Liquid dream software!

Hi dreamers!

Have you tried the LIQUID DREAM software? It is a free one and has a WILD inducer. I din’t yet tried that WILD inducer, but will try soon.

Those who tried this software can you say me that have you b’come LUCID through the WILD inducer?

Those who hadn’t tried the software yet! please follow the link :

From my opinion, the software has tons of features, it looked great for me!

I was going to try it but it doesn’t work on macs.

This looks interesting. If I like I I may use it as a backup dream journal to the one on this site.

Downloading now, but I might not be able to try it till tomorrow!

EDIT: Never mind, tried it tonight. The WILD inducer thing would just keep me awake and/or give me seizures. The rest of the program is okay, but it’d be better with more customization options, and I couldn’t find any sort of help manual on it.

@Rinaldo: Thanks!
@bored: Sorry… perhaps with WINE?
@moonsong: What customization options would you like?

To CODER : Have you tried that WILD inducer? What was the result? :meh:

Of course… hypnagogic imagery.

I’ve tried this a little bit now (though not the WILD inducer) and here are my thoughts in general:

  1. I’ve found the preface a little bit difficult to figure out at first glance. A page explaining what’s what etc. could be well at first startup and also in the help menu, though not quite necessary.

  2. I really liked the thing up there which we could move those three… things. I don’t know how to call them, sorry. I interpreted the blue things as “dream start time” and “dream end time”, but couldn’t find something for the green one. Could you please explain that?

  3. Frankly I found the “Checks” part innecessary. It was, for me, but then again things may be different for different people. Just saying.

  4. What are “exercises”?

  5. It might be due to my misusage, but I always kept getting a “new character 2” beneath the “characters” tab for some reason. That didn’t occur with locations, actions, objects or anything else in the “categories”.

  6. I couldn’t get the following to be associated with the dream (you know, how they appear at the bottom when I save the dream): location I created, action I created, theme I created, anger, fear and joy.

  7. This is just something too little, but “admiration” has typos.

That’s it. I am quite used to scribbling on a tiny notebook in the middle of the night when I wake up, but I’m seriously considering using this to at least record my lucid dreams in order to keep them orderly and neat.

I really liked how it creates pie graphs and coulmn graphs by itself, btw. :smile:

Thanks for all the feedback!

  1. That is my number one request - I guess some people actually do read manuals. :confused:
  2. The slider control is actually for setting the sleep start and stop time (blue) and the estimated time that you were dreaming (green).
  3. The RCs are just there for legacy support and fun and games.
  4. The exercises are training sessions for clarity of mind. If you have any good ones that I can include, please share.
  5. That sounds about right - you probably already have a “new character” file in there. Just rename it / save it with a different title.
  6. You need to have the word in the text of the dream for it to be associated.
  7. Thanks, I have fixed that. :blush:

Thanks! The graphs and search functions will only improve over time… :colgate:

Okay, I feel really dumb, but it wont let me download it. I go to the page, click “Download Now (5.88 MB)” and all it does is refresh the page.

That could be due to a pop-up blocker. If you hold down control (assuming you have a PC) while you click it should override that for you.

About the exercises… (I didn’t see something like this neither at RCs nor at exercises) so maybe you could include a computer based RC-reminder that could pop up every hour and say something along the lines of “Are you dreaming?”. There are programs like that already, but I think it could be better if it was included in this DJ application. Or maybe there could be photographs of places that are in some way altered to include something that isn’t supposed to be there. The user could be asked to find those things, therefore possibly increasing the user’s attention on his/her surroundings.

I knew about the association thing when I first posted, and this was what I had done: I created a few characters first, then a few locations etc with all of them. I made sure to change the “words” part of the new entry, and then I just wrote all of them down in a new dream entry. Most of what I wrote worked when I saved the dream. That somehow didn’t work with location, action, theme and a few emotions.

