the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 70

Hi everyone!

I’m a French student, in “collège”, I guess it’s medium school in english? I’ve been doing soccer a few years ago, but after getting so many colds because of jumping in the dirt, I saw that I could do something better, so I started guitar three years ago, my true passion! My username is the title of ZZ Top last album, a great Texas band.

I think I’ve done my first lucid dream about one year ago, but I didn’t really know what it was. It’s when I’ve read an article in a magazine a few weeks after, that I realized what exactly was this dream. At that time I was like “Wow, lucid dreaming seems so cool!”, but nothing more, I was quite lazy to start training.

Now I’m having up to 8 hours of class a day, way too much for me. I would like to work on those LD’s (had some randomly last week), so at night, I could “escape” of this fast work rate, while I rest. This is the reason I subscribed today!

I read a few posts on this forums, it seems nice, the mods fair and sympathetic, and the community seems mature.

By the way, apologize for the “random” english, don’t hesitate to correct me if needed!

See you! :wink:

Hi dreamers!

I finally signed up here after recently having my first, proper LD experience, and being a bit inspired while participating in the Psiberdreaming conference. Dreams have been a centrally significant part of my living experience since I can remember, and I have always had strong dreams which have guided, healed, inspired, entertained, comforted, and enlivened me. I began keeping journals in 1991 purely to document the amazing experiences and places, but later learned the value of journals for their self-reflective benefits. For some reason, I only experienced a handful of OBE’s or LD’s throughout all these years (much to my frustration!), so I am overjoyed that this breakthrough occurred last week. I am grateful for all the efforts put into sharing information here, and look forward to interacting a little more when I find some grounding here.

I’m always happy to discuss dreams and share more of my journey with them, so feel free to ask or chat :smile:

Blessings to all!

23/Male/U.S.A./LD Novice

Howdy from Oklahoma!
I’m eager to have a great amount of control over my dreams, to remember as many dreams as possible, to recognize that I’m dreaming and become lucid, and to preform WILDs on command. I had a brief LD(completely unintentionally) a while ago and I was stunned by how real it was. I’ve never experienced that before(that I can recall, lmao) and it really blew me away. It wasn’t even anything amazing, I was just in a strange room and stood in one spot and looked around. Mind = Blown. Why don’t more people make a big deal about this?

I hope to continue practicing and one day help others to achieve lucidity. I’m counting on you guys/gals to help me get to that point and I’ll be working diligently towards my goals.

Thank you in advance for helping me to achieve lucidity! :wink:

Hi dreamer !
I’m a Belgian and I don’t speak very well english, but I want become better.
4 months ago, I discovered the lucid dream, and I wanted try it, but in holiday, I forgot my test of reality and alcool didn’t help me to remember my dream…
But I didn’t stop and I work seriously to have my lucid dream.
And 3 days ago, I made my First lucid dream !
It was short, and I was too excited, but I was lucid, and it was beautifull !

Now, I’m really motivated, and I decid to come in LD4all because thats in the french forum that I discover the lucid dream

Sorry for my approximate english, if I make big error, of if I should speak with other word, I’m happy to know it, thanks !

guess I should post here too :3 I was really into lucid dreaming a few years back but then my life kind of became a trainwreck for a while, but I’m doing better now! :smile: so I want to try to get back to doing one of my favorite things^^

Hey everyone who’s new :welcome:

I look forward to seeing you in Quest for Lucidity and around the forum :content:

Well if you are gonna post here too drakey, I might as well do the same :tongue:

Welcome to all y’all new people :colgate:

*Faith snuggles her fox :3

Hello LD4all,
I just discovered your forum a few days ago. I was very very sadden that the French forum has been closed, cause I speak french, of course…
So, I discovered LD’s in a magazine, I rode it around 8 PM and I was so excited about the idea to make one, that I had a LD that night, without knowing HOW to make it. Great chance. I searched deeper then, about LD’s and rode plenty of things about them, like the 2 hours I spent on Wikipedia :rofl:
But I didn’t found anything interesting. Then, I searched on google and discovered this amazing community : I learned, I think, a lot quickly, and I hope I’ll make other LD.
Sorry if my English isn’t great, I don’t see every mistakes I make.

Nice to meet you! (I’d try to speak in French, but my French is worse than your English… It’d be terrible… :razz:)

Had an LD? On your first night? Accidentally? Congratulations!

And finally, welcome to LD4All! I hope you enjoy!

