learn to lucid dream at will

I want to be able to have lucid dreams at will.
And I think this is probably what most lucid dreamers want.
Total control, to have a Lucid dream any night you want.

So wich techniques makes this possible? And how long will they take to master? (if you stick to it and practise it whitout doubting)

WILD, VILD, MILD, WBTB, meditation, self-hypnosis?
Most of them can get you many dreams - but wich ones
can get you to the golden 100%-LD top of the mountain? I would hope for everybody with abbillity to have lucid dreams at will (or almost at will) to post their tecniques here. That would be great of you, and please be as detailed as possible…

That’s hard to say. You could probably LD at will using any of those techs. Some techs work for some people and the same might not work at all for some people. And it could take anywhere from moths to years or even more before you can learn to LD at will.

You will just have to see what works for you and what doesn’t work. And I can’t LD at will, there’s only a few persons in this forum that can do it but I’m sure that they will post something here :content:

Try out all the techs (try each tech for at least month). Decide which one works best for you and stick with.

Keep a complete DJ.
Take RC’s as much as you can.
Put alot of effort into yuor tech and never give up.

Go at that, and with any luck, eventyually you’ll be able to LD at will.

Alternativley, hope you’re a natural :wink:.

I have decided not to LD at will. Just 3 LDs a weak will do me!

In my opinion you should start with what technique appeals to you the most then go from there. As for how long will it take? That is impossible to say. Some people have lucid dreams on the first night while others don’t have there first LD until a few weeks or months.

My preference is the WILD method but, that is just me. There are plenty of people who can lucid dream at will using MILD.

If you seriously practice consistently and refuse to give up no matter what you will get there.

I think this is what many of us are after. I’ve been practicing for only a couple years and I’m still nowhere near the point of having LD’s at will. I have trouble remembering to constantly RC everyday, i’ll do it often for a week and then not do it again for a couple weeks, it’s not my best method. I’ve never randomly asked myself “am i dreaming?” in a dream, but I have done RC’s after figuring out I was in fact dreaming, as a confirmation. I think that’s where they are best served, personally. I’m also now finally able to experience WILD. I’ve been exploring LD’s for two years now and I’ve just gotten to this point. It’s a long journey which I don’t expect to ever really master, I just hope to increase my frequency. If there really was a trick to LD’s at will, I’m not sure all this discussion would be neccessary, there’d just be one post called “How to…” and a bunch of replies of “Ahh, got it”. I like all this extra posting though.

Well if i use wild iam very succesful with getting lds but also when i take a midday nap. Thas a sort extra long wbtb method.
Even laberge agrees that a midday nap is a very strong ld chance enhancer.

it’s nearly impossible to be able to do LD’s at will 100% of the time, esp. for some i would think.

I get nearly all my LD’s from taking a random RC or a RC when something didn’t seem right.
I rarely use it as confirmation… mainly because I very rarely just suddenly become lcuid.

But then again, I seem to be better at taking my RC through the day then you. So, once again, ti comes back down to your techs :smile:.

Personally I think the MILD method offers the greatest chance to learn to lucid dream at will. If you can teach yourself to wake between dreams, you are still half in the dream state so any reinforcing of intention is easily carried into the next dream. Once this becomes a routine with consistent practice I think it’s eventually quite possible to have a lucid dream anytime you want one.

Let me remind you that Jeff’s legendary LD power has been honed over how many decades??

Self hypnosis- if you’re good and prone to it- WILL do it for you! However many people find that they can’t hypnotize themselves (including me, and I’ve been going forever for a quick fix)

MILD- versatile. Want to use it all the time.

Meditation- ? Is this a technique??? No…

So. Most people can build their LDing empire up with MILD so they can get at least one LD a night. WBTB gets you results in conjunction with MILD too. WILD is a learned skill that is impossible for a lot of people to do without WBTB (I can’t do it at all) , but it doesnt rely on chance as much as MILD does. You can do both. Self hypnotize yourself to improve you ability if you can.

Anyways 100% is pretty impossible but you can get a very high success rate with MILD. Don’t look for perfection unless you’re willing to devote a LOT of time into it.

Holy crap did I just repeat myself three times in a row? Oh well. Screw editing.


