Lucid Crossroads at last!

Those who know me probebly know about my lucid experiement called the Lucid Crossroads a website that presents images and descriptions of a shared dream space that all who lucid dream should be able to reach and meet in.

Well since putting up the site I’ve been unaturally unlucid and acheived poor short lived lucids when I have had sucess. I not managed to reach the Crossroads in these short lucids, however this morning I did! :grin:

I was dreaming I was Spock (this could have been due to seeing the Avatar of that new guy in the forum) from StarTrek and I was suffering from some alien drug that had knocked out the rest of the crew. I stood up and staggered off to get to the bridge. I took a lift upto where I thought the bridge.

The doors opened and I got out into a room that Scotty was in, I walked upto him and he started to speak and I became lucid with no mental effort. I was going to start my usual babbel about “look I’m lucid” sort of speach to Scotty but then rememberd to increase my lucidity. I held my hand upto Scotty to stop him talking then I spun round and looked at my hands.

I also rembered to try and deepen my lucid state as I didn’t want to wake early like I had been doing. I closed my eyes and just saw formless light for a while relaxing myself and cutting off from excitment and distraction. Well it really seemed to work as I when I opened my eyes I didn’t have that nagging feeling I could wake at any moment.

I then realised I should try and get to the Lucid Crossroads, I opened the lift doors wanting to walk out into the Crossroads via the doors at the Crossroads. It didn’t work and I realised I was rushing it {not concentrating and thinking “I will walk through this door and out into the Crossroads”}. I paniced abit and tried to summon a special badge I’d thought up that could transport myself there, I forgot my own adivce on the site about putting my hands behind my back so I couldn’t summon the badge.

I quickly decide to close my eyes and relax again. Whilst my eyes were closed I just imagined the Crossroads from the air, as soon as I did that I just let the floor of the room I was stood on drop away from me. When I opened my eyes I was there!

Admittedly I was thousands of feet falling through the air, it was great I’ve never been able to fly in my lucids before and If I’m truthful I think I was stylishly falling rather than actual superman flying.

It felt great and I think the excitement and the noise outside my window contributed to my awakening! “Rats!” I did have a good look at the Crossroads on the way down however and I wasn’t far away from landing. Its a big step forward however! :alien: and I’m sure it will make my next journeys far easier.

Stylishly falling! LOL, that reminds me of something, I want to say Darkwing Duck. Sounds familiar somehow…

Anyways, congrats on making it to your designed setting. I’ve always found Teleportation to be a little difficult. You have to unfocus your attention from the current setting but at the same time try not to wake up. Back when I used to try Teleportation more often, I’d sometimes use the Blinking method, by closing my eyes to eliminate the current dream setting but quickly open them again so I don’t lose the dream entirely.

hi, your project sounds like a really nice idea. cool dream too.

what’s the address?

I just visited his Crossroads site. It looks pretty cool, with really good graphics. It’s at … ssroad.htm

Thanks for that Monitor199a.

Pantalimon - that is a great site you have there. I really love the graphics you’ve created. I will try and visit that place next chance I get. Anyway, I have my own site exploring the role of dreams in creating peace in this world.


I’ve only just started, but hopefully will have alot of good content in the future. The thing is I’ve got a fair bit of spare space, so if you are interested I would be very happy to host your site. Tell me what you think.

Thnaks for the praise explora and Monitor199a.

I’ve popped over to your site explora and your right it could do with some more content :content:

Feel free to take any of the images and the text from the site or take the whole site. As long as you name it the Lucid Crossroads (so if any other person meets a dreamer in dream time they will be able to search and find us on the net) I don’t mind.

You could choose to re-write the text in another way if you wish as long as the principle remains the same. Also a link to the original (my) Crossroads site would be good.

For me its all about getting as many dreamers as possible to have seen, read download the desktops, printed out the images, played the movies etc. The more dreamers who try to visit the same place every night the more chance we all have of bumping into each other. Thats why I see my part and others as trying to get the site as highly ranked as possible or giving away the content to other sites who want it. :wink:

All this goes for anyone else who wants to use the site (as long as you tell me what your going to do).

I’m not saying you have to name your overall site the Lucid Crossroads, just when you refer to the imges or place in any text you create :smile:

Hi again.

Hmm… the site is pretty content free at the moment :smile: . But, i’m working on it. I already have alot of info that I wanna put up there, but it will take some time.

If its okay, I’d like to keep the content exactly the same. I haven’t got access to all your files, but if you wanna transfer it, I can setup an account so you can put it up.

I am thinking it would be a good way to promote both concepts. Anyway, email me if you are interested in this.

