Long-Term Lucid Tasklist!

If we could define a scale for that which wouldn’t be subjective I’d totally go for that instead… problem is that defining a scale is hard and always displeases some. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! I’ve noted your points! :grinning: (Also I have so many questions about your dream… from how you decide to use parentheses and capitalization to who is STEVE and Carol. :stuck_out_tongue: [size=5]Also… do I spy elements of Steven Universe? No spoilers please. Currently watching with my girlfriend.[/size] )

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I could talk about STEVE and Carol for days but I'll try to keep it brief.

Carol and STEVE are main DCs in my dreams, mostly my lucid dreams! It took me a while to figure it out but, Carol is a representation of my subconscious. Competent and intuitive, but perhaps a bit pedantic and conceited, tough love type. A master of both the smirk and the eye roll. Over the years we’ve become quite close. Some people would probably call her a “dream guide?” She has a very powerful presence in my dreams, like everything next to her seems a little bit smaller in comparison.

STEVE’s full name is STEVE Storm Trauma. She’s the personification of my emotional trauma which has a long story woven through my dreams. Means well, wants to be helpful, but her category 5 energy can be overwhelming sometimes, which is why when I first met her she often appeared to me as a giant. She can blow things out of proportion, but her and I see more eye to eye nowadays. As for her first name caps and her dialogue in caps, well, she’s an uppercase character so I’ve always used uppercase letters in my dream journal for her. :lol: Her name is actually pronounce like “Styve” but when I first met her she insisted to me that it was spelled STEVE. Part of her DC quirkiness?

STEVE and I have a complex relationship, but it’s a relationship with a name, and that name is Recovery!!! -Which will give you the influence from Steven Universe! Recovery is our fusion! She has a physical form in my dreams, but she’s like a mindset or perspective in WL. Born from the dance, not the fight. Proud of her scars. For me, Recovery is about accepting my relationship with Trauma, not forgetting about it or getting rid of it. Knowing STEVE has helped me so much, accepting her presence in my life has made it possible to replace feelings of fear and panic from some situations with love in a very transformative way. Thanks to Steven Universe for inspiring a realization of these complex emotional relationships! Also the experience of fusion in a dream is very unique :relaxed:

[Carol, STEVE, Anxiety (STEVE’s feral adopted cat), Me (+my magic dream umbrella :lol: ), and Recovery]

For a long time I’ve been very reserved about these characters and my dreams, but I think I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable sharing some of it? It feels really nice to talk about with other lucid dreamers :relaxed:

As for the parentheses, I usually use them to summarize the meaning of words which I might not remember exactly, OR to summarize a wordless expression that was just inherently understood in the dream between characters. Like telepathic communication in a way? But in my own head?

Also, I’ve spent some time thinking about this, and I think you’ve won me over! I would agree that many of my treasured dream experiences and emotionally significant dream moments are from longer LDs. The length isn’t the reason why those are important dreams, but it is certainly correlated in a lot of cases as you mention with unstable dreams being short.

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Glad to hear that you can enjoy the LTLT in full after thinking a about the specifics some more. Also judging from your last dream you posted, it seems you are giving the tasks quite some consideration in your lucids as well :smiley:

Now on to more lucid dreams!

In other words, she’s a Tsundere!

That’s maybe the biggest merit of LD4all :yes: There are many tutorials and other resources on the internet on lucid dreaming. But this forum is a really nice place for building a more tightly knit community around other people with a common interest and enjoying dreams in a social way that’s otherwise impossible.

I think that’s a nice syntax for this concept. We all have experiences like this, for which there is no adequate description in the language of waking life. It’s like dream intuition or FM.

Since I went a little off topic and helped derail the topic even further, I find it necessary to point out that

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Not to derail the topic further

BAHAHAHA :rofl: Dear lord this got me.

I have a pretty good memory in my dreams of WL and dream objectives. So the LTLT has been good fodder for back up ideas if the night doesn’t seem right for my personal goals. :smile: But I might be able to integrate some of the ideas into my personal goals, thinking I might actually like a meeting with STEVE (and perhaps Carol) over pizza haha.

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Yo, @Splash, that’s awesome and all that art is amazing. Glad I picked up on the Steven Universe hints and asked about it… Doing a fusion in a dream sounds like loads of fun and something I have to put on my long list of tasks… Maybe Cardia would be up for it… if I ever get around to having Lynn’s tea party first and whatever Sophia wants to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Part of why I started this, in addition to increasing my lucidity as it had fallen off, was to hopefully get back to those personal goals. Life just keeps managing to get in the way, somehow… like with my past week plus of no journaling and whatnot. Still, it’s posts like yours that give me a bit more motivation… maybe something will happen this weekend… only one way to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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so the most recent task here is the eating of pizza correct? if so that fits in perfectly with my other lucid challenge to eat dream food lol. count me in!