(PS: The French forums were closed? :open_mouth: )

EDIT: You can still read the French forums if you want. You’ll just have to ask your questions here. All in all, this makes me want to learn French so I can help out. :razz: Of course… I also want to learn some more Spanish as well as pick up Japanese, Swedish, Greek, Italian, French, … So yeah… When I get to it. :tongue:

Hi to all,
I am new here.I was trying to understand my dreams and I’ve read lots of articles then I came to know about this forum. I’d a lucid dream last night and it was my first time. I just want to know more about it.


While I’ve known about this forum for awhile (almost a year or so), I finally made an account here for the purpose to work on and maybe ask a few questions about CALC. Besides that, I thought it would be nice to join a forum in an attempt to meet a few people.

But yeah, nothing much about me. The only unique things about me is that I enjoy listening to Italo Disco and I’m a big fan of sciecnce fiction (especially ones from the 80s or are cyberpunk-themed). I also enjoy both manga and anime but it would take me an hour to explain what I mean.

Hello! I’m new here!

I first learned about the existence of Lucid Dreaming a little over a decade ago and was immediately fascinated. However since the fruits of my labour trying to learn this new skill were few and far apart I more or less gave up hope.

I originally learned about Lucid Dreaming when my interest in esoterica prompted me to pick up a book on OOBE. Through the years I’ve had a few, very short, Lucid Dreams, with little control over what’s going on or of the setting of the dream. With practice I hope that will change.

I’ve decided to become a member rather than a lurker on this community to try and help keep me motivated. We’ll see how long lived my presence will be, I usually have a hard time with internet forums due to a short attention span and social anxiety disorder, but this seems like a friendly one so I’ll give it a shot.

I’m interested in metaphysics and yoga, spiritual as well as physical well being. I aspire to both, but make no claims of having made any great progress in either field.

I am:

  • A linux person
  • A cat person
  • A rocker
  • and soon… a lucid dreamer

My goals for the coming year include going on a fast (juice or water), deepening my relationship with my GF, learning Lucid Dreaming, advancing my career and learning scales and modes for the guitar.

(Oh, and my real name is Patrik.)

My name is NumlockCube and I’m not new here. I forgot my old profile info so… yeah.


Hi, I’m Charlie (still very much surprised that username was available) and I’m more or less new here. I got started lucid dreaming on LD4all, when I was 12 or so, and if I tried I could probably remember my old login information, but who wants to be connected to the way they were (and especially the way they typed) when they were 12?

I’ve had a lot of lucid dreams over the years since, but recently it’s been a real struggle, so I figured maybe getting involved in the community again could help. :content:

Hello everyone! I’m Felicia :smile: I’m really happy to finally come across something that can help me lucid dream and converse with people that have the same interests as me. I can hardly find people that know and understand the truth like benefits of lucid dreaming and Beyond. I love lucid dreaming because it’s what’s part of what brings me closer to my higher self. Still learning, still gaining knowledge and wisdom needed. Anywho I’m from Lebanon, PA. and I’m spanish but don’t understand most of it or speak it :grin: because English is my primary language. So I’m looking forward to learning what this online community has to offer me.

                                                                   Yours Truly, Felicia ♥[/i]

Welcome (back) NumlockCube, Charlie and luckyandcharmed! /me sends lucid vibes to all of you :dream:

Hi, hello and thank you. I’m here on behalf of myself - no - really.

Hi, I’m new here :smile:

I’ve been practicing LDing for about 6 months, I’m up to 9 now and gradually getting better at it, though I’ve hit a dry spell just now which I’m attributing to a stressful situation in my personal life (and part of why I was learning to LD was to deal with stuff better IRL! That, and I do enjoy the superpowers :wink: ).

I keep coming back to this forum to read articles, stories, look for advice etc, so medium-term lurker deciding to join!

Vital statistics are: I’m Siobhan, I’m from sunny Glasgow, I “think too much”, I never answer my door or my phone, I love gingerbread lattes, i’m newly self-employed, and I my ideal night in is pizza & Final Fantasy 13 <3 (and my ideal night out is an inordinate amount of cocktails & jägerbombs!)

Lovely to meet you all :happy:


I’m not really new there, I had another username a few years ago that i don’t want to use anymore. I was on the french and english LD4all forums. Now the french forum is closed so here I am.
I stopped being interested in my dreams for a while because of personal problems. Now I can say I’m back. :content:

About me : My name is Elodie, I’m French.
I like music (piano singers are my favorite like Sarah McLachlan, Birdy, Skylar Grey… I’m found of acoustic sessions) i like playing the piano and composing music, I like drawing, writing, reading, going to the cinema, looking at fantasy art pictures (my favorite artists are Brian Froud and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) and having lucid dreams of course :smile:

I haven’t posted here in a while, so welcome to everyone I’ve missed!