the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 69

This is Part 69 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic.

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Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

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Hi there everybody! :content:

I’m 17 and I’ve had 2 LDs a long time ago,unfortunately,at the time,I didn’t know,that I can control almost everything in my dreams :ack: , so I just made the fear go away and then I was like "Whoa,that was easy,now let’s get out of here before he appears again :nuu: ", then I quit the dream (both of them were nightmares,but weren’t appeared again since).

I found LD4all yesterday and read the Guide section instantly.I found the community here and LDing both awesome so I said : "Let’s get into it :yay: ". Last night,I tried MILD but I failed (maybe because I was so sleepy :sleep: ),but tonight,I will try again.

Good luck with LDing :dream:


Hello. I’ve just recently joined this forum.

As far as lucid dreaming goes I manage the feat of being a complete novice while it is still old news to me. I first heard about WILD about five years ago, reading about it in a book about astral projection (aka OOBEs). I’d ended up reading a bit more about it, persuading me eventually to try. I’ve been in the habit of reality checks for about a year, and my dream journal is approaching the two month mark.

But you could say I’ve only really been “serious” for the past few days, learning more, applying techniques like MILD, and so on. With success and maybe a bit of luck I will be around in this community for the long run.

Other than that I can’t think of much to say about myself. Probably for the best, as I’m posting this from a device not predisposed to typing. I look forward to getting to know you all. :content:

Hey there

My name is Bernardo i’m 17, i’ve discovered the Lucid Dreams topic today, through 9gag, and i’ve been very interested in trying it. Despite my interest, i’ve been scared that instead of having a Lucing Dream by the WILD method, i end up in sleep paralysis and panic, i’ve read some bad expriments during sleep paralysis that i would not like to go through. But i’ve been in a doubt, during the time you’re doing WILD method, you can be induced in sleep paralysis? I didn’t fully understand how you enter it.

hai, I’m new here!
well, before I entered this forum I knew nothing about Lucid dreaming, and now, 4 days later I had my first lucid dream.
is that normal? lol. i’ve been wondering it for quite some time.
anyways, heey there comunity guys!

Hello fellow dreamers,

My name is Ashley, and I live to dream. Primarily, because my “reality” has always been unsatisfying. I do, however, believe that we can make positive changes in this realm through our dreams. I believe that I have achieved a sense of lucidity in one dreams, but have not yet maintained a discipline to practice at will. I hope to find like-minded individuals to befriend, discuss, and hopefully share dreams with.
Be blessed everyone.


My name is Magnus, I’m a fifteen year old boy from a cold country up in the north called Norway! I found out about LD4all through a youtuber called ‘gizedwards’, and I first learned what lucid dreaming was through a Norwegian forum. I haven’t achieved a proper, medium length lucid dream, though I have been aware I was dreaming for aproximatively 10 seconds in a dream. It was a false awakening, and my room was pitch black, so I didn’t get to do anything productive within the sixst of a minute I was lucid…

In my spare time, I enjoy drinking coffee, hanging with friends and taking taekwondo classes. In the past month I’ve been mildly depressed because my relationship with the only girl I can honestly say I ever loved went head first down the crapper, and my personality has been quite unentertaining, but I’ve noticed a lot more positive tought pattern the last few days, and I’m pretty sure this girl that once meant the world to me will be digested and out of my system soon!
I have a craving need to help depressant friends and friends who argue with each other. That’s maybe why I’m considering being a pshycologist later in my life… I want to help people with mental problems.

That’s enough about me. If there’s anything about me you’re wondering about, or you just feel like saying hello and have a chat, please send me a PM and I’ll answer without hesitating. Meeting new friends is always a plesant experience, wether it’s on the internet or in real life. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to be on this forum! :smile:

(Sorry if this message is filled with stupid typo’s. I’m writing this from my iPhone)

Oh wow, :welcome: a full page of new members!

Welcome Pwnchor, SP Ninja, bernardo25, Cacuu, dream2dream and Maglii!

Pwnchor and Maglii I hope you succeed again, it’s easier when you already know the feeling of being lucid.
Cacuu no it’s not normal, probably you were too excited and the excitement acted as a MILD.
dream2dream good luck, tell us about your successes.
SP Ninja and bernardo25, I believe you will learn a lot, we have a huge knowledge base here.

Hello everyone!

My name is Fran. I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a while now, but never really tried it or really knew how to get into the lucid dreamign world. Now i discoveres this website and will definitely give it a try. I joined the forum so I could gather information from other people’s experiences.

I’m on my way to become a scientist (an astronomer, to be more specific), and my view of life is pretty much skeptical. I don’t really think of dreams as messages from spiritual worlds or higher beings. I do, however, find them very interesting, and thought I can’t recall much of my latest dreams, I think they might be useful to understan my own mind, the moment I’m going through right now. In this moment my life is very… weird, so I would like to become more aware of my dreams, see if the anwsers to the questions on my mind show clearer in dreams than in my waking life. And, of course, I’m really looking forward to fly through the galaxy! :wink:

Hopefully my quest for lucid dreaming will work and this forum will be useful. I’ll probably will be reading a lot, and then sharing my experiences.

Nice to meet you all!

I’m a 21 year old student, studying in London this October…

I’ve been dreaming since I was a young child with a combination of nightmares, LDs, and normal dreams.

I have a good memory of what generally happened in those dreams as well as the shapes, and forms but the specifics are lost on me.