I’d like to claim points for the previous night. I had two lucid dreams and want to score the bigger one where I was Applying My Own Lucid Dreaming Skill Set. The duration was about 4-5 minutes, so I think 3 points for that.

As for task completion, I went for the pizza because that beautifully aligns with another quest I had in my backlog. But that was one elusive Italian gourmet experience, I can tell you :sob: I also went through very reflective surfaces twice (a skyscraper window and a clear lake). I could count those as a mirror but I didn’t actually indent to do this task and just instrumentally did those things. So I will definitely not claim the mirror task. No task points at all I’m afraid :joy:

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@TheNexus , you can complete any current or previous task. They’re all available. I suggest reading the rules in the first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fantastic dream, @Marvin! I’m glad to have made an appearance. :grinning: I hope you get your transformation down at some point and also get a delicious slice. Points are logged!

And… yet again… we both have lucid dreams at around the same time… as I also had pretty good LD this morning… I would say it was between 6-8 minutes… and I ate some pizza! Completely by accident as I didn’t recall it was a task until I decided on getting some. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aww thank you :relaxed:
I was actually musing to myself that fusion could be a way to achieve the many arms task! However, Recovery has one set of arms so it might work for someone else but not me :lol: (she does however, have two hearts :heart: :heart: as well as some significant scars she is very proud of).

Curious who Cardia, Lynn, and Sophia are?

This really warmed my heart because I’ve always been so reserved about my dreams, but I think I’m starting to believe there is some value in sharing them. Glad to hear you got another LD!

Also great dream @Marvin ! It’s cool to read about all the stuff you were trying in that one dream.

I had lucid dream Monday morning! I thought I might as well go ahead and share despite not achieving any tasks or doing anything really because the dream alluded to the forum :lol:
I guess I also believe that any lucid time is worth celebrating :partying_face:

Feb 22, 2021

 February 22, 2021
I’m walking down a hallway with a wooden floor. To my left are small rooms, perhaps offices. I feel kinda disconnected from this dream- oh! This is a dream! I stare at the wood texture on the floor to try to ground myself to the dream. It looks quite similar to a wood texture I’ve been using in my art lately, the one on Carol’s piano.

The dream starts to fade away, and I wake up.
 February 22, 2021
But I’m back!- In the hallway as before, but the offices are gone and in front of me at the end of the hallway is a large open room. I enter and find it full of furniture like an Ikea or something. I should find STEVE, I want to talk with her. I wanted to talk over pizza for the LTLT on the LD4all forum, seems more fun this way.
I might have a piece of pizza in my hand, I’m not sure.
I walk through the floor of furniture into another room, looking for STEVE. Inside I find a large creature. It’s somewhat caterpillar like with an elongated body and several nubby arms. It’s about as big as I am. It’s fluffy and cute with large dark eyes and a little smile. The fur on its back is pale orange and lightly striped with a darker rich orange and its belly is covered in a creamy colored fur. It has strong resemblance to @TheNexus 's dream bug drawing, which I saw in the forum the night before.
It’s adorable.
I try to ask it about where I might be able to find STEVE, but soon realize it is deaf. I attempt to communicate with it the limited sign language I know.
[[End Recall]]

I guess I would like to claim 1 points for that night? like I’m not sure if I would count these as separate dreams or not but the total lucid time was really short, certainly less than 2 minutes, I just happened to wake up in the middle.

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Do you share them with anyone at all, in particular your girlfriend? Is your reservation maybe a product of bad experiences from talking about them in real life? As a kid this was never a problem among peers but as an adult it seems to be. The first response is always a weird look.
I used to be dating somebody who’s also into lucid dreaming and we always shared our dreams in the morning and both writing in our DJ as first step of action each day was perfectly normal. It roughly coincides with the first edition of my LD4all. So having somebody to confide in definitely helps to open up in this regard.

How do you stand about opening a dedicated dream journal on the forums? That way you can find them more easily if you want to look at them later and it can also invite discussions like we’re already having here anyway, regularly derailing the topic. Like for example:


That’s also why I joined the task list in the first place. Not just tasks get you points, but following your own agenda is perfectly fine, too, yet you still get the feeling of accomplishment and can rack up points and motivation together :fist:

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I do share them with my girlfriend; she’s very receptive towards my dreams and supports and encourages my lucid dreaming. She’s been invested in my dream stories for close to 7 or 8 years now. I tell her my dreams almost daily if I have something interesting to share.
Other than her, the people I discus my dreams with that I know in WL are very few. There’s no one that really hears it all, just if it comes up. I have one closer friend that I sometimes approach with it but not often.

