Lucid Hypnosis

I’ve tried this technique on my friend and myself to further myself to make it easier for me to have a Lucid Dream. Go to my website:

and click on “Lucidity Hypnosis” (or )

Read through the instructions and image I made is very important. If the instructions are too much and too much to memorize, either practice it through or make it easier for yourself. Ever since my friends have used this page, they have been able to have Lucid Dreams more often than ever. One of my friends never had an LD, after a couple nights of this technique, he finally had one and became lucid.

It’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work the first night, remember, it is practicing lucid in your subconcious. It’s programming your mind in a sense. Give feedback. I want to know if it helps or you twisted it around to method easier for you.

Thanks for the site I’m giving it a try.

i guest i will give it a try tonight. Will post back the results.

Tried it two nights in a row, no results yet…

It’s not very time consuming so I will keep trying.


Yea, it’s the mental preperation of it all. For some it takes longer to become lucid than others. I believe in you to do it.

Stick to this for a while, if your not seeing any results then change back to MILD or WILD. That’s what happened to one of my friends. He tried this lucid hypnosis and started noticing by the 3rd day his dreams were totally vivid and he able to recall, but hadn’t had an LD yet. So he went back and tried MILD after 4 nights of hypnosis and he finally got his first LD. Keep up the work, you’ll get it.

I tried it last night didn’t have a ld but had a strange nd. Ill try it again for the secong time tonight.

Sounds interesting. I had a similar experience when I looked at the words in my stereo. You know the ones in lights? There were some white lines around it as well and it was very hypnotising, I fell into my own world and I had my eyes open for a good 2 seconds. I may try this tonight as well since it doesn’t seem time consuming as someone has said. Thanks for the site. :slight_smile:

Haha, ya. The first time my friend did it the next morning and called me up, “Dude! I just like it because it made me dizzy and I dreamed a whale ate me so I hid under its tongue!” But he eventually had a LD. Something about this technique helps myself even. I noticed the last few nights it has been easier to get LDs and my dreams are much vivid now than they use to be.

If any of you have any problems, just ask. I’ll be glad to help :content: .

I’ll give this a try. :smile:

Thanks for the link.

Doing all those steps alogn with watching the following video instead of looking at this picture might help just as much, maybe even more.

I’ll see if it increases the vividness of my dreams tonight. thanks for the links…

Cardoso, I just might try that tonight. Thanks for the link.

It worked even better that night! My dream was so vivid and enjoyable! I will admit, that youtube “natural hallucinating” made my eyes feel disoriented, but it worked.

Another suggestion, try it with brainwave sounds (like for Lucid Dreaming or Hypnosis).

Hmm… I may try this after my break from trying to get LDs. I must admit though it’s addicting. Dx

success! I havn’t been on the forums lately, but every since doing this lucidity hypnosis, I and my friends have been having an LD almost every night with intense vividness. Sometimes music helps as well when hypnotizing.

I’m so trying this, I’m lazy so a technique like this that dosn’t take long is perfect for me. Thanks for posting it :happy:.

I’ve never tried hypnosis, but, I still have trouble trying to LD. I hope this is the key.

Wow, I tried watched the youtube one twice using the method stated on the site one last night and I got the best results since I first started trying to LD.

I spent about ten minutes prepping myself (doing the hypnosis methods) and then turned off the computer/lights and went to bed at around 10:08 P.M. Then after trying to WILD I felt my hands become heavier and the sensation spread throughout my body until it felt like I had no control. (Sleep Paralysis?) Then my hands felt like they were heating up, as if there was one of those heat-packs right under them, and my heartbeat sped up until it was beating really fast. At this point I was telling myself mentally to calm down and that I was just experiencing sleep paralysis and that I was close to having an LD but the feeling of heavyness/warmth decreased and I was completely awake again. I then looked at my clock again and ten minutes had passed.

Obviously it helped so I’m going to try again tonight, hopefully with better results.

argh i hope it works.

To best achieve this Hypnosis, place yourself in a relaxed state of mind to program anything you want into it. Yea, the “Natural Hallucinogen” seems to work best as something to stare at. Here’s a REMIX version.

To go along with it, if you have BWG (Brainwave Generator), use either the “Hypnosis” preset or the “Meditation” preset. Hz 7.83 is very useful too.