Looking for an educated guess or explanation

Hello everyone! I’ve been having some strange things happen while sleeping recently and I’m very unsure how to even describe them. I’ve read a little bit about LD and SP but I’m still not really up to speed on how to recognize either if I’m actually experiencing them.

Whatever it is I’m experiencing, it’s borderline scary, but I love it. It seems as if my body is in a subconscious sleep state while my mind is aware of what its feeling.

I never have gotten to the point where it’s an out of body experience, it gets really intense and I get scared awake.
Basically the main things I’m experiencing is I drift off to sleep physically while my mind is almost still fully operational, just in a different place. So deep in thought and imagery almost as if I’m inside of a story book living out the words on each page. Then I’ll begin to feel my body grow very heavy and ultimately cease to feel my arms and legs.
I will be very aware of my heart beat as it feels as if its tied into the rhythm of ocean waves. Pretty soon the rest of my body begins to become fluid and anchorless like I’m being pushed back and forth by the ocean currents.
I love the way that that feels, however I begin to ‘feel’ a white noise that starts coming in the same rhythm of the waves.
There is no control over the intensity or pattern they follow and can tend to bring anxiety when it gets very loud and intense. That is about the time I wake up. I’m normally slow to move around after this happens but never really unable to move my body.
Does anyone have any similar stories or experiences to this who can offer me an opinion or guidance?? Like I said I’m very new to this and very curious If its safe or dangerous. I thought maybe it was like what happens when people temporarily stop breathing in your sleep, but then I heard about astral projecting and LD.

Thanks in advance for the help you guys and ladies!!!

First of all, welcome to LD4all! :slight_smile:
What you are describing sounds like you are consciously drifting asleep, this is what every WILD practitioner aims to reach, and you are doing it naturally!
There is nothing to be scared of, and if you manage to stay relaxed during the intense part, you will end up in a lucid dream.

I have moved your post to the #the-stuff-dreams-are-made-of because you are asking about the phenomenon in itself, but if you are interested I would point you to the #quest-for-lucidity and read up on the topics about WILD.

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