I’m glad I found this forum and hopefully I can learn to LD, and improve myself, as well as battling out some personal demons :smile:

Andrew :grin:

Hi everybody !

I’m a 17 years-old French girl, and I’m completely new to Lucid Dreaming, so I haven’t had a lucid dream yet. However my dream recall has improved exponentially since I began trying to have one.
Now I hope I’ll be able to get lucid in a near future, though I read that it could take some time. Well, I’ll be patient.

I’m not really good introducing myself, so I’ll cut short : nice to meet you all, I hope we’ll get along together.

Hi new members.
If you don’t know where to start you should begin by this technique: … r=asc&&sta

Hello Everyone!

I’m a 16 years old mexican student; found out about lucid dreaming thanks to filosophy class and 9gag, been searching about it recently and stumbled with this website and the great expanations and guides, I’ve had just 1 lucid dream loong time ago in a nightmare (which made me conquer it pretty good :grin: and since 3 days I’ve been practicing to get into lucid dreaming, a little success in getting close to it :wink:

I hope lucid dreams turn out as good as I think they’ll probably be. Glad to meet everyone! I’m sure we’ll get along fine :happy:

Welcome Trozte :welcome:

Lucid dreams are exactly as awesome as you can imagine them to be. I mean that literally; your imagination is the only limit. :content: There is no shortage of inspiration in Lucid Adventures, either.

Welcome also to all other new members :smile:

Hi, I’m a 21 year old Australian guy who stumbled onto lucid dreaming just a few days ago. Reading into a little I decided I might as well give it a go despite remembering only one dream in my whole life. After just three nights I am shocked at myself for not only realizing I actually dream but for actually remembering bits of what happened in them.

By using just a couple of the techniques, primarily MILD so far, I have had a FA, two very brief and heavily fragmented FLD 's and one ND in which I was attempting to fulfill a goal I had set.

I also managed to experience both SP and Hypnagogia Hallucinations on separate nights.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on the site over the last few days and apparently the more you think of dreaming during the day, the more likely you are to remember them. So here I am.

I’d enjoy to be able to talk to other people also exploring LD’s and maybe share some experiences or techniques, anything to get myself thinking more about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a true LD soon.

Also, I’ve been wondering where I should post next? I don’t really have much insight yet so many topics seem out of reach. Maybe I should post a DJ, but I dunno if anyone would care to read the brief and fragmented mess that it is so far. Compared to some of the impressive ones I’ve looked at so far.

:welcome: hello TobyT, your own person DJ is a good place to start.
Probably just keep browsing the gen luc, quest and lucid adventures forums and if you see anything you would like to respond to, just post :user:

There is also the sticky first LD topic in the DJ forum for when you experience your first proper LD :spinning:

(Accidently posted this in a new topic before reading here, deleted the old topic and pasted my intro into here)

Hello everyone, guess this is my intro post, for you all to get to know who I am and why I’m here.

So first things first, you can all just called me Nick (irl name) if you want, but any other little nicknames you come up with for me is fine. As my username might suggest, I’m Australian, and proud of it! I’m in a fairly isolated, country part of Australia, and pretty far away from the big smoke. I’m not new to lucid dreaming in the sense of I know what it actually is, and pretty much on how it works. But this is my first time properly giving it a try. My outline of how I’ll go about it really is not to focus on it too much, but just cruise along at my own pace, and see where that gets me. But I’m pretty interested in this whole Lucid Dreaming stuff.

As for about me, I guess I’m into just general stuff like, music, sport, a little bit of drawing. Sport’s probably one of the biggest parts of my life, and I dedicate a lot it. Being Australian, I’m right into my Aussie rules, and I guess I go pretty well at it too. But I’m into pretty much all sport, I like to follow Cricket, Tennis, a bit of NRL (rugby, both league and union) and even NFL (gridiron. New Orleans Saints in the house!). I guess for my music tastes, I’m kind of into it all, but my personal faves are maybe Rap or Dubstep, but I do play guitar and am into drums, so I love my rock too. I’m pretty vague about it, not much fusses me.

I guess that’s it about me, hopefully I get to know you all a bit better, and I get some lucidity going on :wink:

Hi i’m new here and i live in Holland 21 years old and a total lucid noob.
I discovered lucid dreaming just about a week ago on the web.
I rarely have dreams but now i know that i just forget them, so far the dreams i have had i only remember fragments of them.
Like im watching a 10 sec movie thats blurred and im not even in it im just there to watch.
So now my focus is that the bits i remember write them down in my DJ and hope i get more and higher quality dreams before moving on to the lucid part.

In the meantime ill be studying this forum for techniques and the experiences from other people hope to learn much :smile: sorry for bad english greets Nalau

Hi, I’m new here I guess. I didn’t see this topic at first which is why I’m just posting now. I learned about LD ing 7 years ago, and haven’t had an LD yet!

I’m new as well, and have just discovered this great website.
I’m a 18 years old guy from Holland, and I am completely new to lucid dreaming.
This morning I started with a Dream Journal, and I could only remember a few fragments, but I have faith it will get better soon. It just takes time and patience.

And this forum is great! Very friendly people here, and a very good atmosphere. I think I’m going to like it here!

Hi there! Guess what? I’m new here on the forum… but I’m not new to LDs!

I’ve been studying this subject for a while and have managed to become lucid in a couple of dreams. I even had one shared dream and one precognitive dream to add to the list.

I live in Barcelona and I’m happy to become a part of this community. I hope to find plenty of information and tips.

Dream on