Yeah, and at a overall view, the UI is pretty complex, i agree. The lack of a good manual is also a negative point. And thus, LIQUID DREAM III is for advanced users, am i right? :wink:

I think it’s very useful but the lack of a manual is a big drawback. I’ve pieced together most of now though. Perhaps some of us could help the author write up some documentation on how to use the software.

The one thing I haven’t figured out is what is represented by the y-axis on the dream graph (numbers from 0 - 800 *** Found out this is the length of the dream in words) and what the green and white sections are for on the graph.

The one feature that I would like to see added is a “goals” section which would basically be a to-do list for LDs.

The one bug I’ve found so far is that If I reference a “theme” in one of my dream logs, while it associates with the theme if I select it from the left pane, when I’m looking at the dream it does not add it to the “themes” section for that dream on the bottom pane.

togro: Try these download sites: … -III.shtml.

Puce: I like the idea of a RC pop-up - I can then log and graph the historical stats. I think I found the problem - if a category item has less than 5 characters / letters in it, it does not get picked up. I will fix that asap, thank you.

Rinaldo Rex: I did not realize until now how important the manual is. For now, intermediate users can just click on New -> Dream, change the title and write down the dream.

spizzak: The y-axis on the monthly overview is the length of the dreams (word count). The green spline range is the hours slept and the white spline area is the moon phase. The hours slept and dream time are set in the dream edit control in the slider or the fields next to date. Any suggestions on how the Goals section should look like - I guess it needs a checkbox somewhere and perhaps a way to link it to dreams?

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help with some documentation. I have been getting most of my visitors from lucid-dream-like youtube comments, e.g.: I suspect that I lose quite a lot of visitors because they search within Google Video and don’t find anything. So I figure a simple video showing how to create a new dream and set up a REM Cycle (trick is 04h00 after falling sleep) would go a long way.

@ I am the coder : I really want to thank you in many aspect… First, for trying and feedback, secondly for giving links, and finally for your interest to help others… Thanks again. :cheer:

Sure, and thanks for all the feedback!

I just uploaded a new version (3.0.8) - the category items should now display shorter words. Puce and spizzak, please let me know if this works for you (you might need to save the dream again). Just click on Help -> About and follow the link for the update. I would really appreciate it if you can hit the Like / Tweet buttons on your way through!

Bug is fixed! Thanks a lot.

I will try to find some time to make some tutorials or documentation in the near future. What format would be the best do you think?

Yes, I’ve got the same result as spizzak.

Still a few questions and/or pieces of feedback from me though:

  1. How does the “unassigned” part work? Because it gets some words from the text while leaving out some others and I’m not sure about it.

  2. The association picker thing doesn’t work with words with spaces. For example even when I add “TV remote” as an object, after writing it in the dream part and saving I get nothing new in the “objects” category and a “remote” in the “unassigned” category.

  3. It’s great that it has a spellcheck feature, but would it be possible for it to start that red cross line after the word is completed? I know that this is very trivial, and it is not necessarily necessary, but I think it would be better that way.

@ Puce:

  1. I’m pretty sure this just leaves out commonly used words

  2. Did you list it under “words” for that object. For example the object name would be “TV Remote” and then under words you can add tv, remote, tv remote, etc. I have no issue with this.

Ps. The Text-To-Speech in this thing is surprisingly good. :razz:

Putting in “TV, remote, TV Remote” under “words” did work (previously I only had “TV remote” there), but also created two problems:

  1. When the dream goes “blah blah blah TV remote blah blah”, then it picks it up twice and shows two TV remotes in the list at the bottom on the screen.

After erasing “remote” from the list of words from there, I tried the sentence “I picked up the TV remote and then put the TV remote back down.” and the program still counted two TV remotes in the objects panel.

I think that needs to be fixed. I mean, one TV remote is enough.

  1. In another dream, when I type in “TV screen”, the association thing picks that one up as “TV remote” as well.

So, I think “TV remote” must be picked up by the program by itself without needing to put in “TV” and “remote” to the words as well, for it may lead to other problems.