I searched the internet for Lucid Crossroads the other day and it came up with some message boards where you were telling other people about it. That’s how I found the link. It was pretty interesting to see the conversations about LD’s in a non-LD forum. I especially like the part where someone orders you not to meddle with “the dark forces”! LOL! :happy:

I thought that the site needed some through put and attention as the idea hinges on lots of people trying to visit it, so I decided to spread the word.

That guy was a complete loon, I tried talking normally to him, in the end I just had to rip his idiot posts appart! :grrr:

Pop’s a calm pill ahhhh :content:

Don’t forget, anger leads to the Dark Side… :smile:

Hey, last night i had a lucid dream, and i haven’t had much to do in them lately so i decided to try and go to good one using the lucid crossroads. i was in a house and i saw a door and remembered the advice u gave about coming through a door at the crossroads. so i go to the door and open it expecting to come out through the doors there. just as i open it my nephew comes up behind me(he is 2 years old) and cries because he wants to come with me, even though it was a ld i couldn’t stand that loud crying so i picked him up and took him through the door with me, to my suprise I CAME OUT AT THE LUCID CROSSROADS. it was EXACTLY like you had it on your site except it was a little misty like it was about to get dark outside. there were two ppl in there wearing black suits and black hats. i didn’t think to talk to them at the time and went over to the table where the ppl write messages. there was somthing written on the paper, it said" him was here"(i guess that doesn’t mean much). so then i go to the front desk but that blue guy and girl wern’t there, it was actually my father and he looked kind of drunk. i didn’t pay any attention to it and tell him that i want to have the best LD i ever had when i went through the door. he says no problem and i open the door.

I don’t want to bore you with the long post of the ld but i’ll say it was the BEST and longest ive ever had, and was very stable, didn’t feel like i was going to wake up at any time and i never lost lucidity till the end, i was even able to fly which ive never been able to do.

Just wanted to tell you that i made it there and THX FOR CREATING THIS PLACE.~Happy dreaming, jason

^ That’s really cool! It sounds like the two custodians at Lucid Crossroads were skipping duty! :grin: Maybe they should be fired.

LOL, yea they should

Well done man. I’d be interested to hear a little more about what kind of stuff you got up to after you went through the door.

OK then, here goes:

         After i went through the door of the Lucid Crossroads i came out in this house(ive never seen this house before in my life, but i had the impression in the dream that it was my cousin's house) so when i first came through the door the first thing i noticed was that it was Very clear and vivid, it was the closest to RL my dreams have ever been, so i started walking through the house trying to get to outside. it was a real big house and it took like 5 minutes for me to get to the front door, i was fully lucid the whole time. on the way i was observing everything and it seemed so real. so i went outside and it started to rain, that never happened in my lds before and i was suprised at how well my brain simulated the feeling.  This whole time i still had my nephew with me so when i got outside i decided to take him flying.  ive never been good at flying but this time i got like 20 feet off the ground and accidently dropped my nephew.   my heart almost dropped but i looked down and he was flying better than i was(LOL).  so with my lack of concentration on flying i fell to the ground.  

         So i kept flying for another ten minutes and when i finished i landed on top of this building. There were rocks on the floor and the building was grey. i then saw my mother and father standing there, they were both wearing all black(weird...just like those guys that were at the crossroads except without the hats) so i grabbed there hands, and started jumping real high like moon people, they were having so much fun.then either my memory fades of what happened after or my dream ended cause i didn't wake up right after the dream, i dreamt till i woke up :bored: , but i remebered everything very clearly so im happy.

          This was the best ld ive had so far but didn't have much to do because the only thing on my list was to go to the crossrads.  Im gonna make a list for next time so i'll have lots to do.~Happy Dreaming, Jason

Cool, gr8 to hear.

I have a mad illustration deadline to meet for tuesday morning so I can’t fully reply as yet but I will as soon as its over. Really glad it was the spring board for a good LD, that what its all about!

oh ok, i’ll wait for your reply

Cool Jason

Your the first one to actually walk in the Crossroads, I’ve only managed to fall in the sky above and someone else passed in a car that wouldn’t stop.

I’ve just emailed you asking to use your discription of the crossroads and the lucid dream that followed. I had a lucid dream myself this morning but I couldn’t find a door to walk through and had forgot all my tricks as my recent lucids have been quite low level, I will make it back however and give the receptionists a peice of my mind for leaving their posts.

Cheers Pantalimon

Put the receptionists in a gladiatorial arena and force them to fight to the death. Trust me, it’s the only way they’ll ever learn. Or at least one of them will.