Lucid conversation with GOD??

hi, im not sure if im in the right area for this topic but ill go ahead.

i have had lucid dreams in the past but i never really tried to have them deliberatley or concurrently, tho im trying these days so ill let you all know as soon as i strike gold.

i am an atheist so i dont belive in theisim and mabey alot of you dont either, but anyway, im wondering if any experienced LDers have ever attempted to actually meet god while lucid?? if so… i would love to know what happened, if not feel free to try it sometime. If anyone gets there before i do let me know otherwise ill get there eventually and tell all about it :smile: :wink: :content:

If you expect to meet god you will meet the person who you, or you’r mind percieves as god. If you don’t believe god exists, you won’t meet him unless you expect to meet what could be percieved as a god. It’s all a figment of you’r imagination, or rather an illusion created by you’r mind. If a person truly believes in god, he will be able to meet him, and his mind will show him exactly what he believes god to be. Thus, you can not make him think otherwise, he will inevitably believe that he met the true god.

i belive in dream travel as another form of reality, i dont think dreams are all just to do with imagination, there is a trueness to everything and i think if there was such a god that dreams would be the only way to meet him before death.

Im an atheist and I sometimes see jesus im my LDs and NDs… ah the disavantages of a catholic education.
btW: jesus is almost always drunk.

If you had the power to turn water into wine, you’d be drunk all the time too! :tongue:

I attempted to seek God in a LD once.
I went into a small room that had a very large eyeball in … what looked like a window.
The eyeball was staring directly at me, and as I moved it followed me. As I got in front of the eyeball it started to “dart” around and look in all directions. It was kinda spooky. :bored:

DA: maybe that was a way you can think of God, someone who ‘watches’ over eveyrthing.

In my faith they often symbolise God as an eye.

Anyway ive had experiences with God in my LD’s and Astral Projections.

I wont go into the Astral Projections since it causes a lot of ignorant people to mock me since they dont believe me.

At a time where I was questionative about wether God existed, I had a dream once where a little boy with blonde hair, led me to a mirror. Once I got to the mirror, alot of light shed out from it and shone onto me. It felt so warm and wonderful, I didnt have to hesitate but I kind of, knew that this was light from God. Like he had blessed me somehow,.

Another time (this isnt long ago, maybe just over a week), I had a dream where I asked God to guide me (I was lucid already). I saw Jesus wearing a white & light blue robe, with brightness all around Him. He guided me up a staircase, I held his arm as he walked up it,… i felt so honoured and wonderful.

Those are my experiences with God and dreams:)


That’s one way I have interpreted that dream also.

In my dreams it seems Jesus is always wearing a shade of blue. :content:

I have prayed to God in LD’s twice. Second time i think He even replied to me. At least the reply: “Why are you so desperate?” gave me relaxing thoughts during the whole short period of my life where i was struggling what way to go in my life.

And then one other dream when i was in a church and asked from different people where i can find God. Someone hinted that He is in a certain corner of the building. So i started to seek God in this corner, but the LD ended before i could find anything :tongue:

During one ld I was told by a disembodied voice/thought that I was “in the land of Krishna” and that I would someday return (immediately after being told the dream terminated). I had been getting into hare krishna stuff for a while before that so it could have been from my subconscious… only the next time I went round to see my Krishna-loving pals I walked in as someone was reading a text about visiting the land of krishna during dreams. This is not a common theme of their literature so this ‘coincidence’ added weight to my belief that I was in an actual location on some other plane.

A lot of the Krishna folk believe him to be ‘God’, which I would say is a metaphysical mix-up on their behalf. Krishna is God just as much as I, you, and they are God, only his knowledge of this fact is much more advanced. I wouldnt hesitate to say I’d had an encounter with a ‘higher being’ in that dream (perhaps one of the highest) but it still wasnt ‘God’ as in ‘The All’. That God isnt a guy, a girl, a dog or anything else… it is ALL of these things and by virtue of that is seperate from them also.

So I would say that you cannot help but encounter God every time you dream, or in fact when you do anything whatsoever. But to have a CONVERSATION with God would require God to communicate with you via the medium of language and so the best you could achieve is to have a conversation with a ‘higher being’.

wow thies are very stange. personally i haven’t had any dreams with God but they sound intresting.

If I can rant again…(I do this often)…

The problem when people talk about ‘God’ is they put that word into their iconic interpretation of what ‘God’ is. Mostly it’s to the common Religious Dogma that is either misconstrued or just plain wrong. Being a former Atheist (a rather strong one), I still never denied the possibility. After all, who are we to say, a speck in the infinite sea of the Universe that doesn’t even know how it came into it’s own existance, that God didn’t play a part?

I see God more as The Force in Star Wars, an ever-pervading energy that is the basis for every single unit of Existance. It’s a Force, just like Gravity, but it’s the fundamental basis of all other Forces. It’s interpreted and experienced by the Human mind as the emotion of Love. But the paradox is that this infinite Light also has individuality and it’s Love is pointed directly at me. I am an extension of God, but still independent and unique (but still One).

The thing is, we’re not meant to understand it, simply accept it…and that’s where Faith comes in. Science needs it just as much as Spirituality.

My experiences of God in Dreams have been mostly conversations…but no words were spoken, in the conventional sense. I was never told it was God, I simply knew. Anybody would know Him, even an Atheist. I cannot explain what it’s like because I cannot explain what Love is, it must be experienced. Therefore, God must be experienced to be proven of it’s existance…you can’t replicate that in a laboratory though.

Sorry, I’m bent on interpreting Dreams lately…that seems to me like ‘The All Seeing Eye.’ Very cool.

God in pretty much all Spiritual beliefs is related to the two fundamentals in the Universe; Light and Love. :smile:

Yeh… .well its hard to know if you just, dont, know. I think that its possible, that we cannot just talk TO God, since He is not a man, or a specific, one entity. He is EVEYRHTING… I think. So tlaking to a higher entity would be the way to go… I agree with Lebowsk1!

Ego Tripper, I agree with the love and light concept:)


He is an old man with a beard.


Dont forget the moustache.

I was serious about that.
It says in the bible that god can be found within a cloud, and he is an old man with a beard, I am sure it is white (hair and beard).

Shaving your beard is a baaaad thing:)

I was serious too. In the latest bible translation into Chineese they have added a moustache to God’s appearance.