Loosing lucidity.

This is so annoying!!! :wallhit:

Whenever i go lucid, for no reason i suddenly get teleported (with no effects, etc.) and loose lucidity, without thinking about it! :wallhit: :wallhit: :wallhit: :wallhit: :wallhit: :wallhit: :wallhit:

Anyone know why this keep happening to me? :help:

Hm perhaps after it happened twice or so, you subconsciously expected it to happen the next time. Dreams are extremely influenced by expectations, intentions and associations, thus it happened again. This again strengthened your subconscious fear, and so you entered a vicious circle… I think you need to convince yourself that it won’t happen again. You can do this by autosuggestion or selfhypnosis. But most importantly, IF it should happen again, don’t give up hope but really believe it will be over soon, if not today then tomorrow. If you know you can get rid of it, you will get rid of it. It’s merely a matter of practice, patience and experience.

Good luck :smile:

I’ve never thought about it until now. In fact i got reminded now, so i actually forgot about it.

Now, applying auto-suggestion/self-hypnosis, how do i perform either in the most effective way?

Maybe you could tell yourself that wherever you get teleported, you’ll still be dreaming, or try and hold on to something in the dream?

Autosuggestion: during the day, but especially when you go to bed, repeat a mantra to yourself, like “in my next LD, I WON’T be teleported”. Keep repeating it until it’s firmly fixed inside your subconsciousness, and until you fall asleep. Autosuggestion might work slower than selfhypnosis, so really do it day after day…
About selfhypnosis: I’ve recently explained it in short in another post (this one)

I dont think you’re supposed to say negative things, because your subconcious doesn’t proccess the “won’t” part. Maybe something like “When I LD I’ll stay in one place”

Yes you’re right… forgot about that :shy: Thanks for correcting me, because it makes a big difference indeed.

WMC, I don’t think that the big problem is to be teleported. It is loosing lucidity after a teleport. So immediatly after having been teleported, you should perform a RC, look at your hands or shout “Lucidity!” (or something like that) in order to increase your lucidity.
Those activities could be induced through autosuggestion. When you go to bed, you relax, then when you’re sleepy, you repeat “In my next LD, I’ll remember to look at my hands” for instance, or you imagine repetitively that you perform one of them. You dont’ have to do it a lot, 20 times is OK.

That’s the problem. I loose lucidity AFTER this teleportation and never again am i lucid.

So you could repeat: “Next time I’m teleported, I’ll perform a RC”. Thus, the next time you are teleported, you perform a RC and become lucid again. :smile:

Put your hands in your pockets and focus on the sensation of the inner cloth lining in your pants. This is an easy way of keeping you focused while you teleport and allows you to bridge your lucidity.

maybe that teleportation could be a FA??, yeah, don’t know…RCs

Pancra88 - The teleportation isn’t a FA. I remain in my dream, but loose lucidity.