lucid transformations clan

here in this clan our goal is very simialar to that of aniimal clan :wolf: except that in this we split up int 2 teams :tempted: and do games and stuff. i am hoping for at least 10 members by the end of the year. so plz join. :shy:

transformations clan?


i’m in, no doubt. so long as i don’t have to only transform into one thing at a time.

…yeah, count me in. totally!

ok, only 8 more members left to recruit, welcome :welcome:

also you should check out the animal clan, i am a member and that was the first place i posted. there is a link in my sig. :grin:

to be more specific about our goal we are going to choose 5 things to turn into in our dreams. they can be anything u want, animals, plants, whatever.
so once you have chosen post them and i will make a member list. :content:

alright, i get ya!

well, i’ll have to narrow it down then. only 5? (at a time :razz:)
well, i’ll think on that. like i said, i’d have to narrow it down from “whatever i feel like” to five things. sheesh.

soory, but when we get other members and they all choose 5 things and we meet eachother in dreams we need to beable recognise everyone :wink:

I think I am on :grin:

I will Join :happy: .

im defiantly in if i understood what it is :confused:

ok, now we are starting to become a clan, hmm…
i think i’ve heard of one of u…

oh yeah, liam_sw, ur in the animal clan! :tongue:

member list:
badger lord
blessid spirit

welcome everyone :welcome:

Hi badgerlord
I want to join in this clan too! :content: :smile: Please!

Uhm my names spelt blessedspirit

Hey badgerlord, i’ll join

Suggestion: do you think it might be more interesting if you decided what we’re supposed to do in the dream? Yeah, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but add me.

badger lord
blessid spirit

2 more people!

also, Napoleon, i think we should first focus on the transformation part.

this is awesome. basically a club for the reason i got into LDing in the first place XD

TRJR, I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. Maybe it would be a better idea if badgerlord created a list of things for us to choose from, rather than us picking our own things. I say that because if we’re choosing our own things, then they’re exclusively our ideas, and that isn’t necessarily fun. It’s just my opinion, but I think that it might work out better for badgerlord to create a long list, and all of us choose from it.

Also, what sorts of things are we actually planning on doing?

welll sorry, i think that’s a bad idea.

i think the POINT is to turn into what you want. If we start assigning things, i think that can only lead to bickering. NOw, i want to transform into anything and everything, but i have a hierarchy.

perhaps suggestions, or maybe themes. like one will be “exotic birds week” or something XD sounds silly, but it might work. who knows.

i think first we shhould concentrate on getting LDs, and mastering our transformations.

for example, we should start to give ways TO transform and try them all out to see which is the easiest for everyone. ALso, if we wanted to have some fun and learn a little something about Lucid psychology, we could find which method works best for most people, and perhaps (although i don’t condone the use of them) link them to certain personality types.

hmm, i think we could do that sort of theme idea.

ok :grin:

this week could be mythology week, or ocean week, lets vote! :happy:
wich ever one is not picked could be next weeks.