lucid dream lobby

i was thinking about this idea i’ve came up with because of this recurring dream i had. the dream is about me at this mall like place. it has people there. it also has different stores or entry ways to different genre of dreams. it is always random.

so i’ve been thinking about always going to this place to pic my dream type everytime i become lucid. I want to know if any of you guys have made something like this. sorta like a dream lobby.
it will be cool if you guys share how your lobby, or whatever you guys call it, is like. I would love to here it.

Wow that sounds really freakin cool! I never even thought of that, tell me if im doing something wrong, when I go to sleep all I do is watch the colors, and than I start getting random thoughts going through my head, MILD sounding voices every minute. so its not often… than thats when my mind starts to fall asleep/I end up getting distracted by a thought and I allow the thought to continue and than thats when I forget im on my bed and I usually end up not remembering anything, or I remember the middle of my dream, but no lucidity.

ONCE i stayed mentally awake and i saw the dream just PHASE in, very vivid colors, but than I woke up 7 hours later only remembering the dream phasing in. THATS ALL not even what it turned into

don’t know what to say. im far from being an expert. :happy:

Hmm, you reminded me of the picture I saw on one forum. I don’t know the name of the artist that made it but it’s awesome.

Here’s the picture!

Btw. awesome idea!

I had a dream “lobby” once, in a very peculiar LD of mine. I don’t really know what to call it…It was a foresty semi-circle room with 5 rainbow-splattered doors (I hope you know what I mean by that…odd colors all around it). The first door led to the Playhouse (my community theatre, I’m often there in dreams). The second led to a past life. The third and fourth to my heart’s desires. And the fifth to the dreamscape. Not quite as diverse as a shopping mall :content: Very interesting idea, though. I’ll have to try this!

The Lucid Crossroads had the same theme. We have some lucid crossroad topics and there is also a website made by the Pantalimon the member who came up with the idea.

can you tell me about this website it’s probably best to have a look around, since there is quite a bit of artwork on it.

Also on LD4all lucid crossroads at last and the big lucid crossroads topic