Lucid Dreaming is FAKE

Just read the post. Don’t skip it because you think I’m just mad because I can’t have an LD. I am a former member (The reason i’m not telling you who is because i lied about LDing a few times, sorry) who finally was able to have a LD… NOT. I realized I was inside of a dream. I tried everything! Going to the Lucid Crossroads, making the Purple Gorilla disappear (long story), throwing a fireball, Screaming wake up (I couldn’t talk) ALL I COULD DO WAS MOVE! I HAD NO POWER. Plus I decided to check the science on Lucid Dreaming. Turns out no science can prove LDing is real. LDing has nothing to do with the fluids that paralyze you during sleep, like someone told me. The theories aren’t even scientific. The on thing that might prove an LD is real is if they manage to create the machine that can change the brainwave during sleep to image so you can literally watch someone’s dream. If someone can find ANY science backing up LD’s then, by all means, show me.

…gosh i’m gonna miss this place… please somebody prove me wrong… … /proof.jpg

Read the “Breathtaking Experiment” Right here on LD4all

What about Stephen Laberge’s work?

Just because you haven’t been able to have a LD doesn’t mean it’s fake.
As for the science… There has been plenty of scientific research done proving LD’s - so I suggest you do some better research :tongue: for example the work of Stephen Laberge, Keith Hearne and Paul Tholey, to mention a few names.
LDing doesn’t mean controlling everything. Lucid dreaming is being conscious of the fact you are dreaming. And listening to your story, you have indeed had a LD, even though you couldn’t control anything.

Well, LDingisfake - I wish to assure you, first of all, that no one here will have ANY problem if you come back with your former forum name. No one is angry because you lied - seriously, we’d rather have you with us, trying to lucid dream, a part of the lucid dreaming community rather than hiding because you have once told a lie (or a few)

Secondly, I can’t understand why you don’t assume moving as a power in lucid dreaming. You can’t move in normal dreams, can’t you? So why intenitonally moving in a lucid dreaming (which you don’t do every night) isn’t a power?

And Thirdly, even if you don’t believe the many accounts of people (and they may indeed be fake) and if you are too lazy to search for yourself, try this.

Also, there was a very interesting program on BBC HORIZON a few months back, and they were talking about the science of lucid dreaming, unfortunately I only turned it on during the last few minutes and missed most of it.

Also, if Lucid Dreaming is fake, then, might I ask, why are dreams when we are not aware that we are dreaming (and have no control), so very different from those were we are. You have obviously had a lucid dream as you were aware you were dreaming, I’m sorry you had no control over it though, but that happens to everybody, even last night I wasn’t completely in control for part of the dream… (very frustrating!!)

/me goes off to look up Stephen Laberge

LDisfake , Keep up the good work! You had a Low-Lucid level and you are on the right track.
Do not feel bad about lying. We people create illusinary beings that are ourselves to show them to our outer society, usualy, We exagurate and we draw ourselves as more than we really are (In some ways).
Don’t feel bad about it, and if you want, I am starting a project for all the “still not lucid” one’s to have their 1st lucid. Contact me.

Very few people can control everything in their first LD. Even for people who have had lucid dreams for many years, they are usually shorter and blurrier than we would like. A failing voice is a very common dream sign for me!

This is a theory i have never heard before. Where did you read that? Try this or the content and links in this.

Exactly which techniques works the best, and how many lucid dreams one can get from them, is something that varies greatly from person to person. Recall varies a lot, too. You will never see identical records of lucid dreams. Could it be that you have been exposed only to the more fantastic stories, of dreams that lasts for years and building worlds from scratch? It isn’t like that for most people. It is certainly not something to expect from a first LD! I have never had a LD like that, but i have had many enjoyable lucid dreams.

I am curious though, did the dream stories you made up affect your normal dreams in any way? Did you dream about purple gorillas and not become lucid? The reason i ask this is that i have used this as a dream incubation technique sometimes: imagining to write something down in my DJ even if i haven’t dreamt it yet. Often the theme would show up in a normal dream later so i could write it down for real.

Totally with siiw, I didn’t lucid for about a year and I am having troubles luciding back (Have only FLD or Low Lucidity) and I am still working on it.
But it is easier because I know what technique works best for me :smile:
B.T.W Siiw, Pre-Invented dream works all the time for me and more than that is pre-invented object / place / etc…
Writing my story was not possible without the Pre-INV. I can post the technique here but it is pretty simple and trivial. (i think).

stephen laberge proved lucid dreaming long time ago, when many scientists thought that lucid dreaming is a paradox and impossible. he asked the the subject to move his eyes left and riaght when he becomes lucid and this could be confirmed in EEG.
coming to lucid crossroads and shared dreaming, no one has ever proved shared dreaming, though there have been acnedotes and it may depend on your personal bekiefs.
coming to dream control(that gorilla stuff) , you need to have a lot of practice. try checking out a few dream control techniques.your belief also counts a lot.

