when Im actually dreaming. The dreams Im having often take place in the exact room Im in in that moment and sometimes the people living in the same house also shows up in my dream. Another reason why I find it hard to separate dream from reality ! When I’ve noticed im lucid dreaming I get very stressed out because its something im not used to or comfortable with. Im trying to wake myself up as soon as possible by talking to myself , tryin to force my eyelids to open or touching something around me. Im basically trying to get back to my body and conscience . After a while I wake up, refusing to fall back to sleep, scared of getting in the same sitaution… I need help ! I want to either prevent the dreams from happening or learn how to control them and make me feel secure while in it. Eitherway, I want to learn about them and Ill be happy for any tips u can give me really thank you for reading, ill try to go back to sleep soon xD /Sanna (I wrote this in an own topic too, so sorry for the long context . I just really want someone to reply to me…)

Hello, hello, hello. My name on this is DJSontar, and my name in real life is Nikola Kantarovski. If one of you randoms gets the joke behind my name, then I love you, and want your babies to grow inside me. I’m 16, going on 17, and I have known about lucid dreaming for a long while, and it has interested me to no end. I have singificant trouble entering WILDs and I have little-to-no dream recall, which makes DILDs particularly difficult. I am working on this, and I hope that through this website I can start several correspondences that can help me through my frustration and get me started in the world of lucidity! ^.^

Hey I am new here, well acctually not that new :smile:
I registered years ago here, but never posted anything. Then forget my Username and was really surprised when I couldnt register with my email :happy:
I started to get interessted in LD again, and began to read books about it as well, thats why I joined this community again, but this time I am going to active member! :cool:

Munsch is my name (Not really), I am a male individual, 23 years old and from Germany (HH).

Currently I have a big problem, from one day to another my dream recall droped to ZERO!!! :help:

Hey DJSontar, does it have something todo with Doctor Who???
Do you love me now??? :tongue:

Hi all,

I’m new here :smile: Looking forward to getting started and hopefully refine my LDing skills! I’ve experimented a bit in the past but never with much success so hopefully I can change that here!

Hey there LD4all! I’ve been lurking around the site for awhile now so I’ve decided to join. This seems like a decent and laid back community. ^-^ Well to get things started out. Let me introduce my self. My name is Truth. I am into dreams, especially lucid dreaming. I like playing video games and I like watching anime. I have allot of anime to choose from but I don’t feel like listing the entire list here. XD I’ve been into the whole lucid dreaming subject for awhile now. I am an ex member of Dreamviews. And I wanted to come along to a decent out going community. :smile: I hope I’ll get along with the members here. Glad to meet you all. :grin:


I got sucked in pretty quickly. One day I discover this site, the next I get a DJ, then I make an account here.

I am very interested in philosophy, particularly on human nature. I am also an atheist (agnostic, but I believe it is impossible for the Biblical God to exist), just saying so I can spare you guys any awkward moments if someone says that I got a message from God in my dreams.

Other than that, I am a Junior in High School who is known as the quiet smart kid that seems to get everything right. At home I rip off my shirt and become SUPER-GAMER, playing Minecraft and Starcraft obsessively. Unfortunately that means I have to buy a lot of new clothing. And no, I don’t wear tights while playing.

Oh, and I’m also a brony, a previously hyper-addicted Pokemon fan (it’s all I would talk about 5-7 years ago), and an anime fan. So yeah, I’m your typical nerd/geek. Take your pick, I won’t hate you (much) if you choose nerd.

Hi everybody,

I’m very new to the concept and practice of lucid dreams, I learned about them quite a while ago but found no natural way to have them. Now i’ve started a DJ and am working my way towards a LD. I’ve only had a DJ for one day but in the 24 hours i’ve had it I have managed to successfully remember one of my dreams, which I don’t usually do naturally, so hopefully thats the start of a successful journey towards many LDs. My first aim is to achieve a lucid dream as quick as possible, though I do understand that it’ll take a lot of patience and, although that wouldn’t be a word i’d use to describe myself, am prepared to try for as long as it takes.

Really looking forward to talking with you all.

Hi, I’m new here!

I am here for giving and getting information about LD’s. I’m 14 years old and male. If you want or need any other information. I didn’t notice in my profile, you can ask me. :happy:

Hey !

I’m a 16 years old boy, and I’m here to have my first LD’s !
Hope this is gonna be fun :happy:
Also I apologize for the mistakes, I’m a french guy :wink:
I’m really excited to meet the dreamers community !

Welcome to all the newcomers :welcome:

Make sure you check out the FAQ’s and Tutorials section, as well as the Article Space. Great info to be found there!

If you have questions about getting lucidity, be sure to visit us in the Quest for Lucidity. Otherwise, we’ll see you around :content: