Lucid Memetics - Part III

The Aliens Know it




Technique is Knowledge


I have spent weeks now in solitude, spending most of my time meditating. I have eaten very little, as I must focus on my goal: to create the perfect meme. After a long, life-changing introspective journey of existential self-discovery, I have not only realized a few things about myself I did not previously know, but I also came back with the most perfectly crafted lucid dreaming meme that my mind can conceive. I rushed back to my computer and created it, tears running down my face as it was being exported from GIMP. Yes, everything in my life has been leading up to this point. Is this my entire life’s purpose? Or is this just the end of a very long chapter of my life, where I shall start on a new journey after this image is completed? As the progress bar raced toward 100%, the anxiety was consuming my mind… but there was also a bit of excitement to see what would happen next. The image was saved to my computer and as I felt myself shifting into a higher plane of existence, I uploaded it. Yes, I created it. The perfect meme image.

This is not that image.

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When you realise that you are in the dream :happy:

LD Stock Exchange! Time to invest on the best techniques!

2017-04-02 (Reference)

WBTB only 2, that’s def going up. :smile:

About to End.

2017-04-02 (Inspired by Majah) (Source)

Do Robots Dream of Captcha?

2017-04-02 (Image reference)

(Dream) Journal of Weirdness

2017-04-03 (Full version)

Non members be like


A Break from LDing

2017-04-05 (Based on IRC chat)

LD4all Expanding Brain Guide


Wolfgame 55 RIP undecidedman:

Expanding brain anti-meme:

Brace for WG


^ You can’t deny, it’s got the best material for meme making.

Not Paranoid

2017-04-26 (context)

Playing Wolf

2017-04-26 (context)

LDer Comparison


(Dream Journal Here)

Wait… Isn’t getting good at Rust a good thing? I think your meme should be the other way around.

It is a good thing, but the fact that it was a dream neutralizes that good-thing-ness.

AreYouMe, I thought the blue was for the good and the red for the bad… :razz: I might have interpreted that meme template wrong when I first encountered it on Imgur. :tongue:

Anywho… another meme:
(Dream Journal Here)