Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

A few nights ago I did get a task done while lucid. That night came with a few other interesting dreams which I might type later.

[spoiler] I was in my High School, in Math Class. The teacher of the class looked almost like all my least favorite teachers from high school (including my math teacher) averaged together; I’ll call him Evil Professor. Evil Professor was lecturing the class about poor performance and had created a new probation-style system based on homework completed and scores from the last test. Essentially if those on probation didn’t get every point for the rest of the semester they would fail the class or something. Evil Professor then proceeded to take out a list, and from it declared that just about every person in the class including myself was on probation. Then one particular err… slacker… Who shall be named Misguided Youth, piped up about how he was trying his hardest and that the new system wasn’t fair (out of character). The teacher responded by saying “You’ve got some kind of [profane] mental issues, don’t’cha bud?”. This almost started a fight between Evil Professor and Misguided Youth. As this was happening, I was trying to figure how hard it will be for me to pass the semester.
I was running down a corridor from my Middle School, and almost instantly became lucid. I stopped in the hallway and felt an urge to do something drastic and impressive, but I remembered the music challenge and so I swung left at the junction of the halls in front of me and ran to try and find music. I checked about three or four classrooms along the hallway before finding my 7th grade lit. teacher watching a music video on the wall-mounted television that my middle-school classrooms had. I listened to that for 5 or so seconds, then lost lucidity and the dream.[/spoiler]

So essentially, a short LD where I listened to music.

Had a normal dream last night with background music -


Sorry for the score delay. I got home much later than planned. I will update it when I’m off work, about 6 hours or so from now

I had a short LD last night. So, I’m not sure all the things I did count, but I think they might.

First off, I created an instrument. I pulled out one of my dresser drawers, which was apparently filled with junk, and grabbed a book out of it. I then used the book to bang against the drawer like a drum for a few seconds. It wasn’t a very pleasing sound.

I also created an original piece of music. I sang/whistled some kind of simple hum/tune, although it didn’t have lyrics per-say. It sounded way better than anything I could have sung IRL. Now, I’m not sure if it counts, but I was able to change this melody I was singing, to end up stalling on a specific note for a few seconds instead of continuing like it should have. I didn’t really change what I was doing with my mouth, but rather concentrated on the sound I was making and forced it to change with my mind.

Had a short LD last night. I heard about 30 seconds of a Glitch Mob song, and it sounded pretty much like the real thing.

:happy: :happy: :happy: More tasks! I’m on a roll! :smile: This morning I played a regular guitar. I tried to do more, but my memory mis-recalled what there was for me to do. :razz:

Medicine and Music ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part II LUCID CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: ~ none ~
Chains: 2

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II

Everyone is doing really well so far :happy:. Lots of people scoring, let’s keep it up!

@Thorn: I’ve made several attempts to explain the reasoning behind the exclusions. In fact, a post I made while talking to you in Skype explains each individual exclusion and why it’s there. If you’re still confused about how or why they work, please PM me.

Also, well played on your song choices… no pun intended >.>

@Scipio: Apparently you need to have trouble sleeping more often XD. Also, loved wiping away the sun and finding it again by peeling the sky… would totally give creativity points if it was related to the task :razz:.

@HeadInTheClouds: Yep, everything there can either be combined or was separated correctly.

Scores are updated

So far the Transformation Team is way ahead in team participation. Investigation and Creation need to get going if you want to get the advantage instead!

I had a medium lucid dream where I couldn’t move. I managed to hum this song. Is that worth anything?

Had a Medium LD here which was around 5 mins long.

I had this Medium LD. I have no idea what it’s worth when it comes to points, so I’ll just leave the whole thing like that. It’s not very long to read. Thank you very much :3

Oh, and the night before I recalled a short lucid dream. Putting it here just in case .

Short LD here last night, nothing task related though.

Met one of my favorite musicians in a ND. I also asked a DC their favorite song was, but they didn’t perform it. They played it through a radio. So I don’t think that counts for the other Investigation team subtask. I’m mentioning it anyways in case it does count. :razz:

I dreamt that i composed and performed a song for a family party. It wasn’t lucid. There was also a dream where I lined up enemies and objects in a game in order to change the music, but that wasn’t lucid either. And, when I woke up, I recognised it as Zelda music.

I had two lucid dreams this morning as posted here. The first one was medium-length with lucidity lost and regained, and the second one was short. Neither had any tasks done.

Well, this happened, if it counts…

In short, I very very very vaguely remember my MIDI keyboard, while in the second dream I had a short LD, but nothing task related. I’m going with the assumption that the task-oriented one will not count.

And welcome me back, all. It’s nice to be, well, back. :1

A medium LD and a Chain… nothing much else. I tried to do a DEILD as well, but it failed. :razz: And, sadly, that LD wasn’t as pleasant as the others this week have been… :sad:

Demonic Lucid ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 3
Long LDs: ~ none ~
Chains: 3

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II

@Letaali: It’d need to be either you hearing someone hum the song or you playing it on a instrument. Still, you’re on the right track :content:

@En’enra: So close to doing the team task! You get points for listening to music. It looks like you also changed the music. If I’m reading this right, you also get points because it looks like you changed one song into another. Is that right?

@Mew151: Man, you’re on a roll :happy:. Remind me to never challenge you in the NDC. And sadly the task says that the DC needs to perform the song for you. So close.

@Siiw: See, that WBTB did help… just not on getting lucid. But don’t worry, those will come :cool:. Also, I’m going to assume when you performed the song you were playing an instrument, correct?

@Oleg: If you feel like you played it in your dream, then I’ll go ahead and count that. Also, welcome back :partying_face:

@Wyvern: And this is where I would comment on all of Wyvern’s posts… IF HE HAD ANY. Seriously, write down the darn dreams XD.

Scores are updated.

As for the team advantage, here are the teams’ current participation rates*:
Transformation: 18% (2 tasks per member)
Creation: 11.36% (1.25 tasks per member)
Investigation: .6% (.625 tasks per member)

*Participation rates calculated by the number of tasks completed by a team divided by the number of members on the team. Average number of tasks is then divided by total number of tasks. 100% participation is 11 tasks per member in Task 1

I did change one song into another (different genres too), but it’s a transformation task, so I’m not sure if it counts.

I’ll take is as long as you made the song transition from one to another. If you used your dream powers to will the song to change, I think that fits the spirit of the task.

My sister and her kids were in the dream. One of them did a RC and I followed his lead by counting my fingers. I had five in my right hand and didn’t become lucid.