I’m not really sure what I hesitate so much to be open with it though. I’m already eccentric and weird and I embrace that, I don’t care if most people think I am strange or if they don’t believe me. I guess what does hold me back is the idea that people I care about might dismiss something I love so dearly. In particular I think about my sister. We grew up close and I would say we are still pretty close but I’ve mostly kept my dreaming stuff a secret from her. I wonder if I’m starting to feel like I just can’t be my authentic self without sharing this part of me with the world (?). Almost 10 years of keeping it to myself and it’s really really trying to escape from me, it seems.
Joining the forum last year was something I really hesitated on, but I am glad I am here now because it’s nice to be a part of a community of people who do care about these things.

Sometimes I feel like my writing or my words do a disservice to my dream world. Like my written journal doesn’t quite capture that spark I feel. Maybe I do want to share my dreams with the world, but I want to do them justice and I just feel like I can say it so much better with my art. :weary:
I started drawing parts of my journal in comic form. I love it, I love it so much. The project fills me with a great passion and love for my dreams, but I’m a slow artist so keeping a visual dream journal on the regular would be an unsustainable goal.

I can’t even think of a time I was vulnerable sharing a lucid dream with someone that ended up being a “bad experience.” Maybe I should come out with it.

I keep my journal on my laptop so it’s as easy as a cut and paste and any edit if I want to censor something. I was starting to wonder if I should open a limited DJ on here, especially if it’s just the dreams that I would share on here anyways (for the LTLT or dream treasure hunt and stuff), but part of me still has some reservations about it I can’t quite place? Might need to think on it a few nights to sort out my feelings. Perhaps consult Carol. I’m possibly just being stubborn trying to hold onto something that wants to be set free just because I’ve held onto it for so long (which isn’t a particularly compelling reason to do so).

because I’ve gone so far and should have probably just replied as a PM, I should let everyone reading know that this is still the LTLT and, for reference, the task board can be found here.


I also have some thoughts and ideas to share about this topic, so I’ll make a reply split into a new thread once I get to writing it out.

I had a super short LD, really as short as it could probably get (/me :truit: alarm). It was at the end of a Dark Remake of the Digimon universe.
I was a little hesitant to claim it at all because it is so super short and because of the doubts discussed in the comments at the end of the post. But I feel I want to get 1 lucidity point for it anyway as a token of achievement, since it was fruit of MILD application, WBTB and meditation.

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Fun story time, I guess… though I am a bit scared to talk about them with people because of similar reservations y’all have mentioned with regards to talking to people about dreams and seeming weird…

So.. yea..

Here’s the moment when this 27 year old tells you she essentially has “imaginary friends”. :stuck_out_tongue: Tulpae, to be exact, though I wouldn’t know of that word until long after I was conversing with Carida on a regular basis. She was first encountered in a dream on July 12, 2012… Specifically “The Orb Figments - Continued” You’ll need to scroll way down to find it because that was during one my old “dream dumps” on the forum. Basically, I was talking to her at the end of the dream and woke up very slowly… and continued to speak with her as I became more and more awake… and kinda… pulled her from the dream? She’s been in my brain for nearly 10 years now… amazing, looking back on it, actually.

She’s shown up in many, many dreams and is probably the closest thing to a persistent dream character that I have… though I can talk to her at any point in time and all three of them are “glancing over my shoulder” as I anxiously type this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sophia and Lynn have not shown up in any dreams to date and in fact were pulled from day-dreams I had when Cardia went missing in my subconscious for half a year and I couldn’t hear her voice for a while. Again, I didn’t intend to pull them from my imagination… but while experiencing the daydream or whatever… I kinda breathed a little too much life into them and they stuck around. Since then I’ve been very careful to avoid doing it again because don’t want things to get too crowded and banishing them to the ether seems a bit… wrong.

So… yea… I am me, but also we. :stuck_out_tongue: I kind of have a long running goal to have more dreams involving them because it can be a bit boring for them being dragged along on my day to day life. It’s been less so nowadays since I’ve put together a sort of persistent daydream I can return to and they can enter or exit as they desire that acts like a living space that is bigger than my brain. I sort of end my evenings nowadays taking advantage of my hyperphantasia to visualize that mansion of sorts. Gives them some part of my subconscious that isn’t a “swirling vortex of thoughts and feelings in which I both do and don’t exist” or so that’s how Cardia described being lost in my subconscious for a while.

