Lucid dreaming personal stats

Hey, I just created a excel table to keep track of all my dreams and LDs. Allows you to essentially track your own progress and see if you’re improving over time with the amount you can recall and for how many LDs you have.

I’ve done an example of some made up statistics for an entire year.

Welcome for anyone to use/adjust ect.

Download link :smile:

All you need is Microsoft Excel.

Are you keeping a DJ as well? (I don’t read too many DJs on here, so I forget, sorry…) I remember Mimmo_O giving me a table of something similar to track LDs and their quality that he used as a replacement for a DJ.

Might be interesting to see how many I actually have (and I expect I’d have a few more using such a table to track them, since it would have a few small elements of both a DJ and a progress journal). I might check it out! I’ll probably add something for FLDs as well, since I tend to get a lot of those, and I aim to work more on turning those into better LDs.

Edit: Sorry, just saw that you do keep one. ^^;

Not to put you down cause the excel sheet is cool, but have you seen the Liquid Dream software? It’s a computerized DJ that tracks a lot of stuff like DreamSigns.

I use Onenote or Evernote to keep track of my dreams and my experiences ( also have a paperback notebook - ). That’s more than enough for me (I haven’t tried out other programs for recording and keep track of my dreams / LDs) :wink:

I’d looked at the Liquid Dream stuff, and it looked really complicated. I couldn’t handle that much organization. It’s too split up. This is a chart to track how many LDs and NLDs you’ve had. It’s not a DJ in and of itself. I said that Mimmo_O gave me something very similar that he’d made and thus used in replacement for a DJ, but this isn’t a DJ. I downloaded it, and I like the simplicity and the layout.

Now just to get myself to keep a decent DJ again so I remember dreams again… My recall’s bad for even when I usually don’t keep a DJ. It’s probably because work is making me want to fall in bed and just sleep. (Though I should get back my self-restraint and get myself to bed at a decent time again. Was doing great with that before… yawn)

Meh, Im just counting my LD freQuency per month once in a year and put the results in the Lab section so people here (and I) can keep track on my LD rate :razz: