Lucid Nightmares

As the title says.
I just had one and it scared the ■■■■ out of me. Although i was lucid and had control and dreampowers, i couldn´t get rid of it.

Did you ever had one? How did you react?
I say: nothing as scary as a scary dream, where you know that it is a dream and that it is scary.
I haven´found anything about this, but hopefully you can relate to this in some way!

This is the dream in question:

Pls send help!

You have to remain calm. If you give a DC the power to scare you, you already have a problem. I’ve encountered some scary things in LD’s but they never scared me while I was in them. (Except for my reflection).

Next time something attacks you dont even think about it. Shoot lightning from your hands, turn them into air, and remember. It is your dream! No matter what they tell you!

I always have DC’s telling me ‘No you are not dreaming’ And I just tell them ‘Yes I am’ and walk away.

Since I was a really young, I could simply concentrate on waking up when faced with frightening dreams provided I was Lucid. So you could try that next time.

I would try to take a more curious approach. Try to just observe the guy calmly. At least intend to. While reassuring myself that it’s a dream and dreams are not to be scared of. You can try to just have the intention to do that the next time. I got scared in a LD, it was because I wasn’t expecting to get scared and I was unprepared. If you have a plan you’ll at least feel better.

Interesting one, I never had a lucid nightmare so far. :eh:

My guess would be that you actually “fueled” the Thing by going with the flow. I mean, by fighting it and running away from it, you probably acknowledged its existence and its place and role in your dream (I am still convinced it was your dream, even though the Thing may have thought otherwise. :wink:)

In general, I found that my actions and reactions within a lucid dream always influence the general mood and outcome of things (after all, it is something in my head :colgate:). Accepting something as existent actually causes it to exist.

I agree. My scariest dream ever was of this kind.

It started off as an ordinary lucid dream but then i was awake, (well i thought i was) looking at pictures in a book. I immediately recognised these pictures from events in my dream. Next, I started to see things from my LD happening all over again in front of me. I felt like i was going insane :help: as i was so certain that i was awake. After a while i realised i was dreaming and decided i wanted to wake up - All i have to do is shake my head a few times and close my eyes. (This always works for me) But nothing changed. Now i really paniced, thinking i’d be stuck in the dream forever. Eventually, using the same method again i escaped it, had a few seconds of SP and then woke up properly.

I think the most important thing to remember and keep saying to yourself in a lucid dream is that ‘You’re in control, Everything can be your decision’ . It is difficult though as we’re so used to real life with it’s external environment.

I’ve never had the guts to fly away from the ground and into the heights. This means the universe as well… I simply don’t have the courage! Really have to work on it, because I know for a fact that I’m dreaming, but still I find it hard :smile:

Well, okay, here I am after my first real lucid nightmare. :eek: :mrgreen_hat:

I dreamt some strange stuff and became lucid. I met a guy on the rooftop of some house which I thought (for some reason) was Al Gore (but that was not yet the nightmare part, in case you wonder :wink:). I kept looking at his black suit and since I found a way to improve visuals in one of my last LDs I shouted “sharpen” a few times - and it worked.
I hovered around a bit like I use to do in my LDs and later met some creepy girls. And that was when things started to turn bad. Everything did not feel nice, so I decided I’d rather wake up (I was quite lucid now). I woke up and tried to turn the light on, but no luck. Of course, this was a sure sign I was still dreaming. I wondered what to do. I could relax and go back to the dream, but I did not really think much of that, or try to wake up. I tried the latter a few times and did RCs like looking at my hands or switching on the light - no luck. The light did not work and I could not see my hands at all.
After a few minutes, I thought: Okay, that’s it. I cannot wake up anymore. Probably I am dead. :rip: :eh:
Well, obviously, I did wake up eventually… still, it was one of my less nice LDs. :neutral:

When i get LD nightmares, well i only got one. Some werewolf thing attacked me, i got so pissed at it, i was like i dont really have a long time to be lucid and your wasting my times. Then i filled some desires. I think when some is Lucid you shouldnt have time to be scared, when there is so much stuff to do.

You shouldn’t try to kill or destroy your nightmares, because doing so is like killing a part of your subconscious.

Instead, remain calm and remember, above all else, that it is a dream and nothing can hurt you. Just keeping that at the top of your head should be enough to quell most fears and any ‘dream pain.’