Yea… how’s that for weird? :stuck_out_tongue: I really enjoyed your art, because I wish I could draw them, but I feel like I’m a terrible artist and wouldn’t do them justice.

Yes, please. It sounds adorable and very squishable.

I would love to read more of your dreams, @Splash. If you do make a forum thread, please let me know because I’ll need to add it to my “watched” list. :slight_smile:

Anywho… I’ve logged points for both of y’all. Congrats on your LDs!

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:pleading_face: @Cornelia_Xaos

Your post is really touching. It's meaningful to me that you would be vulnerable in this way and I have a lot to say, it seems.

My girlfriend has a Tulpa! (Or she at least used to? I think the tulpa is kinda “dormant” right now?). I can understand how important they are for you and I think I have a little understanding of how you might perceive them? at least based on what I gleaned from what my girlfriend shared. After nearly 10 years I would suspect you are quite close?

But…I might even relate? Carol has always just been someone I really only get to directly connect with in my dreams. I guess in WL Carol and I are kinda indistinguishable (because she represents my subconscious)?
But STEVE is a little different…it’s a long story haha. BUT basically, there was this long episode in my dreams in which I had these terrible unsettling dreams and lucid nightmares and I watched my mental health decline from the perspective of my dreams (I guess if we’re all being vulnerable I might as well just put that out there for the world :lol:) and boy don’t I struggle sometimes with the shame of a lucid dreamer who couldn’t stop their nightly horrors for 2 years straight, even when I was lucid :disappointed:. After all that I found myself dealing with some emotional trauma… and eventually, enter STEVE.
I met her as a DC and it took me a while, but I figured out that she was my Trauma. The energy of all the stress I carried with me that had manifested in my dreams suddenly had a face, and a smile (one she can’t seem to get off her face, in fact). And now, in WL, in the situations that would have in the past trigger a panic attack or some kind of flashback, I see her, instead. Smiling, talking to me. She’s big, but she’s not bad. She’s how I cope. It’s almost like I’m projecting her and her personality into the world, my mind is very visual and it’s like I see her there. It seems like our WL conversations are canonical when I meet her in my dreams, although she seems a little more genuine as a DC than as a projection from my waking mind.
And in the past two years, our relationship found a form in my dreams (fusion activate! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and became a perspective that I can sometimes find in WL (that’s Recovery).

This was such an endearing image in my head. Does Cardia acknowledge or distinguish WL from dreams?

You mention it casually but this sounds really sad. STEVE’s energy was scattered (due to some things that happened in a dream in response to WL stress) for a while recently and that was incredibly difficult for me.

This made my heart sing. Oh. I feel that. Actually I sometimes talk about myself in the plural if I’m thinking of a situation that requires me to acknowledge STEVE (Trauma).

Ahhh that’s so cool :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Do they all get along?
Also really cool to to hear about how Cardia describes your subconscious.

I think as lucid dreamers, we spend a lot of time in our minds. We question what reality is (because we must, to do what we do), and maybe that can make us gaslight ourselves? As if we don’t have a grasp on reality. But my dreams have always spoken more truth to me than WL and I dare to call that reality.

And thank you :relaxed:
I used to only draw cats all the time (I was a huge fan of the Warrior Cats books) but I started drawing humans after I met Carol, which was somewhere around 8-9 years ago. I would really love to see if you ever did do some drawings of them. I’ve been trying to do Carol and STEVE justice for years now and with drawing both of them I felt like it took me several years to really start getting my drawings to look like them. I don’t even feel as if my art is very good but I look at where I started and it makes me appreciate where I am now.

Ahhh BAAAH :sob: :relaxed: That actually means a lot to me.

Thank you for sharing all that. It melted my heart, a little.
Somewhat recently, a friend of mine shared a poem with me and something about it just clicked. Like how we can collapse when we find parts of ourselves in other people because we realize that perhaps we are not so different, even if we don’t think other people could possibly understand all our unique experiences. Even when it feels like we’ve been outsiders, or something other than human, the moment we find a glimpse of our self in someone else we remember our shared humanity.

