LDs being addictive?

Is it possible to have LDs that are so great, and fun that all you want to do is sleep and LD? I am new to this and just want to make sure before I knowingly have a REAL LD. I some what have an addictive personality.

I know this question has been asked before so you might want to try and have a search for it.

But I dont think so, not many people get LD’s that easily, for most people it takes effort and you dont get them that often, of course some people can have them every night but not that many. But they certainly can be great and fun, and as I read from probably the old post, someone said it may inspire you to make your waking life more like your dreams, great and fun.

But I do warn you, you may become addicted to these forums. :grin:

Lol…I am finding myself becoming addicted to the forum. But I think its becuz I have soooooo many questions. And I just wanna kno more.

Hmm, here’s my take on this. It is useless to try to “sleep your life away” becuase of the aloted amount of REM you can experience. But, the addictive personality thing I can both understand and relate to. LD s are the perfect “escape”. I believe that is what they were meant for, both escape and the obvious entertainment. But like dude said, they are a gift, and sometime rare. I have had many, making it easier to grasp with full faith. Hopefully you will find your path, and your niche. Don’t worry about being addictive. Lds can cause your life to be more inspiring. Here is the message I am trying to preach now…


I don’t really know who they is, in that scenario. But check this. You sleep a 1/3 of your life away, you work a 1/3 of your life away, and can potentially die with a 3rd still left if your unhealthy (65 year olds die ALL THE TIME). So where does all this fit it, someitmes it doesn’t but I make it work…

Get healthy, get a career you LOVE, and learn to Lucid dream. GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!

Usually there would be more people on the forums to answer your questions, I think it mostly depends on the time, im also pretty new and not that experienced, but there are plenty of people who know lots and and will have lots of answers to your questions.

You should introduce yourself in the BIG Hi im new here topic, and you will see that everyone is friendly :smile:

Well, i wouldn’t recommend you only LD-ing.
And besides, you may not have LD’s that often.
Some people have few LD’s in only one night, but some have them like once in a year.

Well the thing is really, I have mild depression/severe anxiety. My husband does’nt believe in meds. and couseling. So I am stuck w/ not much to help me. I figured that LD-ing might brighten things up a bit. Or at least help me somehow find my path to not being depressed, and heal myself thru dreaming. Does that sound dumb or crazy?

No, i understand(well, at least some of it :tongue:)

what i’m trying to say is that LD’s are fun at that stuff and you should have LD’s but not all of the time.

Well I am def. looking forward to having sum fun. And if I can at least get even ONE LD on purpose and fully knowing it for longer than a sec. I would be happy probably lol.

Hi and welcome to ld4all :content:

I can relate to what you’re saying.

First of all, without trying to butt into your life or anything, and without trying to simply contradict what your husband thinks (or go off-topic here :happy: ), I feel obligated to at least say I have/had depression and anxiety as well and meds and therapy DID work increadibly well for me. :shy: It’s not my place to tell you what to do, or course, but please just put me on your list of “people who made it with therapy and meds” :content: (feel free to PM me if by any chance you want to talk :shy: )

Ok, I’m sorry. :sad: Now back on topic.

So I do know what it feels to try and escape into dreams! And I have to say the more times I wake up after a great LD the more I feel like getting up and living waking life! LD’ing (for me at least) isn’t a substitue for waking life (even if I try real hard!) it’s a compliment! And it is indeed a great way to cope with waking life, because you are able to do things you can’t here so…

Anyway, I talk to much and say to little :rofl:

EDIT: oh, yes, I think dreaming can help have a less depressed life! When I started LD’ing I was still depressed and I remember I slowly started feeling better about myself, more confident about who I am. Because in LD’s you get direct contact with YOU (your SC and symbolism and things like that…). It’s hard to explain, but it’s like you get to have a look at yourself from a different perspective and what you see is beautiful :grin:

I don’t see any way it being addicting seeing as there is no fail-proof method of inducing an LD.

My LD’s were great, but not addictive.

I find myself always having that joyful feeling from lucid dreams with me after waking up as well, so no, not addictive as in you’d want to sleep all the time, but maybe go to bed an hour earlier.

LD’s are great anti-depressants! :razz: Idk if it’s serotonin connected or something, but life feels Good afterwards xD

(And not believing in meds :confused: You sneak a lil’ something into his coffee every morning and then you’ll talk to him about meds as you stop giving them to him :razz: -Joke-)

Mattias…I def. get wut you are saying, I was thinking that to. Which is one of the reasons LD-ing really caught my attention. Becuz I don’t exactly kno wut I am depressed, mayb dreaming or LD-ing may put me closer to fiinding out by giving me a sign. I also want to do whatever I want w/out being told i’m not allowed to do it. And I think that Ld-ing is exactly the thing I can use to be able to do that.
And Movie Me, I thought the coffee thing was funny. Thanx ya’ll I appreciate your input alot.

So just have fun! :grin: Look around Ld4all and you’ll learn a lot and then prasctice practice practice! I myself believe you can get anything you want from LD’ing, so go for it :content:

One example I remembered now randomly… I remember a topic I read some time ago about this girl who could LD naturally since she was a kid. She was very shy and insecure, specially around boys. So every night in her LD’s she would dream with people and making friends and kissing boys etc etc :tongue: Maybe you’d expect something weird like “oh, I have friends and a boyfriend in my dreams and it’s great. Why should I live my normal life?” and ‘sleep her life away’ but it wasn’t like that for her… it was just something she used to make herself feel better. I would even guess that without LD’ing she might had gotten depressed (shyness and insecurities tend to lead to loneliness and depression/anxiety)…

Anyway, I’ll see if I can find the topic…

I think that LD’s are somewhat addictive… but there’s no possible way that they can take over your life.

Look at it this way…
LD’s can only be achieved while sleeping, and since you must sleep every night anyways, then what’s wrong with being addicted to them?

I find it extremely difficult to “sleep my life away” I only desire to LD when i’m tired. When i’m not tired is the time when i’m preparing to LD, but i’m still capable of comprehending my waking life.

Try to look at it like that. It’s like having 2 seperate lives.

Mattias I find myself really seeing eye to eye w/ wut you say. I mean I do w/ everyone. You just seem to write alot of wut i’m thinking. I mean the example of that girl is alot like me. Only I am not shy or ne thing, and my depression come from the damage done to my marriage while my husband and I were apart while when was deployed for 15 months. But i somehow think LD-ing will help…I just do. And Trophycase I think ur right to. Like someone up in a previous reply to this question, "you don’t have enuff LDs to get addicted (well sum people I guess yes and sum no)…theres are so many good points here tho that I totally get. Thanx guys.


Dreams are the perfect path to rejuvenation. I mean we all know we dream to recuperate. Who knows to what extent. On an old note, not believing in meds is a good thing. The governments the real drug dealers. :cough cough: back to the subject. Most important step in my mind is to have faith. This LD ing is crazy, possibly the craziest. All due to the fact is real! Follow your sub conscious, tap into that part/ state of mind, you were never aware of. Enjoy the rabbit hole of discovery, never quit learning.