OK I am defenetly not a profi (only had about 22 LD’s until now), but I am trying the following: In about 99,999% of my dreams I talk to or meet persons. So I do a RC in real life everytime I meet people… Thats quite often, but I hope that this will work … If it would work, I would have many LDs…

I also try WILD in the morning. Hope that will work sometime…

Sorry for my poor English,

Greets from Germany!

Mild combined with Naps at midday are a very powerfull combination if u already had lds. Naps at midday are a sort wbtb but then extra large with the time before you go back to bed :smile:

Yes meditation is a tech because many ppl that practise za zen meditation in time of years get lds or more lds because of it!
Meditation trains u to be aware of your consciousness also when its empty or very passive and having no or not much thought activity.
So meditation is a tool but it demands dicipline to do it everyday.
Dicipline only works when you enjoy something.

But a Nap at midday sure gives great chances on a ld when u combine that with mild.

I"d like to encourage you - it is ABSOLUTELY possible to LD at will.

During the past couple of weeks I was experimenting with a new LD induction technique I found, and had 1-2 LD almost every night. It was fun, but another thing caught my attention: on about 4-5 separate occasions I induced a fully lucid dream at will .

Just thinking something like “Why dont I LD now?” and sure enough, within
seconds I was able to bring images from the darkness (or from my minds eye?) and enter them. It felt incredible.

What I did was “reentering” a dream. on many occasions, your REM period is interrupted before it ends. So you wake up, but there’s still some REM time left.
Using body’s defensive mechanisms, you can fall asleep again (“reenter”) the faded dream (or lucid dream).

I practiced similar technique before, but it resulted in WILD. which was really cool, but now I found the I can reenter dream in a different way.

Instead of waking up I stay focused on the darkness behind my eyelids and focus on the last scene of a faded dream.
within seconds, transparent siluettes appear and they grow more and more real. As more time passes, you (I) lose awareness of whereever I was and find myself where last dream ended.

↑ There are limitless applications of that technique (for example my LDs are 3-4 times longer now, as every time dream fades I reenter it and start where I left off)

So far there was only 2 weeks of experimenting with that technique, but it resulted in a lot of LDs.

Well… just wanted to share the technique :smile: Have fun!

Ev: i think i will try that one. sound like a cool idea to reenter a dream…

current experience for me about ld’s is pretty limited. ive only got one ld in all my life, but that was because i was convinced i would get one that night. i was simply killing all doubt about it, and being confident in that i would get a ld, and i did. it was like i knew i would get one. in that sense, all i have to do is get more confident in my ld’s, and i should get them, but seing as how ive been in a rather long state of depression, that isn’t easy.

welcome to the forum :smile: Thanks for the great advice and tips. I think it was very well explained. :happy: It sounds very interesting and useful.

Hey I jsut wanted to chime in here and say that I think that it is possible to learn to LD at will. I think that it takes a really long time and dedication but I think after I while you can get to the point where you can basically choose to have a lucid dream on any given night.

I also think that to get to this point lucid dreams either have to be really important or have some spiritual signifigance for you. I could be wrong but this is how I view my own person progression.

I also like your technique Ev, reminds me of what sort of happens to me sometime when I MILD. When I use MILD I basically consider that re-entering a dream.


Actually, when you thought you were clicking your fingers to get into the lucid dream, you were already dreaming. Sorry to break it to you. :content:

It depends what you mean by “at will”. The best for “at will” will be a WILD/VILD type of technique, in which you go to bed with a wish to lucid dream and you use your technique to reach that in (say) 15 minutes. (I’m assuming you went to bed properly tired!)

The other “at will” is “very reliable”. An example of this is WBTB combined with MILD. If you don’t mind breaking your sleep, it’ll be very good.

Table outlining the most common techniques at the wikibook.

I don’t really like to say it, but not many people here have achieved this “at will” sort of thing. Perhaps 5 all the time I’ve been here. But don’t be discouraged: These are mainly people who have had dedication, not lost interest, and wanted to enjoy LDing as much as possible. That’s obviously you! :wink: Go for it! :smile:

@Ev: Thanks for sharing this technique, sounds very interesting!

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