let your subconscious take over

so i had an interesting thought. you now how anything of habit is very easy to do. like texting. you can do it while your thoughts are somewhere else.
well i used this idea to have better reflex’s. my friend would throw a ball at me from about 10 ft away and i had to dodge it. i didnt think about where i was going and i didnt analyze the situation, i just let my subconscious take over. im wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with something like this. like writing songs, or just whatev

interesting. I think I’ve tried this in those games where you have to press a button fast. If I stop and try to think what button to press I usually can’t do it. So I was trying to just not think and react intuitively… Don’t remember if I got results. But I think it’s a cool idea to practice this :smile:

i tried to learn king of the hill on the guitar ,

i understood it a bit, but one time i accidentally played it RIGHT and it sounded so good, and far beyond my capability to understand, how much the picking is done to make it sound smooth,

I read an article on training yourself to get up as soon as your alarm goes off through practice in doing the motions:

so at night, set your alarm to a few minutes ahead, then get nice and cozy in bed,

as soon as it goes off, get out of bed, turn it off, and pretend you’re getting up for the day, and repeat. this way, your subconscious is trained to get up automatically. problem is, as I found out, immediatley jumping out of bed is not good for dream recall at all!

so I didn’t really follow through with it,

although maybe I should give it a shot,

after all, sometimes I don’t even write down my dreams in the first place!

but ordinarily I stay in bed for as long as possible in the mornings, I think this would help enormously! it’s not easy taking the bus when you like the bed! maybe I’ll give it a serious go, and if it consistently reduces my dream recall, I’ll see if I can alter it.

Ya i think i have done that. because i usually wake up like 2 min before my alarm goes off. its kinda a pain, cause if i dont turn it off. then it will go off (i hate alarm clocks)

alarm is like a dictator and a tyrant
telling you when you should cease sleeping

its so easy to wake up when you intend to, if :
you really want to

most people don’t want to, so they make up elaborate reasons for the use of alarm clocks and such and say "oh i’m a deep sleeper "

maybe but its still easy

if you are constantly thinking “man did i miss school?” in the early morning you will have FAs about having to go to school, and wind up in sleep paralysis because I HAVE TO GET UP !

and , my experience, you never miss it :
but this is only if you fear missing school and this motivation to get up and go ! like spongebob is inside of you

now if you would truly honestly just rather sleep it won’t work, becuase you are thinking “well i need to get up soon, i don’t know what time it is, but i’d rather just sleep it doesn’t matter if…”

i don’t think i ever set my alarm while i was in college ,
maybe once in a while.

A long time ago, I was playing tag with some friends, and my friend was chasing me around. They were about to tag me, and I thought I going to be it. I immediatly stopped, and they rushed ahead, not preparing for me to stop. They realized I stopped, and tried to tag me. I dodged all the attempts without thinking.

Another time, I was playing a different tag game, where you had to tag someone’s head. I was being chased, once again, and thought it was over. I dived to the ground, and started spinning around rapidly, without thinking. Once more, I walked away without being it.

I always find myself doing this when I play guitar or drums because I get really into and its almost like meditating and therefore I am not really thinkin about what to play next it seems like I do it subconsciously.

I was sparring once, and getting beat pretty bad. The other guy was a black belt after all. So, after being pummeled for 30 seconds, blocking nothing, I was off-balance and horribly disoriented. I had fallen back a few steps, and he gave me about half a second to recover. (Note: in such a situation, that is a fair amount of time.) Anyway, either my eyes were closed, or my brain wasn’t processing what was coming in, but I felt something saying “block like this.” I blindly followed, then remotely thought “Oh, it worked. There’s a hand there.”

Then I got pummeled again.

Some other time, I was playing dodgeball. I was the only one left on my team, and the game was paused for some reason. There were four balls in play, all in hostile hands, all on a different side of me. I lowered into a fighting stance and heard someone whisper “The Matrix.”

Again, there was something in my head, telling me exactly what to do and where the balls were going. It would’ve worked too, but I stumbled as I transitioned from the roll to the jump-spin.

The last incident, is only kind of related to the topic. I was playing dodgeball again. I turned and saw a ball flying at me. I knew immediately, that I wouldn’t have time to get out of the way, so I just stood there, accepting my fate. However, my eyesight was distorted or something, because I saw the ball expand so that it was the only thing in my vision, and everything appeared to be going in super-slow motion. I turned slightly to get a better look, and watched the ball sail toward me and wedge itself firmly between my legs. It counted as a catch.

now do you actually hear the words like another you is talking to you through thoughts (like how u speak to yourself) ive done that before, you can train your mind to do that on will, takes awhile tho

I just realized that sometimes I let my subconscious take over when I walk.

I thought it was magic when I used it when I was little.

I just tell it where to go, and it goes. When it tries to find things, it makes me walk around, while I look at stuff carefully. Sometimes I bump into things, though. The best part is that I can jump out of subconscious mode whenever I want.

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I have something to add to this:

Whenever I do this, I feel like I’m possessed, but free at the same time. I can move my eyes freely, and my arms, (usually I don’t do anything, so they’re just swaying around mostly.) but the other parts of my body are “possessed.” I can break out of subconscious possession mode whenever I want to, though. I can walk against my subconscious in this “mode” (without switching back to “normal mode”), but, it results in a rubber band effect when I let it back in control (I end up walking back faster than usual too, for some reason!). I fought against my SC as an experiment earlier, and eventually, my arms started tingling madly. Scary. Better get back on path now. :tongue:

I can move my neck to a point. However, if I try to look at something behind me, my neck snaps back into a front-facing position. It’s basically the same with my sides. If there are any small obsticals, the SC will go through them, or, if I can fit, squeeze through them. The paths I follow always seem to be linear, with curved turns. If I go in circles, they’re most likely near-perfect circles.

How to get into subconscious “possession” mode?

I don’t know how to explain it… just let your subconscious control. You don’t need to meditate, or contact it. Just let it control. If you want to find something, just think the thought in your head. Repeat it if necessary. Be SPECIFIC. Once I was looking for my MP3 player headphones (to play a game while my sister was recording a song) and it brought me to my MP3 player (without headphones). I tried again, and it brought me to the case they were in when I bought them. :tongue:

Dont let your subconscuous take over you mind! only your body
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