Lucid Boredom

Does anyone ever have this? Sometimes I find myself very lucid and in high control in a dream, but it puts me in a bad mood and I wish I would just wake up and it doesn’t occur to me to enjoy myself and I’m stuck there for a long time trapped in a high lucid state and just miserable because I can’t wake up.

Hm, no, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this. It does sound like the solution to your problem is quite simple; just run around and explore, if nothing else. Have you spent too much time lucid, so now you’ve run out of ideas, or does your mind go blank like when on stage, or is there some other reason that you can’t find anything fun to do?
To be honest, I envy all that free LD time you have, even if it’s boring.

Do you find lucid dreams boring even when awake, or does this happen only when you dream? I would simply suggest getting a LD goal, which is fun and entertaining. Once I become lucid, my excitement becomes huge and I start flying, doing magic etc. Can’t say I’m bored :happy:

I do know that feeling in LDs. Sometimes I just get lucid, but can’t come up with anything fun to do nor is there anything fun around me. Even last night I became lucid driving my car. I remembered I wanted to watch to sky in a LD, but it was all clear blue and sunny, so nothing special. After that, the best I could come up with was just hit the gas and speed on the roads. The car didn’t go faster than 110km/h, so not much fun either, especially missing the adrenaline knowing that it’s a dream and can’t get hurt.

When I woke up, I could kick myself for wasting this precious lucid time. I spend so much time trying to get lucid, but because of that almost totally forgot to make a solid lucid dream to do-list.

Ask for ideas, ask for inspirations…THAT WORKS, TRY IT

Thanks I’ll try that. It’s weird that the creativity of the brain in dream state can be so breath taking on one hand, while the conscious part seems to be less active regards to creating and remembering stuff. So perhaps asking the subconscious (over-active) part might not be such a bad idea.

I haven’t had a problem where I want to wake myself up, but I have had a “umm… what do I do now” kind of thing. Having goals will help a lot, it did for me. Participate in challenges like the LC or the monthly Quest, they can be great motivators.

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences interacting with the dream as an intelligence, I learned this from Robert Waggoner’s book.

I say, “Hey, dream, show me something big and important for me to see!”, or, “Hey, dream, what’s beyond this dream?”. I am always wowed by what shows up.

I’ve been bored in a lucid dream before. It happened during an exceptionally long one, I did everything I wanted to do and spawned a computer to browse the “internet” until I woke up. A short while of doing that and I either lost lucidity or woke up.

Or sex…that never wears out :tongue:

Just a thought…but judging from info in Robert Wagonner’s book, lucid healing is possible. If you find yourself bored while lucid, why not try and send out some healing energy to whoever needs it? You may never know if it worked but it is still a worthwhile and spiritual gesture.

I say everytime you complete a goal, if there aren’t any other ones to do, make a new one! And then when you go off to lucid dreaming, you remember your goal :happy:

Anna: You’ve had like 10 lucid dreams and you’ve never completed ANY of your goals

That’s because I haven’t changed it yet to my current one that i’m looking forward to completing :razz: By the way that’s my CALD DC :happy:

Try looking at any of the lists in This see if any ideas spark your mind for i’ve been very interested in having a fire bending fight ever since i saw This or just use your mind and watch a movie and see something you like.

I’ve never been bored in a lucid dream, the possibilities are literally endless!!

I used to get bored in many LDs that I either couldn’t achieve something planned that was very very hard or even spending much time trying to remember what I had planned for the next LD.

I’ve learned that you can use the mnemonics to remind yourself about your plan. The plan itself can be used to remind you about LDing. This means you can do MILD repeating mantras related to what you should do in a LD.

Another technique I created is available here.

(sorry about self promotion, I don’t do it much, so I think I’m forgiven… hoho)

I’ve never been bored in a lucid dream, the possibilities are literally endless!!

endless!! :woah: