Lucid Masters

Who here is easily able to do anything they could possibly imagine in a dream, has several high lucidity dreams a night, has been able to do this for a while and is still loving it and experimenting with new things? If you are one of these people, was the skill natural or learned? If learned please share some tips. Also, feel free to share awesome dream experiences and anything you’ve learned. This is basically open discussion (as long as it’s on topic) so everyone feel free to participate. :smile:

masters? lol i dont think that anyone is a master at the skill yet… i mean some people are extremly good yes, but masters? well i would like some 1 to prove me wrong there. but anyway.

My skill was learned the techs and tips are scattered around this web site mostly lol read everything that you can on what techs people use and the only bit of advice that i can give you is this.

When you start a tech, do not stop use it and focus on it well find one you like and keep using it. I used RT and they did me well others use MILD WILD etc, even VILD which worked rather well for a few people. Just dont give up which is the main thing…Ever

Jeff sounds like a master, providing he’s telilng the truth and can meditate consciously through all sleep cycles.

Me, I can’t do any of those things… I get a few LDs per night, that’s about it…

I am the lucid master.

oh wait i havent had one in a week.
well im the lding master when i dont smoke weed.

Hmmm indeed you are right HR but i seem to be thinking diffrent to you in the terns of master, But indeed jeff would be the closest to master that i can think apon.

I mean no disrespect to anyone with what i say or have said, just a whole heap of lucid dreams does not make you a master, there is the abiltys that surpass that, and in the few hours that i have had to think about this post since my last i would like to change what i said. There are masters on this site, and their skill is one that one day i would be gratful to get. These people know who they are and i need not say. I hold deep respect for all of you. :bow:

but still the word master seems to imply to me that the skill of lucid dreaing is compleate, that some people know all that there is or ever will be to know about it. I bealive that the skill can nva truly be mastered although people can walk the path of the master.

Does that clear a few things up?

jeff? what jeff?

Jeff :smile: … ofile&u=40

I respect your opinion. It is very well written and is probably correct. However, I only disagree with you on one matter: No body can become a true master at Lucid Dreaming. Books and Lucid Dreaming itself can help you on your path to that. DC characters can help you with whatever question is unanswered (IF they answer) and it might be possible to have everything stable and complete in Lucid Dreams.

Your opinion is correct and better than mine. I am just stating my opinion. :smile:

I think this is really not true!!! (not that it implies, but just the statement)

A Master doesn’t need to know everything on the subject, just a whole lot.

A Master on a subject, is someone who devoted a lot of time in the subject, knows a lot about it and knows how to handle it.

In your terms, nobody can every be a master in anything, because people always do learn.

I think Timeless_soul is right… Dream Reacher said: “Who here is easily able to do anything they could possibly imagine in a dream, has several high lucidity dreams a night, has been able to do this for a while and is still loving it and experimenting with new things?”

Well that sounds like me but Timeless soul is right, that doesn’t exactly make someone a master… it just means they are good at it. I’m certainly not a master but I can control my lucidness well. The Dream Yoga’s are apparently the closest thing to Masters…

depands on what an individual could possibly imagine, some or not that creative :smile:.

But Timeless could be right in the fact that no one will reach of keep a state that dream reacher describes… in spite of that… the term Master, doesn’t mean you can do it all!! the term Master just indicates you are very good in it, you are very occupied with it.

There are no official facts you have to furfill to be named a LD-Master, because you simply cant take get a collegue degree for it…

but you can have a collegue degree ART… then you are a Master in Art. But it still doesn’t mean you can doe it all.

I think the collective knowledge of this site is the equivalent of a dream master. As individuals we may not be but between us we have many tips and awesome dream experiences. The answers to many questions are already here. If not one one us amateurs may very well be able to help. That’s what this site is all about!

starday and pedro have the right idea, i wasn’t implying that a"master" had to know every possible thing on the subject of LDing. but do any of u “really good” LDers (lol :tongue: ) have any tips and kool experiences u’d like to share?

lol well trust me to read that wrong :razz: ah well. ok i totaly understand now and thanx for them posts people but it has showed me something, words can so eaisly be written as one thing and have so many diffrent meanings, like for my self master means someone who has a complete knowledge of everything about that subject in its entirty. but to others mater could just mean some one who is bloody fantastic at it.

lol thanx u helped me open my eyes to that i will watch for it again in the future :wink:

lol. no prob :content:

Maybe try to read words as they are ment in the dictionary, in stead of your own interpretation :smile:

One that has control over another or others.

The owner or keeper of an animal: The dog ran toward its master.
The owner of a slave.
One who has control over or ownership of something: the master of a large tea plantation.
The captain of a merchant ship. Also called master mariner.
An employer.
The man who serves as the head of a household.
One who defeats another; a victor.

One whose teachings or doctrines are accepted by followers.
Master Christianity. Jesus.
A male teacher, schoolmaster, or tutor.
One who holds a master’s degree.

An artist or performer of great and exemplary skill.
An old master.
A worker qualified to teach apprentices and carry on the craft independently.
An expert: a master of three languages.
Abbr. M.
Used formerly as a title for a man holding a naval office ranking next below a lieutenant on a warship.
Used as a title for a man who serves as the head or presiding officer of certain societies, clubs, orders, or institutions.
Chiefly British. Used as a title for any of various male law court officers.
Master Used as a title for any of various male officers having specified duties concerning the management of the British royal household.
Master Used as a courtesy title before the given or full name of a boy not considered old enough to be addressed as Mister.
Archaic. Used as a form of address for a man; mister.
Master A man who owns a pack of hounds or is the chief officer of a hunt.
An original, such as an original document or audio recording, from which copies can be made.

Of, relating to, or characteristic of a master.
Principal or predominant: a master plot.
Controlling all other parts of a mechanism: a master switch.
Highly skilled or proficient: a master thief.
Being an original from which copies are made.

tr.v. mas·tered, mas·ter·ing, mas·ters
To act as or be the master of.
To make oneself a master of: mastered the language in a year’s study.
To overcome or defeat: He finally mastered his addiction to drugs.
To reduce to subjugation; break or tame (an animal, for example).
To produce a master audio recording for.
To season or age (dyed goods).

oh yes in the dictionary… which one would u like or shell i just use my own interpretation to which one to use or would that be against what you said. i mean if he were refering to the master of a pack of dream hounds well then i surly would have known or maybe it was a master of 3 languages or even One that has control over another or others. well in that case i am soooooooooo sorry i didnt use the dictionary i see how that would have narrowed my choices down a lot.

Personal interpretation is what makes us unquie, what makes us above everyone else that is a drone in this world. i will use it where i like and keep my eyes open to other possablites that the majority of this world keeps its eyes shut to by lisiting to the words, and only the words of others

Edit: and before i forget while you are hammering me for my own interp why dont u pick up on all my spelling mistakes as well that should keep you entertained for about 30 minutes seeing as i make so many.

missed the smiley eh? :smile:

but just for the record.

  • An artist or performer of great and exemplary skill.

is the one that is most suitable here I think, but your explanation wasn’t even in the complete list, you so thoroughly looked up for me.

haha pretty soon this is goin 2 be a pop. topic talking about the meaning of the word master :content: . seriously tho if the topic isn’t completely dead yet and ne1 wants 2 discuss the original topic go ahead. but feel free to debate the exact meaning of wtvr words u want if u feel :wink:

That’s also the part of the definition I was thinking of in this topic.

There are a few people on this board I would say are masters–anyone who can have multiple LD’s every single day without exception for months on end is a master IMO.