Liquid dream software!

  1. The unassigned list currently just shows any words from the dream with 5 or less characters. I will change that one day to show all words, but filter out the common ones.

  2. This is definitely still a problem - the category items are associated to a dream by looping through all the words in a dream and checking if an item exists for that word - thus missing items that have multiple words. I will change it to run through all the category items and check if that appears in the dream. That should also stop it from picking up an item twice.

Thanks. I don’t advertise that, as it speaks for itself. :content:

You can technically get it to speak in your dreams by creating a new recording without actually recording any sound and then typing something in the text box. Save it and then create a new REM Cycle and add the recording to it. Hit play and it will speak the text when the time arrives, or right-click on the cloud and select Play!

And you should be able to continue using the application while an REM Cycle is running - you just can’t load a different REM Cycle.

Can someone explain the use of Rem Cycles, I heard Iam Coder say the trick is 4h into sleep. I kind of came to that conclusion myself. Only problem is. If I wake up 4 hrs into sleep and start the Rem Cycles, I often can’t fall back to sleep for 30-60min. This offsets all the cycles, and since I can’t very well know the moment I’m falling asleep I can’t hit the button as I fall asleep.

Any ideas how to compensate for this? I wonder if there is a program that can start it for me. My proposed solution for the creator would be to build in a delay, or program the ability to run rem cycle on a schedule, or be able to set an intro period to the cycles.

Click on New -> REM Cycle.
Right click on the chart and select Import -> Sound File…
Drag the cloud by the little “x” to 270 (for 04h30).
Click on Play (or F5).

Then simply wait for 270 minutes and the file should play. And make sure that your computer’s power plan will not interfere!


Is there anyway to get the whole thing longer than 400 min or whatever it is?
I appreciate the help. Excellent software btw, great job with it, if only I knew how to harness all of its secrets.

wouldn’t 4h30m be 390?

Sure. To make an REM Cycle longer, you can either select more cycles or make them longer through the drop down list. You can technically type into the drop down lists and override them with your own values to make it as long as you wish, but you would have to reload the REM Cycle after saving and this may tax your machine.

4.5 * 60 = 270 :rc:

Sorry, it was late when I posted that…duh. The first time I read it, it made sense then later I started thinking 4h*90min= 360…huh??? anyway. I see now that you can make it as long as you want, what is the purpose of a rem cycle longer than 90 min? Isn’t that everyone’s natural cycle?

What is the purpose of putting sound track cues during deep sleep, I noticed they are there in the default, is that to influence sleeping moods? Another question is, should I run binaural beats during the night using this…or will they wake me up? I have one for lucid dreams.

Thanks for all the help. I hate to pester you with all these questions but I really want to use this program more. If you were to teach me so I knew it, I’d be happy to help you write a manual on this stuff. Meanwhile I will keep tinkering around with it.

Thanks again!

No worries - it happens to the best of us.

I guess you could use it for reality checks throughout the day and set them more than 90 min apart.

I would recommend playing the binaural beats before going to sleep / while falling asleep and then playing something more likely to wake you up or get incorporated in your dream during the night.

Thanks for all your interest and a manual in any format would be greatly appreciated! And if you happen to create an REM Cycle that works well, you can share it by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy To” -> “Desktop”…

I really like this software. My favorite part is the visual representations of your possible dream signs, locations, objects… You can even keep track of how often you use your lucid skills like transformation, conjuration, flying. Just add them to actions.

Am i the only person who has tried the WILD inducer?
Well I’ve used it for three nights when I’m so tired i could fall asleep as soon as i put my head down and well it kinda works!
I’ve tried WILD so many times and only once have i gotten close (My feet goes completly numb and my heart starts beating too fast and i snap out of it)
the first time i used this i got to that same point in about 10-15 minutes but instead of it just numbing my feet it went all the way up to my knees but then my heart starts beating and i ether snap out of it or it just kinda fades away (I really need to beat this problem)

But yeah it is pretty effective and it keeps me awake long enough to get close to SP with a little more practice on keeping calm and focused when i get to SP it might work.


Scipio - I am busy on a new function that automatically runs through every dream and every word to help find any common dream signs that might have been missed.

Minato - I am glad to hear that it has helped get you closer to a WILD. Have you tried changing the default interval? I like to believe that there is a magic number for everyone, but that it is of course different for everyone!

Liquid Dream III is now ranked #1 in entertainment software on CNET Downloads.

Thanks for all the feedback and support!

Well I don’t know how to use the WILD inducer and I’ve gotten to those stages in a WILD before. I tend to lay there a half an hour and become more awake than asleep.

Cool! And you made this?? I have to say, I love the help screen. From one coder to another:


Congratulations, IAmCoder for your success on CNET and thank you for your contribution to the LD4all community.

Thanks, guys.


I actually wrote the first version in high school when I started lucid dreaming, and ended up using it as a final project and posted it online for extra points. TechTV, now G4TV, then ran a show on it and it got tons of downloads. I have been working on it off and on ever since…

I meant to ask, what do the white, green, and blue lines on the bar graph mean?

White - moon phase.
Green - hours slept.
Blue - time of dream.

Recording what time you went to sleep and what time you were dreaming helps when configuring REM Cycles.

Hi, Coder. I have been using your software lately, and let me tell you it is really cool!

But I have been having a little problem: sometimes, after I write down a dream and I click on “save”, I get an error message like this one:

What does it mean?

Thank you! And thanks for the bug report.

I was able to reproduce it by creating two new Objects; one titled “coke”, with “cola” in the Words field and one just titled “cola”. I then created a dream with “always coke-a-cola” as the text and got the error message when saving. It was adding the same item to the list twice, which generated the error.

I managed to fix it, but I am afraid I just released an update this morning (v 3.1) with the new dream sign builder (Tools -> Dream Sign Builder), so you will have to hang 10 for the next update. In the mean time, you could trace the duplicate category items and delete one of them.

Oh, ok… Thank you! ^^

Btw, I won’t get any of my dreams erased if I update my version, right?

I hope not! But to be safe, you can always right-click on the Dreams folder and select Open File Location to make a backup.