Calmly ask the ‘opposition’ why it is attacking you and what it wants. Ask it things like:

-“Who are you?”
-“Who am I?”
-“What do you want?”
-“Do you have something to give me?”
-“Is there something I can help you with?”

And, more than anything, embrace it. Love it. There’s no better place to kill with kindness than in dreams.

It is interesting how many lucid nightmare is about that another guy tells the dreamer that he is the one who is dreaming.

I think it can be seriously considered that these type of dreams are shared dreams where someone who has an attitude : “I torture, kill and destroy for fun cause this is my dream…” meets another dreamer. :smile:

I start to think that those who has no ethical obstacles of harming and destroying innocent DC-s in their dreams and even enjoy it make some serious nightmare for some people…

However this is just a theory :smile:

Next time ask the DC what he wants or who he/she is, they may be trying to tell you something important, this is true in lucid dreams as much as it is in ND’s

My last LD was a lucid nightmare. I got lucid in my room where I sleep, standing in front of the big square mirror on the wall. No one else around, but me. Twighlight. (In reality it was nighttime). I was looking straight ahead and saw myself, exactly my real image, even my new short hairstyle; my pyjamas. It was 100 percent realistic, as if I had awaken and got up. No discrepancies noticed (still some might exist unnoticed). No, but one: the eyes. They were completely white, as in horror movies like “Abandoned”. I was not affraid, just wonderred if this was an OBE or LD.
By some twisted dreamlogic I decided that my eyes were rolled unproperly aside - that was why they were white. So, I tried to fix them by rolling them back to normal. The rolling movement was felt almost physical (or was it indeed?).
Then the bookshelves motion-blurred; I moved past them and out through the window, in the night sky. A relief. Somewhere high above - the moon shining. A feeling, connected to getting more and more high: the higher the flight - the better my mood.
So, has anybody here crystal-clearly seen him/her-self in mirrors - with white open eyes? What does it mean? Is it predicting freaky future events in waking life? Or a simple reflection of watched horror movies? Any symbolism?
That’s a case, where no external enemy exist to fight with.
A friend adviced me to touch the white-eyed image next time, to see what happens. :woo:
(This was my first dream experience with white eyes - and I have written many so far, and have seen my face many times in LD-mirrors: grimacing like a monkey, or still, or reddish as of exitement, or whatever, but not thus).

Wouldnt being killed kinda stop you dreaming as opposed to keeping it running for ever and ever?

There are tips in the guide for encountering Lucid Nightmares, most of which involve turning the situation around to your advantage, but evidently that is easier said than done?

If I have a LD where there is a DC who scares me or causes trouble, I can usually deal with it and it does not turn into a nightmare. The problem rather are situations when everything just does not feel right and there is a sense of fear without any obvious cause. Chains of FAs where each time I am not sure whether I am still dreaming are another example. There are usually no DCs there which I could react to.


Good point. But I have never actually tried to commit suicide in a dream. :eek: No idea whether that would work. :eh:


Yes, I would think that you watched too many horror movies. :wink:

That must be why my dream reflection often looks spooky with dead eyes. There’s a couple of horror films which i never forgot after seeing them when i was too young. They had scary things happen with mirrors and glass.

Well, yes, there is this saying that through the eyes of a person one can look directly into their soul - so no eyes, no soul. Therefore it makes for a good shock effect in horror movies.
This also applies to me, but aside from the initial moment of shock, it never scares me too much - so I guess that is why do not dream too often about such things.

I remember though that once after watching Resident Evil, nearly everyone in my dream looked rather Zombie-ish. And I did not even find anything unusual about it. :eh:

Ever since I started playing zombiemod on counter-strike I have atleast one zombie-dream per night.


Sounds very effective. :cool: Maybe someone should create a LD-mod. :mrgreen:

The dream impressed me mainly because of the clearness of the mirror image and the realistic view of my apartment; and - meanwhile I actually didn’t panic, at least on the surface of my mind, just gazed - so that mirror image was so sudden.
And there is a book by Raymond Moody on mirror-gazing, that adds some creepy taste to the dream. Who has read it knows what I mean.

As for “consciously dieing in dreams” as a lucid technique, I’ve tried it. But I didn’t wake up then when I used to be deliberately passive and “let them catch me” instead of running away from them (the evil atackers). Running is the worst idea. What happens? Atacking me, they went through me, like ghosts, then the dream scene changed by itself, replaced by a more pleasant one. (By the way, saying to them several times: “that’s a dream, you’re in it!” didn’t impress them at all).