lucid mp3 track freaturing crystal singing bowls

Namaste all,

I’ve compiled and created a brainwave track with some isocrhonic tones + some sound files of a rose quartz solar plexu + amethyst heart chakra singing bowl that I found online ,

it is mxied together into a 20 minute ish track that should most definitely put you in a nice state before going to bed. I’ve found that entraining to brainwaves before bed makes my sleep very odd,
7 hz i was too awake, but in a strange inbetween
13 hz i was way way too awake

so this one ends with a 4 hz delta and a 6 hz theta , which should keep you in a good state while you slumber
i feel that 6hz may be the “twilight zone” of obes and dreaming

the singing bowls were sampled from youtube , a series about mt shasta singing bowls, i chose the amethyst as the ending bowl because it has a lot to do with lucid dreaming, as does the heart chakra.

the nicest part is you will learn to feel the chakras and the gemstones being stimulated by these tones

since this track is LONG you should sit in a chair and meditate to it, or hear in bed, at the end of the day, when you are already pretty sleepy , if you happen to be up late enough that you feel about to fall asleep, that is a good state to start hearing

since the tones are isochronic you can hear without headphones if you wish
[center] — > link <—[/center]

i will tell you what this is poweful

it took me to la la land and then some just now ,

:smile: it look slike 12 of you downloaded this so far,

how was it ?

my experience is that it puts me into a wonderful alpha state, i drift off into a theta , and the singing bowls sustain it, making me feel very smooth and soft , especially towards the end , i feel very incredible

The crystal singing bowls are quite something, and very effective, although I was distracted by the “click” sound that was in the first singing bowl sample, probably at the beginning of it.
I’ll try it again sometime, but is there a way for you to remove the click sound by shifting the sample recorded piece? (taking a piece where there isn’t that click) (and I hope you saved the project for that :smile: )

Am downloading and will try this out tonight. Thanks!

well’ i kinda tried it out last night i got about 10 min through when i couldn’t feel my body and got kind of scared, so it does work, ill have to try it again tonight!! Thanks for the post!!:slight_smile:

yes i am sorry for the click, i tried to remove it but do not have the sufficient tools for it, audacity’s click removal did not work

i am not getting distracted by it though because the iso-tones are drowning it out sufficiently

Tried it out last night. I was almost in Sleep paralysis, but when it ended i moved, and then went to sleep. I will try it with WBTB some other time.

this deffently does something. i got to SP for the first time last night with this! awsome i am trying again tonight

This will help induce a lucid dream?

Well, it can help relax your mind and get you to a stage of SP. Basically, it’s an aid to WILD.

Now I don’t put a lot of stock into singing bowls myself, but I will admit that this track is very calming and as a very clear effect.

isn’t the track being very calming the same exact thing AS putting stock into singing bowls ?

the initiate will receive light results which over time will grow into profound clarity and purity of mind

the reason they are calming *scientifically * is that they produce and entrain alpha brainwaves,

and scientifically we know that sound can heal and produce well being

in fact singing bowls are created for inducing out of body travel !

Sorry, I meant I don’t put stock into them spiritually. I did write that post at 1 a.m. as I was listening to the track :tongue:. But yes, everything you said is completely true as far as the research goes :content:.

It sounds cool, Im going to try this tonight.

[center][size=150]I’VE MADE A NEW[/size][/center]
[center] ITS THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT , [/center]

I see :wink:
do you think OBEs are spiritual, or , what would you call that ?

really all spirituality is scientific , the way i see it at least

In my opinion OBE’s are very vivid dreams. I do not believe that your spirit actually leaves the body. But, even if it is all a dream, the experience is still valuable.

I posted this in another topic, but I thought it should go here as well.

When I say them in the first sentence it was the tracks.

as for the spirit leaving the body, that theory was created by the extremely early lucid dreamers such as the aboriginals, becouse if you do an O.B.E. well, it hardly feels like you ever fell asleep…besides the humming noises, and HI, etc.

anyways, O.B.E.'s were considered spiritual, but then again, so was sex.
over time how people see things begins to change, and wether you believe it to be spritual or scientific depends on what you believe, but normally spiritual things have something to do with your certain faith.

and btw, can somebody tell me what singing bowls, putting stock into something, iso-tones, the alpha state, and theta states are?

Thanks for this! I will definitely try it :smile:

Presence of Light - can you tell me what the difference is between the first link you posted and the last? Thanks again xx

Singing bowls are large, metallic bowls. Think of a big bell turned upside down. They come in many shapes and sizes for varying purposes in different countries. The ones we’re talking about are specifically Himalayan (a.k.a. Tibetan).

They can be used for meditation, trances, etc., but what’s interesting is that the Tibetan people themselves may have used them mostly for storage purposes :tongue:

“Taking stock in something” means believing in it.

As for the different waves, Presence of Light could probably explain that better.

I like the now one a lot more! :happy: the click is much less noticeable now, and there’s less pitch shifts ^^ Good job there, PoL!