LDing causes alien abductions (beware!)

I found this article on the BBC news website… Reportedly, all alien abductees (as opposed to ‘normal’ people) “have episodes of apparent sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations.” Now since we LDers know that SP and hallucinations is something we go through every night, the only conclusion we can draw is that we too have all been abducted by aliens. :alien:

So any newbies who aren’t having any luck LDing, my advice would be to flag down the next passing UFO. :wink:



i dont think so sorry sage but your sleep paralysis and hallucinations can only mean one thing. i saw this program on tv it says some people wake up and are still half asleep (literally) so they can see their room as if they were awake but weird dream things happen to it like aliens appear as if they were dreaming, also they are paralised
uhuh i rest my case

well SOMEONE’s a little too serious around here… :bored:

It’s possible these people are experiencing night terrors in the forms of aliens.

Yeah, you wouldn’t belive how many times iv’e been abducted! Oh wait a minute their in the room with me… hold on… no, NO! does the probe have to go in there!? why can’t it go in the nose–ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
j/k :wink:


i once had a lucidish dream where aliens were here and i was fighting with them against these other aliens. (strangely enough the Stargate from Stargate SG-1 & SG-1 were there too.) See it’s real.

now i know it wasn’t a dream it was a memory comming back :smile:

Well if you can trust surveys it seems that millions of americans believe they have been abducted by aliens. For some reason, those aliens are only interested in american people, because here in Europe you never hear about it. But maybe we are the aliens :eh:

I guess if we turn around Sage’s reasoning and make sleep paralysis the cause and those abductions the result, we have a sound theory that will make millions of believers angry :grin:

I’m pretty sure if any of the cultures on earth were aliens either Australians or Japanese would be the aliens.



:lmao: Someone call Mulder and Scully.

I don’t mean to be mean, but YOU IDIOT!!! What they are saying is that alien abductions ARE the hallucinations that the people experience, meaning THEY AREN’t REAL, but only in the persons mind. It’s not that having sleep paralysis causes an alien to fly down and take you, but that sleep paralysis induces hallucinations, and those hallucinations in this case is one of an alien abduction!!


Why take it so seriously? There’s no need for name calling. I got a laugh out of the topic :smile: We’re here to learn and have fun.

We all love Lucidity
If ya don’t wanna be banned, trust me!

Anyway… stop the seriousness this is a sarcastic thread here

Nicely said Infection0. I love the song by the way :smile: lol

Well Mr. Smartguy, how do you explain that after I woke up from my last LD, I was sleeping on my LEFT side? I always sleep on my RIGHT side. The aliens returned me ON THE WRONG SIDE - I rest my case. :neutral:

LMAO sage. Come to think of it, i go to sleep with the covers over me during an LD and when i woke up they were at the foot of the bed. I bet aliens did that too.

nothing to see here, keep walking, there’s nothing to see.

*** censorship. *** totalitarian methods of dealing with disagreement.

They’re on to us! Abort!

The continent of Australia slowly rises from the ocean, hovers for a moment, then blasts into the far reaches of space

one of my friends goes to sleep in a locked room, she always wakes up naked.

seems them aliens don’t know how to put bed clothes on.