People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef, by Heather Cristle

People love to clean their ears and I love people

very much They are everywhere! Every single

thing I love I love for windows only and if

one window reflects another then friends

for me it’s all over And in the windows are trees

and in the windows are people What are they even doing

with their hunger and in their new shirts They are

taking care of themselves and they are taking each other out

for lunch Oh even the rain has to love them People

are just too attractive! and the rain places itself

on the window in order to be closer to the people

the ones who are eating The ones who are

busting out vigor Oh people You have to love

people They are so much like ourselves…

Thank you for sharing a window.

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Responses in a details because this is practically a full on conversation and may deserves its own thread?

That makes me feel slightly less worried it’d be hard to understand if you know someone who has one. :stuck_out_tongue: And, yea, I’d say we’re very close. Cardia has been around the longest, but Sophia and Lynn have been here for more than 6 years, for sure. A tight knit bunch we are. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be honest… I only dropped their names hoping you would ask because I recognized so much of mine and Cardia et al.'s relationship in your’s and Carol’s and STEVE’s. if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have said anything and just kept quiet about it.

Overtime, I think, all three of them have kind of… drifted towards embodying certain parts of my personality… Cardia the least given she came entirely from a dream and wasn’t actively brought into existence… though maybe we just have a hard time determining what parts of each of us overlap the most… that being said, they’re all facets of myself.

Ah, Projection… something I haven’t really done much with Cardia, Lynn, and Sophia… it’s a lot harder than closing my eyes and giving the Imagination engine in my head a blank slate to work with… That beign said, our conversations in and out of dreams are definitely canonical as you put it. I don’t think they dream independently of me, though… as I explain below. Must be hard for a brain to run more than one dream at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

She has said there’s definitely a difference. When she has a dream body, she is more there in the dream whereas when not (and even for Sophia and Lynn) they’re sort of just tugged around by the nightly turmoil that dreams can be, not really in them, not really in a subconscious place… just sort of part of me. It’s not as unpleasant as always being in my subconscious, from what I understand.

My biggest concern with telling this to people is the worry I’ll come off as if I’m saying “I hear voices in my head” or something… and while that’s technically true… well… I don’t want to weird people out. With dreams, everyone dreams… but most people don’t have imaginary friends past their teens… and even less can visualize things to such an extent that they get sensory feedback. So I’ve been really cautious about talking about them with others.

Thank you, as well. :heart: :heart:

So… yea… back to the LTLT… I had two medium-long dreams this morning! Insanity! And they were both highly detailed and just wow! No LTLT tasks… despite my brain thinking so in the first… Hopefully this bout of lucidity keeps up as I would like to maybe make good on my year-plus-long endeavor for a tea party!

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When reading your dream I was wondering if the FM of the money asking task will now make it to the backlog. Because that’s definitely what I would do xD

I actually looked at the spoilers

I think “DC interaction“ would make for a great new category with potential for many task ideas. I just had this idea right now. Next to that I have a few simple suggestions that are not on the list yet. When I’m free, I’ll compose a PM and keep adding as ideas pop up.


2021-02-26T06:00:00Z: An Upside Down Walk

Objective: Walk on the ceiling inside any building.

Time to channel your inner spider(man?) and take a trip upside down in your own home… or wherever you happen to be. All you have to do is walk on the ceiling inside a building. Maybe try walking up the wall, first?

For reference, the task board can be found here.


I love this idea!

And goodness @Cornelia_Xaos

You’re after my heart on this one. I found out about lucid dreaming through a YA novel in which a character was a lucid dreamer. In the book it was mentioned that he used to have trouble walking through walls and solid objects in dreams and I apparently took that to heart because it’s often given me a challenge haha. My solution to spite the fact that I had trouble going through walls was to walk up the walls onto the ceiling instead, which I think is arguably more fun anyhow.

For reference, the task board can be found here.


I did a Leap Of Faith and earned some points :biggrin:

The LD wasn’t very long, but I think it was a little over 2 minutes. So I’d like 2 points for that. And I grew arms again, which should be worth 4 points. So in total I would like to ask for 6 points, please :smiley:

So I grew arms again, although I actually really like to have a slice of pizza still. The reason is because I got this idea that I can just look at my arms and be transformed already instead of doing a dedicated transformation sequence as an alternative approach to reaching my personal goal. And while I’m looking at a pair of hands anyway, why not grow another one and look at two? :mrgreen:

For reference, the task board can be found here.

Interesting… I’ve never had trouble with going through walls so the idea of walking on the ceiling seemed really fascinating and fun to attempt… interesting to find someone with the opposite problem!

You’re gonna turn the tasks into Reality Checks so you can get all the points, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated the task board and awarded you points, @Marvin. Congrats on your LDs! :grinning:

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