Hey, guys it me. I was slow to bring back this account because on my DJ I fudged about having an LD when I was in 2nd grade. I’m glad to be back. But anyway, not all of the stuff on this site can be real. I’m Christian and pasQuale said that you can get a glimpse of your past life… no way. And meet your Spirit Guide… that’s just weird. And hugging a Nightmare? That one cracked me up. So, some of this has to be made up. I also don’t think you can meet other people in your LD’s. Seriously THAT can’t be proved.

I honestly find this thread a little offensive.
Can you honestly say that the people on this forum are lying? Are you saying that people make up the stories from there DJ’s and there accounts of Lucid Dreams?
I think that you should think your own opinions over and read the research on Lucid dreaming, maybe read a book or two, before you go posting rash, ignorant threads like this, just because you think you cant do it, which is entirely your own fault, the first thing you HAVE to do to lucid dream is to be motivated and belive that YOU can lucid dream and the you WILL lucid dream if you follow the steps on this website, and other like it. So next time, think, before you go posting things like this and messing with all of subconsciouses of this great forum. :neutral:

really, you didn’t need to lie. just because you didn’t have control doesn’t meen its fake. i have had like a minute LD, had no control, and haven’t gotten lucid since. i keep trying though

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Look mate, lucid dreaming is by no means “fake.” If you ignore LaBerge’s work, you’re still faced with the legions of Lucid Dreamers who have experienced this phenomenon. I was highly skeptical of it at first because of its loose affiliation with psychic/New Age gobbledygook. However, it’s very much real. Just because you didn’t have success with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; that’s a very childish and egotistical method of thinking.

If you choose to pursue dreaming further, watch this. Berlin is extremely knowledgeable about LDing, and his advice is invaluable.

EDIT: Never mind. Thought you were a troll. >_<

Hey man. :smile:

Concerning past lives, spirit guides etc. You can give them the meaning you want to. No one is trying to brainwash you. These kinds of experiences are often powerful, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to convert to shamanism in order to practise them. Sometimes the effects are just plain humorous. My first spirit guide was another member of the forum! In another dream, I kissed the angel of death!

I’ve talked to great-grandparents who are dead, though I don’t have any particular belief in channeling or spirit worlds or anything. See: if all else fails, you can always label all these experiences as dialogues with your subconscious mind: that’s what most people do. There’s no need to change beliefs just to practise some creative dreaming. Which leads me to my second point.

I’ll be nitpicky about two things: first, to lucid dream is to realise you’re dreaming, and thus break the fourth wall of the dream, or in other words, it’s to experience disbelief and critical thinking within a dream. In that sense, you did lucid dream. Second: what you are able to do with your dreams is a matter for a lot more practises than just lucid dreaming. Being lucid usually helps you gain confidence to control the environment of your dream, but just like there are regular dreams where you can fly, there can be lucid dreams where you’re stuck to the ground, period.

This forum has two points. The first (roughly embodied by the first section of the forum) is to help people achieve lucidity, and believe you me, this is the toughest part. You’ve gone past that: congratulations. Now comes the easier part: provided you can get lucid, let’s do some cool stuff. Doing cool stuff within dreams is not called “lucid dreaming”: it’s called “creative dreaming”.

I, for one, do most of my dream stunts without any lucidity, through a different set of techniques called “incubation”. I use my lucidity to play with the plots and narratives of my dreams. In that sense, the two things I do the most (and enjoy doing) in my lucid dreams are to role play as if I had no powers, and to find a way of losing my lucidity after doing something crazy: in order to see where things head to if I have no control over them.

The forum is full of discussion as to what can you do after you get lucid. Some people specialise in teaching (or testing) some things. Word has it that Q is a great flying teacher. :smile: You should look the Adventures and the Lab for tips on how to gain confidence, and how to pull of the stunts you want to so badly. Last but not least, you might want to try doing cool stuff without being lucid (it’s harder for most — but perhaps it works best for you). In this case, I suggest you dig General Lucidness, Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, and run a couple searches for the terms “incubation” and “visualization”.

Now, now. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t downplay your one success as a lifetime failure. Don’t give up because it took you this much to do the hardest part. You’re leaving the forum at about the point things start to get fun and interesting for you!— why would you do that?

maybe they mean in relation to this world, it is fake ? as in, fantasy

I’m glad you are back with your true account.
I think with the past life comment you meant one of the old quests?
Well this depends on the person’s beliefs. I think that probably a lot of these dreams are incubated and not actually past lives.
Spirit guide also depends on belief. I prefer to describe it as a ‘dream guide’ that is really part of your own subconsious.
Hugging a nightmare? Well you can do anything in a dream :happy:

Shared dreaming … I believe it’s possible but rare.

As for your old DJ … it is possible for you to edit some posts yourself or if you pm me I can remove the post/s for you. Though it’s probably so far back in the DJ forum no one would see the posts :smile:

Dreams are, of course, affected by what you believe in. If you don’t believe that lucid dreams are true, if you don’t try anything, nothing will happen.

Simple as that.

we can only learn to learn from learning ,

we can only learn to find harmony with our surrounding ,

to go inside when someone says no to an idea causes a lot of what is coming up right now , and apparent disparity :yinyang:

is this user even real :wink: ?

i like to trust everyone, but my intuition as highest, and someone else can explain why