Lucid Dream Activator

While searching on the net I’ve found a new type of lucid dream induction device. It is powered by magnetism and sacred geometry (this is what makes me skeptic about it).

You can find the whole article here:

To me this sounds like just another commercial product with little or no real value, only to make some people rich. Any thoughts?

Theres a guy in Canada or States(cant rem) who uses magnetic field to induce obe like experiences.hes name is dr Persinger and he was quite succesfull with it.
I guess playing with magnetic field is a nice idea.I dont know about thaa geometry tho

Providing it’s not horrendously expensive, I’d probably be willing to give it a try. I can’t help but question the significance of magnetism when it comes to lucid dreaming, but it’s certainly more appealing than the mixture of sugar, flour, water and salt proposed in a different thread. :wink:

I’ll visit the site when I get home.

Mystic sounds very very commercial to me…but ehm who is paying Atheists expense lol…
Ok Atheist sell 2 crocks and from that money buy a load of magnets and tell us…
To be honest i think its more a money cut then a lucid shortcut…
But ok i wont complain lol

But its true it will beat that horrible lucid not working drink!
ouch ouch :tongue: yuck mega yuck lol


Lol I think almost anything will beat that “horrible lucid not working drink” :smile:
Considering the price of this thing:

If anyone should buy it, please tell us your experiences. Perhaps this really works :eh:

Lol Atheist will test it…man all that magnetic energy will make him levitate while he sleeps…lol.


lol tonight I’m stealing a magnet from my refrigerator and placing it under my pillow!

Lol infection u do that ehm use the polarity of the poles then right ok!
If a magnet works then only with the poles right or it could also work as an anti lucidity!

I will ask Magneto from the X-men to help me out lol
to magnetize me into lucidity :cookiemon:


wahh what do i do with the polarity?

lol no idea witch side of the poles is the good side but one of them should be in line with your body…understand…i only dont know witch pole south or north :neutral:


meh. I’m not sure which pole is which, but now I’m reversing it. 0 Dream recall. Imagine that.

The guy i mentioned before was sticking his magnets to side of the head and a little bit on the side of forehead.Hope it helps:)

Then still lol you need to know what is the south or north pole lol
That makes a big change in effect if it should work!

Lol its almost like i would buy magnets and try out and tell you here hehe


do you have a picture? Not that I could tape magnets to my forehead in my house… my parents would throw me out…

Nonsense - just tell them you’re magnetizing your brain so you can better control your dreams each night. That ought to set them straight.

My parents would probably think I’d gone mad if I did that too. I generally don’t mention lucid dreaming around them. They haven’t an idea what it is, and it would be safest to keep it that way, just in case they decide to go small-minded on me :bored:


Infection of course u can do that…and if they ask why, you say its to impress your date lady magneto :grin:


Yeah, same here DS…I’ve never mentioned it around them and I don’t plan to, in the event they decide it’s evil or something.
Realistically there’s nothing wrong with it, but logic isn’t always strongest in parental cases…

if she’s got the same fashion sense as the guy magneto, forget her!! :huh:

can I let out a frustration here? Just now I was cooking scrambled eggs for myself (yeah I burned them…) because our store bought rotisserie (did I spell that right?) chicken got carried away by ants. It was really disgusting, they all got trapped in the chickenfat and died. :angry:

sorry if that grossed out you “high end” people who have money to rid yourselves of pests while I wallow in them. BLEH!!

Thanks for listening.

you got humour Infection0 i like that :happy:
Lol men supose u would go to school with magnets attached to your head heheheheh would be so funny and silly looking :grin: