Lucid dreaming vs telepathy

I was thinking…

Imagine if telepathy or mindreading was a 6th sense or something you could learn…

If two persons knew how to become lucid and know how to manage telepathy, theoretically they could both meet up in one single dream:)

How cool wouldnt it be to fly around or save the world with a friend and talk about it afterwards? :smile:

You mean like a multiplayer game? That would be kind of fun… I’d be satisfied if I could just do it by myself let alone with somebody else :ohno:

yeah, knew how to manage telepathy and lucidly hacked other peoples dreams:)

Telepathy isn’t still proved and there are no solid techniques for using it, so there has to be a lot of research and a bit of luck before you can do that. :razz:

actually if i understand what you are saying, you are talking about shared dreaming. there is a BIG topic about that here ^^

Hi Aloisnin,

It’s in this way I understand shared dreaming (dream + telepathy).

Bruno, telepathy is still not proven but even if it happens not very often in dreams, it was often enough so that Freud believed in it. And I’ve had one telepathic experience in a dream, so I believe it’s possible too. :tongue:

But I agree with you when you say that “there are no solid techniques for using it” and that’s why I believe it’s not easy at all to have a SD. :sad:

I believe there are actually very interesting instances of telepathy that have been scientifically dicumented (remote viewing to find kidnapped people, OBE experimentation, etc), I read about that in Lucid Dreaming by Dr. LaBerge, I’ll have to follow up on it and see if I can find a specific example.

I think that problem with that is that if something can’t be empirically tested and replicated, it can’t really be proven scientifically. But that’s not to say it doesn’t exist - everybody used to think the Earth was flat until we could prove otherwise.