Lucid Dreaming in 7 Days

First off, I’m new to this forum and I want to say a quick hi to everybody :smile:. I really like this community and the information it has to offer! I hope to see a lot of you around here.

So I have an entire week off from school and I figured that this would be the perfect time to commit myself to having a lucid dream. I read in the ld4all tutorial that vacations are a great time to start this journey. I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a while, and I’ve tried various techniques… But my efforts have been scattered.

I’ve been keeping a dream journal for about two weeks, and I’ve remembered a total of 9 dreams.

My goal is to have my first LD by the end of this break. So that gives me one week-- 7 days.

Night of Day 1

What I’m going to do tonight, day 1, is aim for a WILD. I am going to use some progressive relaxation techniques that I’ve learned, as well as some simple breathing meditation. I’m going to count my breaths. I’m not going to try too hard to actually enter a dream, rather I am going to focus on relaxing and being aware of HI. I’ve learned from experience that as soon as you start focusing on the end result-- the LD-- and not the process, everything becomes extremely difficult.

Welcome to LD4all! First, I’d just like to say good luck, and don’t give up if you don’t get it by the end of the week. Next, I’d like to point you to the Lucid Warp program, which is a one week long program designed to get you lucid. I’d recommend you supplement what you’re doing with it.

All the Best,

Welcome and Good Luck ! :happy:

Welcome to the site! It is nice to see that you have a lot of determination; and I am sure you will succeed. I wish you all the best; and do keep us updated.

I really admire your determination. Welcome to the forum :smile:
And good luck this week! Lucky! you have this week off… :neutral:

good luck ! the thing is don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but if you really believe you will have an LD, then you have 99% of chances to have it.

At least this week will be a good week for you to understand a bit how you work in your dreams :smile:

Welcome :smile: Sounds like a good goal.

Thank you all for the encouragement and welcomes! I am very grateful. The following is a log entry for last night. I think I’m going to follow that Dream Warp program, however, as it seems like this path has already been laid out.

In accordance with the Dream Warp program, today I’m going to read other’s LDs and get even more motivated. Also, I’m going to hold affirmative that I WILL have a lucid dream. I expect to. If I don’t it’s not the end of the world, but I’m holding myself to that expectation that I will.

Morning of Day 1

Last night was interesting. I remember having a total of 4 dreams. That’s because I kept waking up and trying to WILD again (without the use of an alarm clock). I lost a lot of sleep. I went to sleep around the time I posted that I just woke up about 10 minutes ago.

It was pretty frustrating. I originally kept laying there and waiting for HIs and nothing would happen. Even when I was very relaxed, I would just drift off to sleep.

I do recall having this scary dream in which I was on a train platform and this man and woman were taking pictures with each other. I offered to take their picture and the man said “That has already been done. How can you do what has already been done?” This kind of made sense in my dream (it baffles me now lol)… But the scary part was he stared at me after he said that. And he wouldn’t stop starting at me. His stare was so intense and felt so full of evil, I immediately felt scared and I said to myself “Wait a second, this must be a dream.” Instead of going lucid, however, I woke up!

Does anybody have any guidance? Much appreciated!

Getting from “normal silly dream mind” to “hey, this must be a dream!” is the most important part of any DILD :tongue: so you got really really close, in fact, you can almost say you did it :woo: Just keep trying and you’ll get to that same state of questioning the reality and get lucid!

mainly one of the things that can be the most frustrating thing about it, is that people always say “believe that you can do it, and you can.”
this is 100% true, but people actually have trouble believing in themselves.
this is just a helpful tip, you not only need to believe in yourself, but to have faith.
faith as in, what you believe in will happen, that you have NO doubt that it can, and will happening.
next, as for the not having HI, this is normal if you have some of the corrosponding things happen:
A: your looking through your eyes, and not with your mind.
to pevent this: you must forget your eyes, to think, and not see, to do this, take your eyes off your mind, think about something, anything besides this, if your trying to WILD, then i would suggest thinking about yourself walking down a staircase while counting your breaths, it seems to help with inducing HI
B: your breathing is irregular, your breathing to hard, or your moving your eyes.
to prevent this: stop moving your eyes completely, to help with this, you can close your eyes, and roll your eyes in your head in large circles, almost to where it aches as you do it, but when you stop, keep your eyes shut, this will relax your eyes, so they stay in one spot unless moved. if your breathing is irregular, or your breathing too hard, just check to see if this is happeing once in a while, and if it isnt, then your fine.
C: you arent relaxed enough.
to prevent this:exercise before going to sleep, take a hot shower, work out, anything to release the energy built up through to day, and even make you tired, being tired will make you less focused, but will induce HI, and sleep paralysis faster.
any other issues, just post them here.

XwolfbroX, thank you very much for the advice!

I think my Day 2 will sum all of this up. The “seeing with your mind, not your eyes” is a big one for me… I’ve been looking with my real eyes, not my mind’s eye!

Day 3

Today has been mostly doing the Day 3 exercise in the Lucid Warp program. I started getting pretty close to guessing the time!

I still want to focus on using my “mind’s eye” rather than my own eyes when going to sleep, as posted earlier. I’m also going to continue to practicing relaxing more… I’ve been trying to stay very tranquil today, especially right now as I’m getting closer and closer to going to sleep. I just found out that iTunes has radio channels, and I love the ambiance ones. They’re awesome for relaxing to.

So I’ve been slacking a little bit. I’ve been sick lately and I just didn’t feel like logging anything and getting up in the middle of the night to attempt to WILD.

I’m going to get right back on track though!

Just believe in yourself and you wont even need to try to LD^^ A bit hard to explain.

Interesting experience…

I remember waking up with my glasses on and it being sunny outside. It felt very vivid and I thought it was real and I went back to sleep. I didn’t realize how impossible this was until I woke up in the morning.

I wasn’t aware that it was a dream, so I guess that doesn’t count as an LD :sad:.

Oh my god! I feel so sorry for you! :happy: I hope you’ll realize next time.

So I had my first lucid dream last night!!! :happy:

Even though I stopped posting here, I didn’t give up. I realized that I was trying a little too hard, and after talking to a few people about this I decided to stop logging my attempts every night. I still keep a dream journal though.

I remember waking up in my room and knowing it was a dream. The quality was okay, it still had this dream-like feel to it but I remember being conscious and aware. I went downstairs and thought “I forgot my hat and gloves! Hmmm, maybe I can materialize them if I close my eyes.” I did and I felt a hat appear on my head! No gloves though. Oh well.

I stepped outside and I was on my block. Every little detail was there, including all the snow! It was night time and it was beautiful outside. I remember getting very excited that I was having a lucid dream. I started to feel the quality starting to fade, so I… I don’t remember exactly how I did this, but I spun. I also tried yelling “lucidity now!” Things got a little better and more stable.

Then I remembered how badly I wanted to try flying, so I practiced leaping up in the air. The first time it didn’t work too well… I didn’t go very far. After a few times I remember closing my eyes, leaping up in the air, and flying! I flew to my roof (which I have never been on top of).

I was across the street from my house and I remember there were a few people walking towards me. I didn’t think they’d mind if I flew, so I leaped up into the air and closed my eyes again. When I opened them I was in the air, much higher then before! I flew high above the city and it was so beautiful. I looked up at the moon and thought about flying there. The distance between earth and the moon felt MASSIVE though, so I got very scared. I decided to land back down to earth.

And that’s when I was woken up by one of my dogs barking.

Congrats!! :smile: It’s really amazing you did it that quickly! And flew as well. I’m definitely trying Lucid Warp now.

Wow I agree, congrats on getting a wonderful LD as your first! I had one last night, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed in flying, although it was my first/second attempt to fly. I’ll try your way and close my eyes when I jump, because I was looking at the ground when I tried, and that’s probably why it didn’t work :razz:

hmm kind of interesting how you did it in seven days (or more, im not really counting), but i admit, i dont really try to have LD’s that often, but now that spring breaks here, i can get back into it :grin:

ive been reading through posts now and again, and ive tried this several times, just to see if it would work, and it has some suprising results.
when you compare your lucid world to the normal reality, lucid dreaming seems impossible, and the same goes for everything in it.
your subconscious mind is completely aware of this, its used to things just being impossible.
you need to reverse this process, and in turn, be able to do more things in lucid dreams, such as fly easier, run faster than you normally would, or even lift a car.
ive found that people with low imaginative abilities (not a very active imagination) tend to have troubles with this, becouse they cant find themselves doing all this in thier normal lives.
im not saying go run outside and try lifting your car, but try to imagine yourself doing all these things to get more used to the idea of doing them, so it becomes easier to do in a lucid dream